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Google Chrome and its Popularity 1-866-892-2383 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chrome browser is one of the trusted browser software created by Google. It is popular because of its simplistic and minimalistic design.

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Techdotcomp 1-866-892-2383

Google Chrome and its Popularity

  • Chrome browser is one of the trusted browser software created by Google. It is popular because of its simplistic and minimalistic design.
  • It is a speedy web browser that loads and displays pages quick
  • Tabs can be dragged out into separate windows and brought back to place with mouse click
  • The entire interface has very simple and basic design that makes it easy to use
  • Start-up page can lists the most frequent pages that one has visited
  • Chrome browser can automatically translate pages into language one understands
  • Search internet through address bar at any time
  • Installation just takes few seconds to get installed
Techdotcomp 1-866-892-2383

Best features of Google Chrome browser

  • This browser contains task manager for websites
  • Provides a very clean contextual menus
  • Allow searching of one’s favorite website from the address bar
  • Offers option through which one can check memory usage
  • Provides option by which closed tabs can be reopened easily
  • Option to launch websites from start menu/Quick launch bar
Techdotcomp 1-866-892-2383

Common Problems with Google Chrome browser

  • Unable to reopen tab after closing it
  • Unable to restore tabs after crash or any accident
  • Unable to restore tabs after any crash or accident exist
  • Kill any unresponsive pages in chrome
  • Unable to fix corrupt chrome profile
  • Help in cleaning the slate or reset Google Chrome browser
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