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Interface Customization Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Interface Customization Services

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Interface Customization Services
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Interface Customization Services

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  1. Presentation Title The birth of Citrix Store Front Web Interface

  2. Like the phoenix rises from the ashes, here comes Citrix StoreFront, or Citrix GloudGateway, or Citrix Receiver for Web. Call it what you like – I’ll know what you are talking about. Some of you may think all I know is that Green Bubble Theme Citrix came up with is once again like Web Interface 5.0 to 5.3 –definitely not a “Corporate” look. Green Bubbles? I can almost hear Don Ho singing “Tiny Green Bubbles” on his ukulele!

  3. It is pretty safe to say that companies and organizations are going to want to change the look and feel of StoreFront before they deploy it. is geared up for this exodus from Citrix Web Interface. You need Branding for StoreFront or CloudGateway or Citrix Receiver for Web? Well, we’ve got that ready for you. You want to get rid of those Green Bubbles and bring in your company branding? We are your one-stop shop of Interface Customization Services, ready and waiting to customize Citrix Web Interface – oh, I mean Store Front, CloudGateway or Citrix Receiver for Web.

  4. Hey Citrix, can we get an official name on this product to let the world know what to call the new version of Web Interface? I would love an answer to that question. And from a SEO/SMO marketing point of view, having to have all these extra keywords is a real killer to the budget. So let’s get a single name for the product. Citrix are you listening? Can you hear me?

  5. Every customization that we have done for Citrix Web Interface in the past, we will bring over to Citrix StoreFront Web Interface – or, you know, whatever you want to call it. We can add Announcements, Links, Downloads, Documents, and Outlook Web App Integration. We can tear apart your StoreFront and rebuild it from the ground up. Why, you may ask? It is simple – we are Your one stop destination for anything and everything Interface Customization Services, Custom Interfaces.

  6. Contact US Techstur Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 Tel: +1-877-990-7887 Email: - Visit:-