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Tips to Boost your Agent Productivity & Customer Experience using Cloud Call Center Software

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Tips to Boost your Agent Productivity & Customer Experience using Cloud Call Center Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer experience is an outcome of the efforts of all departments - from sales and marketing to product development and even finance, it\'s indeed a key component of customer support. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your agents can help to radically improve the results of your call center.

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23 Ways Cloud Call Center Software can Help to Improve Customer Service & Agent Efficiency

  • Customer experience is an outcome of the efforts of all departments - from sales and marketing to product development and even finance, it's indeed a key component of customer support.
  • So it can be correctly stated that improving the customer experience begins with using the right customer service software.
  • In recent study it is found that companies who proficiently manage and execute customer experience strategies collect enormous rewards.
  • They achieve higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction.
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your agents can help to radically improve the results of your call center.

Ways It Can Help Business

  • Clear Process
  • Train for Improvement
  • Call Routing
  • Record & Monitor Calls
  • Inter-agent Chat
  • Agent to Superior Ratio
  • Communicate with Agents
  • Set Targets
  • Flexible Strategies
  • Be Transparent
  • Perform Consistently
  • Train Your Employees
  • Give Personalized Service
  • Analyze & Study Client
  • Use Customer Feedback
  • Have Balanced Team
  • Take into account the entire customer experience

Ways It Can Help Business

  • Use Performance Metrics
  • Check Agent Desktop
  • Unified Communications
  • Build Healthy Relations with Agents
  • Encourage Best Practices
  • Get the Best Technology

1. Be Transparent

  • The key to customer satisfaction is running a business that is transparent and open.
  • Do not try to hide from your customers; instead, keep them in the loop about all that you do.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication like call center software solutions not only helps you to maintain customer history but also to easily refer to it during subsequent conversations.

2. Perform Consistently

  • Efficientcall center software solutions would enable you to deliver consistent performances.
  • A consistency in the kind of services you provide would always help you score brownie points with customers.
  • If you manage to deliver an excellent performance at one point, but at another point, you disappoint customers with subpar performance that puts a black mark on your solutions.

3. Train Your Employees

  •  It is significant to train your employees to handle customers.
  • In your team, you would be having certain employees who have been assigned with the task of communicating with customers directly.
  • These employees need to be trained to execute the task to the best of their competence.
  • They also need to be trained to operate the software in question.

4. Give Personalized Services

  • No customer wants to be taken for granted.
  • They want to be treated in a manner that makes them feel special and sought after.
  • The best cloud call center software solutions would enable you to offer a tailored experience for each individual customer.
  • It is certain to set your customer satisfaction levels improving.

5. Analyze & Study Clients

  • What is going through your customer’s mind when you’re talking to them?
  • This is something you need to take into account.
  • The kind of software you use should be able to pick up slight hints from the voices of the customers and analyze it accordingly.

6. Use Customer Feedback

  • Pay due importance to customer feedback.
  • If we are talking of customer satisfaction levels, then the opinion of the customer is of the extreme importance.
  • Listen to them. Communicate with them.
  • If your customers are criticizing, then you’re at fault.
  • If your customers are singing your praises, it means you’re doing something right!

7. Have a Balanced Team

  • Your customer service team should be balanced properly.
  • A team that works on the principles of loyalty, team effort and teamwork always leads the way.
  • Unless you have perfect sync within the team, you’re not going to help customers any time soon.

8. Take into Account Entire Customer Experience

  • Do not just focus your attention on one phase of customer experience like the call.
  • Everything needs to be taken into consideration.
  • The agents’ behavior, the holding time, the solutions provided, time taken to wrap up the call – these are equally important.
  • Hiring qualified agents would work to your advantage.

7. Have a Balanced Team

9. Clear Process

  • To boost agent productivity, you must have clear processes for providing the common solutions.
  • Your agents should know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • That would reduce the time spent on one customer and would enable the agents to complete more work in lesser periods of time.

