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Financial Aid Leadership

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Financial Aid Leadership. Lisanne Masterson SASFAA President Director, Financial Aid Brevard College Agenda. What is Leadership? Personal Leadership Traits Financial Aid Leadership Office Campus FA Associations Maslow’s Hierarchy What’s Next?. Leadership.

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financial aid leadership

Financial Aid Leadership

Lisanne Masterson

SASFAA President

Director, Financial Aid

Brevard College

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

  • What is Leadership?
  • Personal Leadership Traits
  • Financial Aid Leadership
    • Office
    • Campus
    • FA Associations
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy
  • What’s Next?

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

  • Definition – “The office or position of a leader”; “The quality of a leader (i.e. the capacity to lead)”


Knowledge/How To




Parliamentary Procedure

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

principles marking a leader of integrity e grady bogue
Principles Marking a Leader of IntegrityE. Grady Bogue
  • Curiosity
  • Candor
  • Courtesy
  • Courage
  • Compassion

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

knowledge of self
Knowledge of Self
  • Seek to identify personal goals, motives, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • You must have a commitment to the profession and/or organization, not yourself

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

leadership basic skills
Leadership - Basic Skills

Attitude Sensitivity

Enthusiasm Understanding

Passion Good Listener

Knowledge Humor

Ability to Teach Rapport

Tolerance Flexibility

Patience Evaluation Skills

Appearance Voice & Speech

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

leadership qualities
Leadership Qualities
  • Personality
  • Organizational Skills
  • Type of Authority
  • Persuasiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Vision

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

financial aid leadership in the office
Financial Aid LeadershipIn The Office
  • Increase specific program knowledge
  • Expand FA knowledge to other areas
  • Take on special projects
  • Oversee work study students
  • Offer solutions to problems
  • Find opportunities to share, inform & educate

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

financial aid leadership on your campus
Financial Aid LeadershipOn Your Campus
  • Be an active advocate for FA issues (especially as it relates to other offices – Registrar, Finance Office, Admissions, Advancement, etc.)
  • Open Campus Days, Summer Orientation
  • Academia – Financial Literacy (credit, ID theft)
  • Sponsor/Host Financial Workshops (Tax Returns, Budgeting, Basic Finances)
  • Serve on college-wide committees

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

financial aid leadership in your community
Financial Aid LeadershipIn Your Community
  • Financial Aid Nights
  • Be the FA resource
  • Host a local guidance counselor
  • Participate in FAFSA Day
  • Write an article for the local newspaper
  • Do a radio/TV spot during FA Awareness Week

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

fa leadership in your professional association
FA Leadership In Your Professional Association

Make connections

Find a mentor, Be a mentor

Start small and increase responsibility

  • Work at conference (moderate, pkt stuffing, etc.)
  • Be a concurrent session speaker
  • Serve on a committee
  • Become a committee chair
  • Run for office

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

maslow s hierarchy
Maslow’s Hierarchy
  • Basic Human Needs
    • Survival (Free from Hunger, Thirst, Cold)
    • Security (Shelter from Weather/Predators)
    • Belonging (Social Opportunities; Friends)
    • Prestige (Confirmation of Self-Worth)
    • Self Fulfillment (Peace Within; Contributions to Betterment of Society)

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

maslow s hierarchy adapted for faas
Maslow’s Hierarchy Adapted for FAAs
  • Stable Office Staff/Necessary Equipment
  • Good Processes/Adequate Funding
  • Friends/Support Network
  • Professional Development/Career Advancement
  • Legislative Advocacy

NCASFAA - Spring 2008

where do you go from here
Where Do You Go From Here?
  • Share your knowledge/expertise
  • Continually evaluate systems in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Be positive, upbeat
  • Be open to new possibilities – don’t say “that won’t work” or “we’ve tried that before”
  • Make a personal commitment to maintain your strong ethics and professionalism

NCASFAA - Spring 2008