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Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses

Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses

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Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses

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  1. Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses Amar Hanspal Senior Vice President Platform Solutions and Emerging Businesses

  2. Safe Harbor Statement During the course of our presentation, we will make forward-looking statements regarding future events and expected performance of our Company, including potential future revenue growth. We wish to caution you that such statements reflect our best judgment based on factors currently known to us and that actual events or results could differ materially. For important factors that may cause actual results to differ from those contained in our forward-looking statements, we refer you to the documents we filed from time to time with the SEC and specifically our Form 10K filed on March 30, 2006 and our Form 10Q filed on June 6, 2006. We do not assume any obligation to update any forward looking statements we make to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the date of this presentation.

  3. 25 Years of AutoCADThen and now

  4. 25 Years of AutoCADThen and now

  5. 25 Years of AutoCAD – Past 5 Releases Customization Scripts , LISP , ARX , VBA , . net , DBX Workflow Improve work process Presentation / Visualization Enhance presentations & conceptual design Publish Advance output electronic or hardcopy Drafting Efficiently create and edit drawings and drawing data AutoCAD LT : Single - user , 2 D design tool to create technical drawings and documentation . AutoCAD : Fully - customizable , 2 D drafting and detailing and 3 D design tool , supporting workflows and multiple - users across a broad variety of markets and applications . AutoCAD Thematic Map Autodesk Confidential 2009 2010 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Workflow Workflow Workflow Workflow Workflow Vault & XREF Mgt Sheet Set Manager Sheet Set Manager DGN 8 . 0 Import CAD Standards XREF DWFs issues Deployment / Infrastructure Etransmit Markup Live link to Excel UNICODE Multiple Undo Views Workspaces Presentation / 3 D DWF Markup Side by Side Support Publish Presentation / Presentation / 3 D Photometric lights Customization Object Properties into DWF Materials Visualization Easy 3 D modeling Fields Surfacing Drafting True Color Drafting Publish Drag / Drop Materials Gradient fills Annotation Scaling Dynamic Blocks One click Publish Simple Animation Pantone colors Layers Properties per Renovate core drafting tools Background Plotting Sun / Shadow Studies Drafting Viewport Heads - up Design Sheet set publishing Navigation in 3 D Multiple Leaders Express tools Table Enhancements New Display Styles Drafting MTEXT DWG compression Block Counts Tables Tool Palettes Tables Drafting Construction Calculator Dimensioning Table of Contents Mtext Enhance Mtext Enhancements LT 2009 LT 2010 LT 2004 LT 2005 LT 2006 LT 2007 LT 2008

  6. AutoCAD and 3DBenefits of adding 3D to AutoCAD Revit Inventor Digital Prototyping AutoCAD AutoCAD Detailed Design Basic Design

  7. AutoCAD and 3DUsing AutoCAD for 25 years Rusty Gesner, Group MacKenzie Founded in 1960 in Portland Oregon, Group Mackenzie is now a 150-member, multidisciplinary firm of architects, engineers, interior designers, and land use planners. Rusty Gesner is the CAD Manager for their 3 offices. “ I was not only customer #6, but I was also the 6th reseller dealer for Autodesk. We go back a long way.” “The key reasons we keep upgrading and sticking with AutoCAD are its flexibility and customization capabilities. These are why AutoCAD will be around for a long time to come.”

  8. AutoCAD and 3DAdding vertical products and 3D Started with AutoCAD Added AutoCAD Architecture and Land Desktop Initiated Revit pilot on an ambitious 70,000 sq. ft. higher education building. Now training and rolling out more projects on Revit. Transitioning civil group off Land Desktop onto AutoCAD Civil 3D over the next year. 0 5 10 15 20 25 years Revit / Civil 3D AutoCADArchitecture and Land Desktop AutoCAD

  9. AutoCAD and 3DAddressing multiple markets DigitalPrototyping Revit Civil 3D Inventor Topobase Vertical Solutions AutoCAD Architecture MEP AutoCAD Mechanical Electrical AutoCAD Map 3D Increasing value to customer AutoCAD Platform 2D Drafting AutoCAD LT AEC Manufacturing Geospatial

  10. AutoCAD and 3DAddressing multiple markets Revit Civil 3D Inventor Topobase Autodesk Developer Network (Software Partners) DigitalPrototyping AutoCAD Architecture MEP AutoCAD Mechanical Electrical AutoCAD Map 3D Vertical Solutions Increasing value to customer AutoCAD Platform AutoCAD LT 2D Drafting AEC Manufacturing Geospatial Other Markets

  11. Platform BusinessAutodesk Developer Network – Multitude of Market Niches * Structural * Facility Mgt 641 * Surveying * Interior Design 600 * Landscaping * Irrigation * Airports 2,700+ Companies in Autodesk Developer Network * Parking * Hydraulics * Stairs * Bridges * Ship Building * Formwork * Residential 200 * Hydrology * Mining * Flood Control * Scaffolding * Curtain Walls 0 * Others * Source: ADN, April 2007

  12. Platform Business Autodesk Software Partners - ShipConstructor • AutoCAD-based 3D product modeling and production planning software for the marine industry • Company annual revenue growth last 4 years >30% • Strong sales in US, Australia, China, India, Taiwan, and Germany

  13. Platform BusinessFocus on growth markets – Geospatial • Worldwide urban infrastructure upgrades:$41 Trillion estimated spend over next 25 years • GIS/Geospatial software market: $2 Billion • Topobase going global • City of Vancouver - $8 Million – Biggest Autodesk deal • Oracle Spatial Excellence Partnership Award • GeoWorld’s Geospatial Leadership Award nomination

  14. Platform BusinessFocus on growth markets – Plant • Power, Oil & Gas, Water, Pharma, Water, Food & Beverage • Global energy consumption to double by 2050 • World population to increase 40% to 9.1 billion by 2050 • Staffing crisis – 50% of designers will retire in 10 years • $800 million software market • 15% of AutoCAD and LT base already in Plant market

  15. Platform BusinessACAD New Purchase Business Growth & License Management Are Key Reason for Purchasing New Seats Source: ACAD Customer Study from King Brown Partners, Inc. Feb 2006

  16. Business HighlightsAutoCAD-based Products, Total Revenue Verticals AutoCAD LT AutoCAD 1,200 1,000 800 Revenue in $ Millions 600 400 200 0 2004 2005 2006 2007

  17. Business HighlightsFY07 AutoCAD/LT Crossgrades as % of Vertical Revenue AutoCADArchitecture

  18. Business HighlightsFY07 Commercial New and Subscription Revenue Growth 900 800 ACAD-Based Subscription 700 ACAD-Based New 600 ACAD Subscription Revenue in $ Millions 500 ACAD New 400 300 LT Subscription 200 LT New 100 0 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07

  19. Summary Loyal customer base Vertical specialization, business growth, emerging markets, and license compliance 25 years of success Differentiated Offerings Not just a drafting tool, but solving design problems every release, every year; compelling releases Maximizing lifetime value to customers by selling higher-value AutoCAD’s andadding 3D to AutoCAD Strong Stable Business AutoCAD product line growth New seat and subscription growth Moving customers up the solutions stack