jeff brunner usjfcom camo tidewater association of service contractors 22 may 2008 n.
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Jeff Brunner, USJFCOM CAMO Tidewater Association of Service Contractors 22 May 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Jeff Brunner, USJFCOM CAMO Tidewater Association of Service Contractors 22 May 2008

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Jeff Brunner, USJFCOM CAMO Tidewater Association of Service Contractors 22 May 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highlights of the 2008 DoD Procurement Conference 12-15 May 2008 Contracting Excellence & Integrity- Developing Leaders and Shaping the Environment to Achieve It. Jeff Brunner, USJFCOM CAMO Tidewater Association of Service Contractors 22 May 2008. Sponsored By DPAPSS.

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Presentation Transcript
jeff brunner usjfcom camo tidewater association of service contractors 22 may 2008

Highlights of the 2008 DoD Procurement Conference12-15 May 2008Contracting Excellence & Integrity-Developing Leaders and Shaping the Environment to Achieve It

Jeff Brunner, USJFCOM CAMO

Tidewater Association of Service Contractors

22 May 2008

sponsored by dpapss
Sponsored By DPAPSS
  • Director, Defense Procurement, Acquisition Policy, and Strategic Sourcing (D-DPAPSS)
    • Mr. Shay Assad
    • DPAPSS is responsible for all acquisition and procurement policy matters in the Department of Defense (DoD). The DPAPSS office serves as the principal advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology (A&T), and the Defense Acquisition Board on acquisition/procurement strategies for all major weapon systems programs, major automated information systems programs, and servicesacquisitions.
dpapss overarching themes for 2008
DPAPSS Overarching Themes for 2008
  • The Warfighter
  • The Ability One Program
  • The Acquisition Workforce
  • Over 700 senior attendees from all the Services, OSD, and Industry
additional interest areas
Additional Interest Areas
  • The “blended” workforce
  • The acquisition of services
  • Procurement legislation
the warfighter supported by jcc i a
The Warfighter Supported by JCC-I/A
  • Maj Gen Darryl Scott
    • Deputy Commander, Task Force to Support Business and Stability Operations in Iraq; Former Commander JCC-I/A
  • RDML Kathleen Dussault
    • Commander, Joint Contracting Command-Iraq/Afghanistan, Head of Contracting
ability one program
Ability One Program
  • Keynote Speakers each day
    • Ms. Tina Ballard- Executive Director of the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, Ability One Program
    • SPC Nathan Short, U. S. Army (Ret)
    • SFC Frederick Williams, U. S. Army (Ret)
acquisition workforce challenges
Acquisition Workforce Challenges
  • Fix the Federal hiring process as a pre-requisite to fixing the AWF
  • Competition for talent
    • DoD, Federal agencies, Industry
  • Talent deficiencies
    • Esp. requirements and performance assessment
  • Aging and pending experience gaps
acquisition workforce solutions
Acquisition Workforce Solutions
  • NDAA 2008
    • Section 1122
      • DoD Human Capital Strategic Plan – USD (P&R)
    • Section 851
      • Acquisition Workforce – USD (AT&L)
    • Section 852
      • Dedicated funding for AWF development
dpapss workforce competency model
DPAPSS Workforce Competency Model
  • Survey of all current AWF members to assess deficiencies and ascertain needs
    • Which types, i.e., Career Fields?
    • At which commands and organizations?
    • With what specific skill sets
    • Not just more, but more competent, more capable, and best positioned to provide value to the Warfighter and taxpayer
greater awareness of acquisition s role
Greater Awareness of Acquisition’s Role
  • Contracting as a military function and force multiplier
  • Both Senior Leadership and corporate awareness and responsibility for acquisition, esp. services
  • DoD 5000.66 compliance
  • Functional independence of Contracting Officers
  • Senior leaders’ responsibility for requirements
  • Training and certification requirements for Requirements personnel
  • Acquisition “illiterates” defining requirements
  • Clarity of requirements before handing-off or abdicating to contracting
renewed emphasis on cors
Renewed Emphasis on CORs
  • Acquisition Workforce membership?
  • Regardless, certification levels for CORs
  • DAU training, including PBWS and QA/PA
  • COR duties evaluated as a critical element
  • Contracts and COR training for all Army officers?
  • New standard DAU 3-4 day classroom COR training – 1 October 2008
the blended workforce
The Blended Workforce
  • 1996, Defense Science Board – Outsource all but inherently governmental functions
  • Today – Significant reliance on contracted support
  • Contractors performing or closely supporting inherently governmental functions
  • Proposed reporting of contractor employee personal conflicts of interest
  • NDAA Section 324 “Insourcing”
section 324
Section 324
  • Guidelines on insourcing already contracted-out functions
    • Performed by DoD civilians at any time in the previous ten years;
    • Function closely associated with performance of an inherently governmental function;
    • Performed under a non-competitive contract; or
    • Performed poorly per KO during previous five years due to excessive cost or inferior quality.
section 807
Section 807
  • Annual inventory of DoD activities performed under services contracts
    • Functions and missions performed
    • Requiring customer and contracting organizations
    • Funding sources
    • Number of estimated contractor FTEs
    • Personal/Non-personal services
section 843
Section 843
  • Enhanced Competition Requirements for Task and Delivery Order Contracts
    • Head of Agency approval of any single-award task or delivery order contracts over $100M
    • Clear standards for “fair opportunity” for individual task or delivery orders over $5M
      • Notice and clear statement of requirements
      • Reasonable proposal period
      • Evaluation factors and relative importance of quality and price/cost
      • Post-award debriefing
    • Allows GAO protest of any order over $10M
      • Protest standing/Interested Party
section 844
Section 844
  • Public disclosure of J&A’s for other than full and open competition or sole source
    • Disclosure required
      • 14 days after award for sole source
      • 30 days for urgency and sole source
    • Published on agency website and a government-wide website designated by OFPP
    • Applies to both DoD and civilian agency contracts
conference program and briefs
Conference Program and Briefs
  • The full DoD Procurement Conference program of plenary and break-out sessions can be accessed at:
    • Password: dod2008


Jeff Brunner


(757) 836-7544