15 Things You Should Remember to Win New Customers Like a Pro
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15 Simple Ways to Win New Customers for your Small Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In a perfect market, you would have an unlimited budget to promote your business in order to get new customers and increase sales. Learning to make new sales/leads is a crucial skill for an entrepreneur.

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Presentation Transcript

Introduction Pro

  • In a perfect market, you would have an unlimited budget to promote your business in order to get new customers and increase sales.

  • You can do a lot of online and offline marketing, run promotions to bring traffic in the store and online, and begin a proactive PR campaign to enhance your product or brand's visibility and awareness.

  • Learning to make new sales/leads is a crucial skill for an entrepreneur.

  • You should know that the potential for finding new customers range from cold calling to buying lists of prospective clients to using newer Internet techniques like search SEO to bring new business to your website.

Remember for Winning New Clients Pro

  • Select Easily Customizable Software

  • No Need to Spend Extra Money

  • Determine Who Should Use the Software

  • Train Your Agents

  • Stop Worrying about Price

  • Serve Customer Better

  • Don’t Fall for Misconception

  • Choose the Best Call Center Software

  • Determine Your Business Requirement

  • Decide the Budget

  • Select the Most Suitable Software

  • Easily Integrated Software

  • Know Your Business Well

  • Track All Calls Effectively

  • Know Your Customer Expectations

Determine Your Business Requirements Pro

  • While selecting call center software for your company, you should determine if your call center is into inbound or outbound calling.

  • Different call centers have different requirements and would need different software based on the type of calls being made.

  • Accordingly, you should select the software that goes with your operations.

Decide the Budget

  • Generally it is said that more the budget the better call center software you get.

  • Yet, it would be wrong to think that the lower budget will induce you to compromise on quality.

  • There are quite a lot of software technologies available for lower prices.

  • You must know where to look for.

Select the Most Suitable Software Pro

  • There are essentially two kinds of software technology that are available for call centers viz., on-premise software and VoIP.

  • On-Premise call center software is very popular; it requires an allotted space and also special IT experts for maintenance. It can be pretty expensive for small scale businesses.

  • On the other hand, VoIP technology largely relies on the cloud technology. A large number of call centers are shifting to the cloud nowadays. The cloud call center management software gives you a centralized database for your client related information and makes the process a whole lot simpler.

  • It is vital to go for scalable software that lets your business to grow and flourish.

Easily Integrated Software Pro

  • The software you choose should allow easy integration with the current CRM or any other application.

  • You must go for the software that comes with a centralized integration system.

  • It would provide a flawless working experience.

Know Your Business Well

  • Always have the answers for the following questions before selecting the software:

  • How many calls do you receive in a day?

  • What are your peak hours?

  • During which time of the year do you receive the maximum number of calls?

  • This can help you to select the software that is capable to cope with the excessive workload.

Track All Calls Effectively Pro

  • Call recording becomes easily available with call center software.

  • Calls are generally recorded for training purposes.

  • The call recordings can help the agent realize exactly where they are going wrong and if they have scope for improvement.

  • Call recordings are an important feature of quality management at call centers.

  • With call center software, it becomes easier to record all calls and then listen to the recordings.

Select Easily Customizable Software Pro

  • Efficient call center software solutions would permit you to manage your resources completely.

  • Most customer care solutions that you see are customizable.

  • As each business has its own set of needs and demands.

  • The call center software would allow you to service your customers better and would also help you satisfy them better.

Know Your Customer Expectations

  • You are should be aware of the expectations customers have from you.

  • If you want to live up to that, you need to establish the quality of service you aim to offer.

  • Based on the quality of service you are aiming for, you can begin selecting software for yourself.

  • This should actually be the first step in selecting the call center software for yourself.

No Need to Spend Extra Money Pro

  • Earlier, it was essential to invest a ton of money to pay for maintenance if you wanted to see your call center success.

  • Today, you can just pay a small amount of money, get hold of a magnificent call center software technology and make the most of the benefits it comes with.

  • You will have to invest a small amount of money if you want to maintain your software.

Determine Who Should Use the Software Pro

  • While in a call center, you must decide who would be responsible of operating the call center software.

  • Would your agents be handling the software directly? Or should all your team members have access to it?

  • As due to overloading, it might end up crashing and bring your process down with it.

Train Your Agents

  • When you implement a new kind of software in your place of work, then chances are, most of your agents might not be familiar with it.

  • Your agents will need training sessions to get acquainted with the working of the software application.

  • To ensure that you get the most out of your software, you should arrange specialized training programs for it.

  • You can in fact hire the agents with the maximum skills to take control of your software.

Stop Worrying About Software Price Pro

  • Nowadays you can get affordable and top quality service which redeems itself in terms of competence and better conversions.

  • Case studies have shown that companies who managed to get the top quality call center software have marked increase in their conversion rate.

  • Also, your efficiency level increases twice fold.

  • This is not mere speculation, but something that statistics will prove.

  • Hence, you need to stop worrying about call center software pricing and take the plunge.

Serve Customer Better Pro

  • The customer care software that you use should help you locate your customers better.

  • Customers are always looking for personalized or tailored services.

  • With efficient call center operations and your customers wouldn’t have to wait for long.

  • Also, an efficient software system allows your customers to get the exact answers to their questions.

Don’t Fall for Misconceptions

  • There is a common misconception that small scale businesses must not bring in more customers.

  • Small businesses may have restricted resources but they have core features necessary to bring in or attract more and more customers.

  • The moment you have a team of people dealing with customers, you have call center functionality.

Choose the Best Call Center Software Pro

  • Implementing the right call center software is of the supreme importance.

  • Hence, it is wise to take your time in call center software comparison before you move forward.

  • You just need to ensure that you are ready for it.

  • Train yourself and your agents for the new software that is to be employed and work towards a common goal.

  • Be careful and test the software before you actually purchase it.

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