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Slide 1 Lighthouses Lighthouses were once regarded as an archetypical public good, because ships could benefit from the light without being forced to pay. Slide 2 Due to their function as beacons of safety, various organizations choose lighthouses as a symbol Slide 3 The lighthouse is also the symbol of US organization for the blind And More… Find Your Local Lighthouse For The Blind on Google: Search for “lighthouses for the blind” Slide 4 Alexander Mitchell invented and built a number of screw pile lighthouses despite blindness. Slide 5 The Lighthouse is a beacon of Hope… Slide 6 You can overcome anything in life as long as you are aware of the help options Slide 7 ABiSee: Portable Devices for Low Vision, blind and deaf blind Our portable electronic devices allow low vision and blind people to enjoy all the useful vision they have and assist those with no vision at all Slide 8 Find Your Local Dealer Slide 9 Blindness Solutions Eye-Pal SOLO is the fastest, most powerful and easiest to use self-contained reading solution available today. Blindness should not stop you from reading anything you want. Reads almost anything printed aloud without a computer-quickly and easily. No computer required! Slide 10 Eye-Pal is an extremely portable, fast and accurate USB device that instantly scans and converts printed material into refreshable Braille, speech or text files-in a single keystroke. A perfect solution for deaf blind. Slide 11 ABiSee Zoom-Ex - Portable Scanning, Reading, Real Time Magnification Slide 12 ABiSee Zoom-Twix: Scanner - Reader - Magnifier – Flexible CCTV Zoom-Twix is extremely easy to use, the foldable stand holds two cameras Slide 13 Zoom-Frog l is a flexible auto-focus CCTV camera that allows to view and save magnified image of the blackboard and write under magnification Slide 14 Learn More From The Manufacturer Of Eye-Pal, Zoom-Ex, Zoom-Twix, Zoom-Frog: • Visit Our Resources Center • Talk To Our Customer Support • View A Demo •Subscribe To Our Blog Slide 15 The End

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