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Banner Changes for Spring 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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Banner Changes for Spring 2003

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Banner Changes for Spring 2003
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Banner Changes for Spring 2003

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Generated IDs Faculty Web Enhancements Presented by Eric Raznick

    3. Student/Staff IDs - Tomorrow All students and staff will get a new generated ID. The ID will have 9 characters: they will begin with a G and be followed by 8 numbers. Example: G00001028 SMCCD will still collect and store the SSN it will be in the SSN field and not in the ID field.

    4. G Numbers Students and staff can still use their SSN to log into WebSMART if they want both the new G number and the SSN will work. SMCCD will encourage users to access WebSMART with the G number. Banner screens will allow the entry of either SSN or G number. If you enter a SSN in a key block it will automatically change to a G number.

    5. How to use a G Number

    6. Faculty Web Enhancements 100% of Faculty used WebSMART to enter grades in Spring 2003! Very few complaints, problems All staff can get FREE internet access using the Districts Dial-up Service. More information Works with PCs and Macs! Explorer, Safari, & Netscape!

    7. Items previously printed by ITS now ONLY Available on WebSMART: Class Lists Selected Student Placement Information Authorization Codes Advisor Listings (student phone number and advisor) Positive Attendance Reporting Enrollment Verification (census)

    8. Class Lists Replaces printed report. You can only select your class. Faculty can download listing into GradeKeeper or Excel. Always up-to-date. Can view students email address.

    9. Selected Student Placement Information Replaces printed report. Displays placements and NOT raw scores. Only relevant placements are displayed.

    10. Authorization Codes Replaces printed report. Codes will only be available for courses that are full-term or individually selected. Codes that have been used will disappear from web page. Each course will have 50 codes generated.

    11. Advisor Listings (student phone number and advisor) Replaces printed report. Displays phone number and address of student. If the student's primary campus is CSM it will also display the assigned advisor/counselor.

    12. Positive Attendance Reporting Replaces printed Scantron sheets. Available for those courses designated as positive attendance only (Method of attendance: PA, PO and PQ) Appears next to the grade column when entering Final Grades.

    13. Enrollment Verification (census and extra census) Replaces printed Scantron sheets. Allows faculty to drop students for non- attendance up until the last day to drop. No back-dating uses current date for transactions.

    14. How to get help: The CTL will be offering workshops on these changes in December and January. We can come to YOUR meeting! Work with YOUR A & R office. What else?