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Advantages of Android App Development for Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages of Android App Development for Business

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Advantages of Android App Development for Business
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Advantages of Android App Development for Business

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Advantages of Android App Development for Small Business echnoAdviser

  2. Android is an open source mobile operating system with massive user base and simple mobile app development process. Small business is utilizing Android operating system and creating custom mobile applications that resolves customer problems and increase value for their small business. This presentation explains the advantages any small business can achieve by implementing Android Application Development. echnoAdviser

  3. Low Investment • Android is an open source platform and the software development kit is easily available to developers. Further, being a JavaScript based platform, it is easy to master and execute. There are three stages of development on Android – • Application development • App testing • Deployment to Android App Store echnoAdviser

  4. BYOD Preference From the pie plan above, the share of the market of Android becomes quite evident. For organizations that are adopting carry your own system plan, it is feasible to opt for Android as the business app development platform because Android is available on more wide range of devices to users of all financial groups. echnoAdviser

  5. Easy Customization Android provides versatility with easy customization options, thus enabling developers to create programs with different functionalities. Whether it is complicated technological customization or web application integration, Android provides adequate space for executing customizations. The platform is designed to accommodate the varying specifications of business. It provides versatility to integrate communication resources, data control features, and multi-media resources with easy updates. echnoAdviser

  6. Security and Distribution Google rolled out significant security fixes in 2012 across the Android working program system, making it a high protected system. It further pushed an address space layout customization making it difficult for malware to find data structure for executing codes. Further, automated system pushes periodic notification to customers to decrypt their gadgets. For distribution, Android working program apps can be marketed via various marketing channels and can be easily found in the market. echnoAdviser

  7. Wearable Devices Wearable device is quick getting hold amongst companies for quick connections that can be pressured via smartwatch notices. As per research offered by 54% companies already have introduced your own wearable policy and 40% are planning to follow it soon. echnoAdviser

  8. To get free quote on Android App development Visit echnoAdviser