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Know Dance Etiquette to Grow Your Dancing Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Know Dance Etiquette to Grow Your Dancing Skills

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Know Dance Etiquette to Grow Your Dancing Skills
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Know Dance Etiquette to Grow Your Dancing Skills

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  1. Dance Etiquette Rules Are Meant for Your Comfortability

  2. Dance Etiquette??? • Dance Etiquette is a set of strategy that helps us to navigate the social extent of dancing. It has developed gradually in order to allow freedom of movement and expression while sharing a dance floor comfortably. Common sense and courtesy are the two important etiquettes related to safety of dance.

  3. Dance Etiquette At Glance:- • Dance Floor Basics • In The Classroom

  4. Dance Floor Basics • Line of Dance • Collisions • Dancing to Your Partner’s Level • Balance Your Own Weight • Apologizing To Your Partner • Never Criticize

  5. Line of Dance It refers to dancing on a floor, usually done in a counter clockwise direction and is applied to all travelling dances like Tango, Waltz etc.

  6. Collisions Collisions do occur sometimes, when dance floor becomes crowded, dancers should adjust step size accordingly so that some space for fellow dancers remains there.

  7. Dancing to Your Partner’s Level It often happens that two partners may not be at the same level of dancing. It may possible that more experienced partner pairs with less experienced partner.

  8. Balance Your Own Weight You must balance your weight while dancing with your partner.

  9. Apologizing To Your Partner Don’t worry when you can’t perform all the moves correctly. Apologize with your partner and enjoy dance trying again.

  10. Never Criticize Usually some people forget that dancing is all about fun. Beginners always need encouragement so that they can improve and continue dancing.

  11. In The Classroom • During Group Dance Class • Changing Partner • Be Professional

  12. During Group Dance Class:- • Avoid Gossip • Develop the habit of asking questions

  13. Changing Partner • Always be ready to change your dance partner. This will teach you to adjust with different partners.

  14. Be Professional • Being professional will help you to learn dance in more better way.

  15. How to Learn Dance Etiquette? Dance Etiquette can be learnt easily along with the dance class. It’s not acquired separately. You can join Tha Spot Dance Classes at Toronto and learn dance etiquette as well as dance skills simultaneously.

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