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Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials Tallahassee, Florida February 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials Tallahassee, Florida February 2003

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Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials Tallahassee, Florida February 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Florida Department of Management Services. Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials Tallahassee, Florida February 2003. What is the MyFloridaMarketPlace system going to include for CMBE vendors and other users?.

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Presentation Transcript

Florida Department of Management Services

Florida Association of

Minority Business Enterprise Officials

Tallahassee, Florida

February 2003

what is the myfloridamarketplace system going to include for cmbe vendors and other users
What is the MyFloridaMarketPlace system going to include for CMBE vendors and other users?
  • Full life cycle of purchasing cycle (requisition to payment of goods and services)
  • Connection to buyers and vendors through electronic exchange of catalogs, quotes, bids, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Sourcing tools for bids, quotes, auctions and reverse auctions
  • Integration with the State’s financial management system (FLAIR) for payments
  • Vendor registration in one location for all state buyers







In the MyFloridaMarketPlace system, some things will be different and some things will remain the same for MBE vendors.

What’s Different?

  • Vendors will register in one location for all state agency buyers to find
  • Vendors will have the opportunity to sign up for on-line solicitations and bids
  • Vendors will affirm that they are an MBE business that can be certified by the State
  • Vendors will maintain their company information on-line through MyFloridaMarketPlace
  • Vendors will receive purchase orders and will invoice using the system

What’s the Same?

  • Vendor relationship with agencies
  • Vendor relationship with OSD
  • Vendor submission of required certification documentation to OSD
  • OSD review and approval of certification requests submitted by the vendor
  • OSD oversight and monitoring of certified vendors using the system

CMBE and MBE vendors will register in the MyFloridaMarketPlace system even if they are already registered in the State’s SPURS system.

  • Vendors must register on MyFloridaMarketPlace to begin or continue selling goods and services to the State of Florida
  • Vendor Registration available March 2003
  • During Vendor Registration . . .
    • New and existing vendors have the option to identify themselves as a minority and/or woman-owned business
    • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (CMBE) vendors and companies that want to become a CMBE vendor must choose that designation during registration

In order to obtain CMBE status, a vendor is still required to submit all the documentation that is currently used to determine certification status.

  • After selecting to be considered as a “certified” MBE, the vendor must go on to complete the rest of vendor registration
  • By selecting CMBE designation, vendors affirm that they meet the Office of Supplier Diversity’s (OSD )CMBE requirements
  • Vendors that select to be considered for certification must submit the required documentation to OSD within 25 days of registering in the system
  • Failure to submit the required documentation will result in certification being denied by OSD
  • Following receipt of the required documentation at OSD, the rigorous certification verification process will begin, just as it is accomplished now
  • If, during the verification process, the vendor is determined to not meet the requirements, the vendor will be notified about the determination and given an opportunity to provide additional material as allowed by law
  • If the vendor completes the required steps and provides all of the required documentation, then the State Certification Officer will certify the vendor as a CMBE and the certification letter and mountable certificate will be sent to the vendor for their use and display

MyFloridaMarketPlace includes tools for vendors and for buyers. All vendors will have access to a dedicated vendor helpdesk to provide support.

Initial Users - Pilots

Eligible Users - Other State Agency

State Term Contract Vendors

Minority Businesses

MyFloridaMarketPlace Users

Initial Users - Exec Agencies

Eligible Users – Univ, City, County

Agency/ Dept. Contract Vendors

Small Businesses

General Public



Buyer Tools

Vendor Tools

  • Vendor search
  • State term contract items
  • Requisitions/Purchase orders
  • Online workflow approvals
  • Informal solicitation (quotes < $25,000)
  • Sealed bids (ITN, ITB, RFx > $25,000, auctions, reverse auctions)
  • Receipt of Goods
  • P-Card
  • Contract development and administration
  • Reports


  • Self registration
  • E-mail notification of formal and informal solicitations
  • Online quoting on informal solicitations (< $25,000)
  • Online submission of sealed bids (> $25,000)
  • Electronic purchase order receipt
  • Electronic submission of invoices
  • Catalog creation and updates for State term contracts
  • Reports

“I want to buy”

“I want to sell”

Business Support and Operations

  • Buyer Help Desk
  • Vendor Help Desk
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Catalog Enablement
  • Training and Education

The initial users for the new system will be those that fall under the Governor’s executive agencies. Other eligible users will participate in the future.

Initial Users - Pilot Agencies (May 2003)

  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Management Services

Initial Users – Executive Branch Agencies (July 2003 – April 2004)

  • Department of Children & Families
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Lottery
  • Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Elder Affairs
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Citrus
  • Department of Law Enforcement
  • Department of Military Affairs
  • Department of Business & Professional Regulation
  • Agency for Workforce Innovation
  • Department of Community Affairs
  • Executive Office of the Governor
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Other Eligible Users

  • Other State Agencies
  • Universities/Community Colleges
  • Other Governments (City, County, etc.)
  • Legislature
  • Judicial

Changes to Chapter 287, F.S., requires the collection of a fee from vendors using the MyFloridaMarketPlace system.

  • State term contract vendors under 287.057(23) F.S., will continue to be required to pay a fee for use of the system
  • All State Term Contract vendors will be required to pay a 1% fee on the purchases that are made under their contract
  • All vendors, whether they are on a state term contract or not, who desire to offer their goods and services through the system will be required to accept the terms and conditions of use, including the payment of the 1% fee
  • Credits will be given for fees paid on items returned through no fault of the vendor

There are several specific areas that will help derive benefits for vendors by using the MyFloridaMarketPlace system.

Opportunity to generate additional business and increase sales

  • Potential for selling a broader range of goods and services through increased visibility of products and/or services (vendor searches, catalog searches)
  • Potential for finding additional customers through increased visibility across agencies (access to additional state agencies and local FL governments)

Opportunity to streamline operations and decrease operating expenses

  • Potential for increased order accuracy and order processing speed through receipt of electronic purchase orders
  • Potential for decreased labor costs per order through use of electronic invoicing
  • Potential for decreased shipping and handling costs that result from shipping wrong goods or wrong quantity of goods due to order errors

Opportunity to shorten order-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow

  • Potential to shorten invoice processing time through vendor automation of invoicing and State automation of matching
  • Potential to shorten the payment approval process through electronic approvals

All vendors, including MBE and CMBE vendors, should receive benefits from using the MyFloridaMarketPlace system to reach state buyers.

  • Single Point of Registration
  • Access to Untapped Buyers
  • State of the Art Tools
  • Available Customer Support
  • Enhanced Economic Development Opportunities for Small Business
  • Reduced Administrative Burdens and Manual Processes
  • Dedicated Supplier Manager to Assist with Creation of On-Line Catalogs

Learn more about MyFloridaMarketPlace at http://www.MyFlorida.comunder “Hot Topics”

    • Download Training Materials (coming soon)
  • E-mail us or call us with specific questions
    • Help Desk: Number to be published soon
    • E-mail

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