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Vancouver 2010 Education Program

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Vancouver 2010 Education Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vancouver 2010 Education Program Vancouver 2010 Education Program Canadian School Portal for the Vancouver 2010 Games First web-based Olympic and Paralympic Games education program For teachers English and French Vancouver 2010 Education Program National program

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vancouver 2010 education program
Vancouver 2010 Education Program

Canadian School Portal for the Vancouver 2010 Games

First web-based Olympic and Paralympic Games education program

For teachers

English and French

vancouver 2010 education program3
Vancouver 2010 Education Program

National program

Developed by teachers and educational partners

An online learning community to engage teachers and students

Connected to a wide range of curricula and student interests

Easily adaptable to Alberta curriculum

Includes teaching & learning tools, events and activities related to the Games


Vancouver 2010 Education Program

Programs bring to life the threeOlympic and Paralympic Winter Game Pillars:

Culture and Multiculturalism

Sport and Healthy Living

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Project Showcase

Opportunity to showcase 2010 projects and other exciting and innovative teacher and student projects happening in classrooms across Canada

Heart of /EDU: every student, teacher and school can be part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games experience

Document your projects by taking photos, video and/or even audio and showcase your school in the /EDU Project Showcase area.

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

canadian olympic committee
Canadian Olympic Committee

Canadian Olympic School Program presented by RBC

Established in 1988

Grades 2 – 12

Free downloadable lesson plans, Olympian athlete stories, Olympic games project packs, online library, activities, interviews, videos, contests and more

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

olympic torch relay school program
Olympic Torch Relay School Program

RBC is giving students and teachers a chance to be part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay by making a group pledge to Create a Better Canada.

Register your students now for this one in a lifetime chance at

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

olympic truce
Olympic Truce

New VANOC program in development with BC Ministry of Education

First Olympic Truce program to connect to the day-to-day lives of students – Make Your Peace

Students share personal stories, poems, pictures, videos and messages of peace with others around the world

Launching Spring 2009

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

sharing the dream
Sharing the Dream

BC Ministry of Education program in collaboration with BC Education Leadership Council, TakingITGlobal and VANOC

Six student-led, interactive webcast interviews related to Vancouver 2010 themes and global citizenship

Online discussion forums follow each webcast on TakingITGlobal website to discuss topics with students around the world.

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

cultural olympiad school programs
Cultural Olympiad School Programs

New program being developed by VANOC in partnership with the BC Ministry of Education

An overview of Cultural Olympiad 2009 events that encourage school group attendance by providing support such as special rates, matinees and educational materials.

Launching Spring 2009 as part of the Cultural Olympiad digital media initiative.

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

heroes live here
Heroes Live Here

Encourages students to discover what makes a hero heroic

Celebrates the everyday heroes in a student’s life

Encourages students to act heroically themselves through projects that reach out to their community

Kindergarten – Grade 12

Planning guide coming soon

Vancouver 2010 Education Program


A free, easy-to-use interactive online program that encourages children and youth to discover sports that match their physical abilities and individual interests.

Educators may use SportFit to engage children in sports in a fun and collaborative environment leading up to the 2010 Winter Games.

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

bon voyage sumi
Bon Voyage Sumi!

VANOC program

Launched November 2008

75 small plush Sumis sent to schools across Canada

Each school documents their activities with Sumi and then forwards Sumi to another school in Canada

Each Sumi travels to 15 schools before returning to Campus 2010

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

pan canadian paralympic school week
Pan-Canadian Paralympic School Week

Inspired by VANOC’s Paralympic School Day

Endorsed by IPC and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO

International focus in November 2009

Educator guide available on /EDU

Vancouver 2010 Education Program


Vancouver 2010 Education Program

  • National Paralympic School Week Program
  • Pan-Canadian Paralympic School Week
  • Paralympic School Week, November 2–6, 2009 Supported by the International Paralympic Movement
  • Paralympic School Week provides a focus for school-wide community building and subject-related instruction.
  • The week long program adopts the ideals of the Paralympic Movement and showcases people with a disability who are making a difference.
  • Download the Paralympic School Week Guideand
  • sign up to receive a limited edition Paralympic School Kit.
canadian paralympic committee it s the real deal
Canadian Paralympic Committee, It’s the Real Deal

Petro-Canada Paralympic School Program

Grades 4 – 8

Multimedia lesson plans, student activities teacher discussion board, athlete interviews contests and more

The aim is to raise awareness of Paralympic sport and athletes with a physical disability.

Educators can participate in a teacher’s-only discussion board, provide feedback about the program and submit their own student activities to share with fellow teachers.

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

vancouver 2010 aboriginal education resources
Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Education Resources

Lesson starters are available for K-12 teachers that provides information about Aboriginal athletes and their commitment to sport and culture

Developed in collaboration with the B.C. Ministry of Education and Aboriginal teachers

Posters are available that feature up-and-coming First Nation, Métis, and Inuit athlete role models from across Canada

Vancouver 2010 Education Program

international olympic committee
International Olympic Committee

/EDU links to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) education website

Provides international dimension

Feature IOC programs

Access to IOC Olympic Values Education Toolkit

Provides updates for Canadian teachers on how to use IOC education resources

Vancouver 2010 Education Program


Vancouver 2010 Education Program

Alberta Curriculum Connections to the three pillars:

Culture and Multiculturalism

Sport and Healthy Living

Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Language Programs:

All 39 language programs include significant cultural content

International language programs include a global citizenship cultural component

Learning outcomes include knowledge and skills:

to be effective global citizens

to understand diversity within a Canadian and global context

Alberta Curriculum Connections:

Authorized resources can be found at and on

Gr. 1 – Seasonal changes

Gr.2 – Small Crawling & Flying Animals

Gr. 3 – Animal Life Cycles

Gr. 4 – Waste and our World

Gr. 5 – Wetland Ecosystems

Gr. 6 – Trees and Forests

Gr. 7 – Interactions & Ecosystems

Gr. 8 – Freshwater & Saltwater Systems

Gr. 9 – Biological Diversity

Gr. 10 – Investigating Matter and Energy in Living Systems

Gr. 11 – The Biosphere

Gr. 12 – Living Systems Respond to Their Environment

Alberta Curriculum Connections:

  • Science:
  • Learning about the environment is an integral part of the

Science program

  • At each grade level, one or more units explores


Authorized resources can be found at and on


Social Studies:

Key focus of the K-12 social studies curriculum is on citizenship and identity.

Two concepts in the program are particularly related to the pillars

Global Connections - critically examining multiple perspectives and connections among local, national and global issues to develop students’ understanding of the interdependent or conflicting nature of individuals, communities, societies and nations. Students will also acquire a better comprehension of tensions related to economic relationships, sustainability and universal human rights.

Culture and Community – students examine shared values and their own sense of belonging, beliefs, traditions and languages, promoting the understanding of multiple perspectives, issues and change.

Alberta Curriculum Connections:

Authorized resources can be found at and on


Physical Activity:

Resources to support developing the knowledge and skills necessary to lead active, healthy lifestyles:

Daily Physical Activity– a handbook for grades 1–9 for developing a daily physical activity program.

Heart Health– provides inquiry-based learning opportunities to connect students with their heart-rate data to improve their health and personal fitness.

Physical Education Online– provides a variety of physical activities, teacher resources, teaching tools, activities for skill development.

Alberta Curriculum Connections:

Authorized resources can be found at and on

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