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Biotechnology in schools Overseas PowerPoint Presentation
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Biotechnology in schools Overseas

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Biotechnology in schools Overseas
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Biotechnology in schools Overseas

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    1. Biotechnology in schools Overseas

    2. Visits America Oregon North Medford High School Southern Oregon University Government Wildlife Forensics Laboratory Arizona Arizona State University Westwood High School England Reading National Centre for Biotechnology Education (University of Reading) Leeds

    3. North Medford HS

    4. North Medford HS (Mark Geisslinger)

    5. North Medford HS (Robert Black and Geoff Mills)

    6. North Medford HS (Planetarium)

    7. North Medford HS (Planetarium)

    8. SOU Biotech Lab

    9. Forensics Lab (Medford)

    10. Forensics Lab (Anatomy)

    11. Forensics Lab (DNA sequencers)

    12. Forensics Lab (DNA profile)

    13. Forensics Lab

    14. Forensics Lab (Courtroom exhibits)

    15. Forensics Lab (Blood analysis)

    16. Forensics Lab (Reference collection)

    17. Forensics Lab (PCR and GC)

    18. Forensics Lab (Ballistics)

    19. Forensics Lab (Media studio)

    20. Forensics Lab (Sound Lab)

    21. Medford Resources Oregon Biotechnology Teacher Education Program (Summer Institute 2001 - SOU) North Medford HS labs (DNA spooling, electrophoresis, forensic simulation) Contacts - North Medford HS (Mark Geisslinger) - SOU (Dr Steve Jessup) - Forensic Laboratory (Daryl Hegdahl)

    22. ASU (Campus)

    23. ASU (Dr. Jeff Langland)

    24. ASU (Lab demos)

    25. ASU (Electrophoresis gel)

    26. ASU (Blood coagulation simulation)

    27. ASU (The junket part)

    28. ASU Resources ASU BioREACH Biotech Curriculum notes and associated Lab activities. Emphasis on incorporating biotech into the classroom. Contacts - ASU (Dr Jeffrey Langland)

    29. Westwood HS (Geris Classroom)

    30. Westwood HS (Enzyme prac)

    31. Westwood HS (Aussie input)

    32. Westwood HS (Mixed ages)

    33. Westwood HS (a cultural exchange)

    34. Westwood HS (whiteboard)

    35. Westwood HS (HOD chem. lab)

    36. Westwood HS (1st class facilities)

    37. Westwood HS Resources Biotechnology Teaching Program using BioREACH labs Semester exams in Biotechnology Contacts - Westwood HS (Ms. Geri Ramnes)

    38. NCBE (Deans mini centrifuge)

    39. NCBE (mini electrophoresis tank)

    40. NCBE (kit assembly)

    41. NCBE Resources Equipment and Materials price catalogue (alternative to Bio-Rad) High quality labs on - protein electrophoresis - restriction enzymes - DNA isolation - enzymes in fruit juice production - 14 labs on fermentation - Genetic screening simulation - Bacterial transformation DNA Lab booklet listing 9 activities involving DNA Extensive website listing Contacts - NCBE (Dean Maddin or John Schollar)

    42. Leeds (Dominic Delaney)

    43. Leeds (Gel preparation)

    44. Leeds (Learning electrophoresis)

    46. 18/11/2011 46 Bacterial Transformation The pGLO system Private Industry input: Bio-Rad and NCBE

    47. 18/11/2011 47 What is transformation?

    48. 18/11/2011 48 Why teach transformation? A powerful teaching tool with a dramatic result! Links to industry and careers Laboratory extensions Contemporary science

    49. 18/11/2011 49 Uptake of foreign DNA- often a circular plasmid Plasmid- a circular piece of autonomously replicating DNA May be modified to express proteins of interest Use modified E. coli

    50. Plasmid pGLO contains three important genes One codes for a protein (GFP) which glows green under UV light One codes for a promotor gene. Adding the sugar arabinose activates this gene and causes GFP to be produced. One which codes for an enzyme which breaks down the antibiotic ampicillin.

    51. A bacterium transformed by pGLO will grow in a medium with ampicillin. Untransformed bacteria will not. The resistance to ampicillin is a marker for successful transformation. Transformed bacteria, in the presence of arabinose will produce GFP and will glow under UV light.

    52. 18/11/2011 52 Method

    53. 18/11/2011 53 Explain details Give an example Exercise to reinforce learning

    54. 18/11/2011 54 Topic Two Explain details Give an example Exercise to reinforce learning

    55. Pricing: Bio-Rad Materials for 32 students : $220-00 Refill package is $134-00 Also require other accessories (incubator, UV lamp)

    56. NCBE Option Similar activity but involving the transfer of antibiotic resistance Cost (est.) $130-00 for basic kit Replacement parts: (est.) $80-00

    57. 18/11/2011 57 Gel Electrophoresis A procedure to allow mixtures of molecules to separate The molecules pass through a stationary medium the gel- in an electrical field

    58. Gel Electrophoresis Electrophoresis as a technique to separate and visualise DNA fragments These techniques allow a DNA fingerprint to be made Other agents such as proteins can be isolated on a gel

    59. Forensic case study: Bio-Rad Six different DNA samples are analysed-one from a crime scene and five from suspects. This is safe, commercial DNA. They are initially digested with restriction enzymes The samples are then separated and analysed using agarose gels.

    60. Disease investigation: Bio-Rad Students investigate a new strain of disease bacteria DNA from stricken patients is investigated using gel electrophoresis fingerprinting The spread of the disease can then be tracked through the environment

    64. Pricing : Bio-Rad Materials for 32 students : $299-00 Also required: Cells: $550-00 Power packs $495-00 Micropipettes $260-00

    65. Pricing: NCBE Base unit: $120-00 (8 gel tanks and micropipette dispensers) Material for 2 runs of DNA fingerprinting : $180-00 DNA supplied does not follow a theme such as a forensic investigation

    66. Protein Investigations Electrophoresis can be used to separate protein or protein fragments of different sizes Many project ideas can result- ideal for student investigations

    67. Ideas for Investigation Compare muscle proteins in fish and crustacea evolutionary relationships Are crabsticks genuine?? What difference does cooking make to egg protein? Compare different washing powders for enzymes

    69. Analysis of Human genomic DNA The analysis and comparisons of human DNA can be carried out using gel electrophoresis Student allelic frequencies can be analysed

    71. Prices : BIO-RAD Basic Bio-Rad kit for 24 workstations: $490-00 Still require the other accessories (electrophoresis cell, powerpacks and micropipettes) which adds up to approx $1300-00 per set up.

    72. Prices: NCBE Electrophoresis base unit is $120-00 for 8 sets(cells, micropipettes) $120-00 for a materials protein kit (8 sets) Classes supply own protein samples

    73. DNA Isolation DNA (and RNA) isolated from onions, peas, cheek cells. Easily accomplished-cheaply- in any high school lab

    74. Stages in DNA isolation Tissue broken up mechanically Detergent is used to degrade the cell and nuclear membranes Cell fragments are separated by filtration The nucleic acids and soluble proteins remain An enzyme degrades the proteins The nucleic acid is is precipitated into ice cold ethanol

    75. More to come early next year