10. Train for Improvement

  • Encourage your agents to take part in improvement training.
  • Brand new software and technology are taking the market by storm.
  • Your agents need to stay up to date with that.
  • They need to be trained effectively so as to provide customers with the best possible solutions

11. Call Routing

  • Skill based routing of calls is a technology that is rapidly acquiring strength across call centers.
  • The calls of various customers should be routed to agents based on their skills and expertise.
  • That drastically reduces the number of call transfers and enhances the productivity of the agents as a whole.

12. Record & Monitor Calls

  • Most of the call center software that you use permits you to record and monitor calls.
  • When you’re choosing software, ensure you spend time making a careful call center software comparison.
  • You should be able to record all calls so that they can later be used for future reference.
  • That also helps with training programs.

13. Inter-agent Chat

  • Inter agent chat is an added technology that has proven to be truly helpful.
  • You need to persuade your agents to communicate with each other.
  • Every individual has something to offer and your agents would benefit from such interaction as well.

14. Agent to Superior Ratio

  • The ratio of agents to supervisor should be proper.
  • If you have too many agents under one supervisor, that reduces output levels because the supervisor wouldn’t be able to pay ample attention to each individual customer.
  • The number of agents assigned to each supervisor should be decided based on the supervisor’s seniority and experience.

15. Communicate with Agents

  • Maintain open lines of communication with your agents.
  • Listen to them.
  • If you feel your agents are going wrong somewhere, correct them but also give them an opportunity to explain themselves.
  • Don’t deny your agents a voice; remember, the call center business isn’t a one way street.

16. Flexible Strategies

  • Your operation strategies should be flexible.
  • You need to keep the bigger picture in mind when it comes to devising strategies.
  • The strategies you come up with need to be flexible and scalable so that they can adjust to your growing business needs.

17. Set Targets

  • To improve the efficiency levels of your agents, you need to set targets for them.
  • The targets could be weekly, monthly or even annually.
  • In such cases, this serves as a type of motivation for your agents.
  • It gives them just the boost they need to pull up their socks and keep working hard.
  • It also gives them an idea of what is expected of them and helps them to work towards it.

18. Flexible Strategies

18. Use Performance Metrics

  • The Performance metrics would help you analyze the performance of your agents and would also enable you to work on them, if the need arises.
  • If you haven’t updated them in a while, now would be the time to do so.
  • You need to work on your performance metrics in such a manner that it gives you exactly what you need and works to your benefit.

19. Check Agent Desktop

  • Do not fail to consider the agent desktop.
  • If you don’t, it could result in a complicated working environment, take up all of your agent’s time, increase call handling time and even add to the frustration of the already furious customer.
  • If the above mentioned scenarios are something you want to avoid, then you must make it a point to enhance the agent desktop.

20. Unified Communications

  • Unified communications or UC is one of the leading trends in customer care today.
  • Basically, this involves using one single interface to handle all customer problems.
  • That means, you reduce the hassle of using multiple interfaces and you also automatically reduce waiting time.
  • Answering the questions of customers and providing solutions becomes infinite times easier.

21. Build Healthy Relationships with Agent

  • Build healthy relationships with your agents and instill a sense of brotherhood amidst your agents.
  • That builds a sense of team effort and enables your agents to act as part of a team and not individually.
  • This has proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to call center operations.

22. Encourage Best Practices

  • You need to encourage looking up best practices.
  • It might so turn out that a particular agent at your call center could be using a practice that gets you remarkable results.
  • In that case, the other agents and employees too should be following that example.
  • That automatically amplifies the productivity levels of your call center.

23. Get the Best Technology

  • Get your hands on the best possible software technology for your business.
  • We understand that you’re bound by a budget and cannot exceed it.
  • But this is one aspect you cannot negotiate on.
  • Remember, your entire operations revolve entirely around the kind of software you use.
  • The people in charge of handling the software at your call center would be determining your success as a whole.
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