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Insights To Employee Communication Channel PowerPoint Presentation
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Insights To Employee Communication Channel

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Insights To Employee Communication Channel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation provides research oriented insights of employee communication channel with key communication factors that helps an organization to build strong employee relationships to gain maximum productivity.

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PresentsInsights To Employee Communication Channel | |@DronaMobile

key factors for employee engagement
Key Factors for Employee Engagement
  • Employees feel confident, secure & motivated if they hear messages from their leaders.
  • Motivation, Trust, Commitment & Loyalty are essential, for effective employee engagement practices. | |@DronaMobile

what lowest level employees think
What lowest level employees think?
  • Employees want to communicate with their leaders often & look for appreciation for their input.
  • Leaders should straight away talk to employees regarding any critical information or decision. | |@DronaMobile

key findings of research
Key Findings of Research
  • 40% of employees report that their leaders are effective employee communicators.
  • 75% of employees would like to hear from their leaders more often than they do. | |@DronaMobile

impact of regular corporate communication
Impact of Regular Corporate Communication
  • Employees will become the positive spokesperson or image managers for your company & message if they felt valued & informed.
  • 90% of employees who are fully informed, could be motivated to deliver added value to company. | |@DronaMobile

3 basic rules to remember
3 Basic Rules to Remember
  • Communication involves listening as much as speaking; dialogue is the oxygen of change.
  • Make sure what you say leads to what you do; your behavior is communication.
  • Don't underestimate your employees' interest in your plans, their intelligence or their ideas. | |@DronaMobile


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