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botox and tattoo removal in charleston sc PowerPoint Presentation
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botox and tattoo removal in charleston sc

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botox and tattoo removal in charleston sc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our goal is to deliver beautiful and natural looking results to patients seeking to improve their overall appearance. Whether you’re just beginning to research your options for facial and skin rejuvenation, or if you’re ready to do a procedure in our surgical center, we are pleased to assist you! To learn more about Laser Tattoo Removal visit

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Botox and Tattoo Removal in Charleston SC – Two of the Hottest Cosmetic Procedures TodayIt is fascinating to think about two of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures today, Botox treatments and tattoo removal. One treatment is designed to remove those unwanted signs of aging showing up around our eyes, while the other one is to remove the memory of a bad decision. Let us take a closer look at these two common procedures.An Unusual Source for Amazing Results It is amazing how nature provides us with solutions to problems from the strangest sources. Botox is based upon the clostridium botulinum bacterium. In most situations this was be a bacteria you wanted to stay far away from. The powerful neurotoxins created by these bacteria are responsible for the muscular paralysis which occurs when someone becomes ill with botulism. The good news, when use properly these same neurotoxins reduce frown lines which have developed around our eyes over the years. This is done by immobilizing the muscles which make these lines appear. Botox treatments are not a cure for wrinkles. It is a treatment which needs to be repeated every four months. It is commonly used when you wish to reduce the wrinkles for a special event as reported by several users of Botox Charleston SC.


Laser Tattoo Removal Reversing the Pain of the Tattoo NeedleDo you remember how it felt to get the tattoo you now wish was gone? The little pricking sensation as the needle drove the ink into your skin. Expect to feel a similar level of pain to have your tattoo removed.One person described the sensation of tattoo removal as the equivalent of having a friend snapping him with a rubber band hundreds of times. Luckily the pain does come with a reward. Laser tattoo removal is very effective.Before you jump to the conclusion tattoo removal means the tattoo becomes invisible you should consult with an expert. In most cases you may still have a few faint remnants of the tattoo. You could even have minor scarring from the laser procedure. If Laser Tattoo Removal May Leave Scars or Remnants of My Tattoo Is It Worth It?This is one of the big reasons you need to consult with a Doctor who specializes in tattoo removal in Charleston SC before making your decision. Tattoos which are in portions of the body with higher fat content are easier to remove. Light skinned persons have higher success rates. Even the type of tattoo equipment and ink used to create your body art play a role on whether the removal process will be successful or not.Your Doctor in Charleston will be able to evaluate all of these items and give you an accurate answer on the chances for complete tattoo removal Charleston SC.Since Both Tattoo Removal and Botox in Charleston SC Are Popular, Are They Also Safe?Both procedures have very low risk factors. The biggest risk with tattoo removal is minor scarring. One of the side effects a few people feel with Botox is light flu symptoms for a day or two. This only occurs in a very small number of people. Before undergoing either a Botox treatment or tattoo removal ask your Doctor to explain all the risks. You will discover the risks are low and the benefits often very good.