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Load Testing Tools 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Load Testing Tools 2018

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Load Testing Tools 2018
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Load Testing Tools 2018

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  2. APACHE JMETER 1 4 3 2  A pure Java, open source application utilized to test performance on both dynamic and static resources. Simulates heavy loads on groups of servers, individual servers, networks, or objects to examine the strength and analyze Applied to test web apps, FTP, SOAP & REST web services, databases etc. Several commercial tools support JMeter

  3. WEBLOAD 1 4 3 2 Supports Has built-in integration with Selenium, Jenkins, and many more.  The tool of choice for enterprises with heavy user load and complex testing requirements. technologies – from enterprise applications to web protocols.  It’s flexible and easyto use.

  4. TSUNG 1 4 3 2  A free open source software launched under GPLv2 licensefor performance testing that works on multiple protocols. Response time can be estimated while loading by producing HTML reports. Utilized to accentuate HTTP, WebDAV, LDAP, MySQL and various other servers. Many IP addresses are opened on one device employing their OS IP Aliasing.

  5. NEOLOAD 1 4 3 2 An innovative load testing tool created to 10X times faster automate test design, analysis, and maintenance Analyses user paths to detect newer path versions to evade flaws. 20x faster tests with assisted script maintenance Integration with CI servers for motorized test runtime.

  6. RATIONAL 1 4 3 2 Supports Developed by IBM Corporation which is performance test production, and analysis tool. Event and scheduled based testing. Real-time reporting for instant execution problem identification. development team to approve the reliability and scalability of web- based platforms

  7. LOADSTER 1 4 3 2 A desktop-based high-level HTTP load testing tool. The web browser can be utilized to record the easy to use scripts.  Best to detect the execution bottlenecks in the application. HTML report is created to analyze the performance of your application.

  8. APPVANCE 1 4 3 2 Which reduces the redundancies built by old siloed QA tools that hinder DevOps teams. Incorporates a different level of regularity in their record and perform script production. Data-driven is possible for whatever language you use. Detects bugs the user would notice on their browsers and mobile applications.

  9. CLOUDTEST 1 4 3 2 Analyze and control the performance of mobile apps, web applications Extricate the report in your preferred format to locate the system's performance loopholes. Load testing scenario and works with speed that is affordable and scalable A cloud-based load testing tool which fast-tracks

  10. LOADIMPACT 1 4 3 2 An on-demand and automatic performance testing tool for DevOps. Correlates you with performance trending analytics and reports via webhook Fairly efficient for testing any protocol- a web app or API or mobile app or website. Offers a powerful Lua scripting setting permitting you to generate complex or simple API scenarios.

  11. GRINDER 1 4 3 2 Simple to operate a distributed test which can be done by utilizing multiple load injector machines. A load testing system accessible under the BSD-style open- source license that too for free Pre-built Java libraries with a wide range of protocols and frameworks are possible. Test scripts can be written in Jython and Clojure.

  12. LOADUI PRO 1 4 3 2  LoadUI Pro by Smartbear lets you instantly generate script-less complicated load tests Preconfigured test templates such as baseline, spike, stress, and smoke. Load agents and control server’s performance on increasing the load on them Enables reuse of subsisting SoapUI Pro functional tests.

  13. HTTPERF 1 4 3 2 Promoting the construction of both micro and macro- level benchmarks. An open Source HTTP load generator for regulating web server performance Tests standard HTTP payload of the application. Creates and maintains server overloads.

  14. GATLING 1 4 3 2 Creates precise results that can be observed progressively and can be exported later for review. Open-source framework created using Scala, Akka&Netty. Simulates large number of user experience with complex behaviors Drastically diminishes the debugging time period.

  15. WAPT 1 4 3 2 Test results can be availed in the form of graphical representation Can test any website comprising of mobile sites, web portals, and business applications. Tests done in WAPT can be recorded using a browser or a mobile app An affordable, simple- to-use stress and load testing tool.

  16. HPE LOADRUNNER 1 4 3 2 An end-to-end framework performance to recognize and resolve problems before application launch. More than 50+ protocols, web, mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET etc. Sustains wide array of applications to reduce skill and time. Consolidates with development tools like jUnit, IDE etc.

  17. TESTING ANYWHERE 1 4 3 2 An automated testing tool with built-in intelligence to test the execution of any web application Detailed reports of tests including video recording ability Script-less software supporting innumerable testing feasibilities. Ability to schedule test on cloud servers

  18. STRESSTIMULUS 1 4 3 2 Automatically settles playback errors due to its exclusive autocorrelation. Reports traffic for mobile operators- Android, Apple, Windows,and Blackberry. Advances several Enterprise applications SharePoint, CRM, Silverlight etc. Serves as a stand- alone add-on tool.

  19. OPENSTA 1 4 3 2 Testing Proficient in delivering the heavy load test and review for the scripted HTTP and HTTPS. Uses easy recordings to make load tests and generates statistics after performing them. A free GUI-based load testing tool built for proficient testing users. architecture based on COBRA which enables the tools to run test across network

  20. LOADCOMPLETE 1 4 3 2 A desktop tool employed for load testing of web applications, providing stats on their stress Records user interactions to build tests and assume these actions with many virtual users. Can generate various test scenarios with out any kind of script knowledge Gives exact test analysis report after every test.

  21. LOCUST 1 4 3 2 An Open Source load testing tool which allows determining user behavior utilizing Python. Permits testing on any system, and various systems simultaneously. Can simulate actions of millions of users at a time Easy to install from PyPI using pip

  22. LOADER 1 4 3 2 Graphical representation of test which can be shared through multiple platforms. The web application supporting stress and load by building thousands of concurrent connections. Monitor your application response in real-time in the mode of readable charts and graphs. Load test both GUI and APIs

  23.  QENGINE 1 4 3 2 A most typical and easy automated testing tool for performance and load testing of your web applications. Manages performance leakages in web services or sites.  Capable to conduct remote testing of web services from any geographical area. Runs in both Windows and Linux platforms

  24. SILK PERFORMER 1 4 3 2 Unlimited cloud assistance for load testing anywhere, anytime, on any device. Unlimited scalability using cloud servers  Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools for validation and monitoring  Serves purpose for low bandwidth users.