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Forex Evolved Why YOU should be Trading with Neural Nets! PowerPoint Presentation
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Forex Evolved Why YOU should be Trading with Neural Nets!

Forex Evolved Why YOU should be Trading with Neural Nets!

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Forex Evolved Why YOU should be Trading with Neural Nets!

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  1. Forex Evolved: Why YOUshould be Trading withNeural Nets! Authored by: The Leo Trader Pro Team - 1 % Drawdown - Over 110% Net Profit Per Month - Account Investor Password Access - Verification from the CEO of FinFX Leo Trader Pro - Proves the Proof! Login to our LIVE trading account andSee REAL automated trading performance! CLICK HERE Forex Evolved: Why YOUshould be Trading withNeural Nets!

  2. The Automated Income Lifestyle is REAL! Let's paint a little picture for you. You've got a house atthe beach; you wake up at 6am on a Tuesday morning... ...and you go for a run on the beach. When you get back,a breakfast fit for a king is waiting for you on your patio.which, by the way, looks out over golden sands framingblue crashing waves. You're entirely debt free! The biggest decision you've got to make after finishingbreakfast is what you're going to do with THE REST OFYOUR DAY! Okay, you drop the kids off at school in your Porsche 911Turbo (your Aston Martin is in the garage - you think yourwife might want to use it while you're out). ... You get back home and now what? Double Your Account Every Month with Leo Trader Pro! ClickHERE Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 2

  3. Ci LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY Well, that's all up to YOU really. Maybe you'd like to learn to play an instrument becauseyou never had the time before. Maybe you want to catch up on all that great literature ofthe last few HUNDRED YEARS you've been missing out on. You could try windsurfing... the weather is perfect! Heck, if you just want to lay on the couch watching sportsand crack open a few beers, you can do that too! It's all up to you! Right now you've got to be asking yourself how somethingas incredible as this could even be possible.'reabout to find out! REAL performance, REAL Proof, REAL results - Login to our Live Account NOW! CLICK HERECopyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 3

  4. Chasing The End Of The Rainbow Traders have probably been chasing the automatedincome lifestyle for the last 12 years or so... in vain. So, why haven't they succeeded? Well, it's due to a number of factors. At first, most of them thought that they could get richover night with just a few minutes of work per day (therewas no such thing as REAL automation back then). There was only manual trading which involved using awhole bunch of indicators on different currency charts .and having to WAIT patiently for a trade setup. The only thing those traders managed to achieve was asevere case of eyestrain! You see, it's just not possible to KNOW when that setupis going to come, so you end up being a desk jockey anda slave to the screen. They would sit there for hours onend waiting for something to happen. often going dayswith no results. On top of that, trying to figure out how to combine MACDwith Parabolic SAR, Fibonacci, etc. probably started tolook like a lot more trouble than it was worth. Mostly youended up even more confused than when you started. Even if they didn't end up blowing their entire account inthe first week, most of those traders simply gave upthrough frustration from the sheer complexity of it all. Trading wasn't simple at all - it was something reservedfor real masters of the game! But change came quickly. Account Investor Passwords are the ONLY proof - Login to Leo Trader ProHERE! Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 4

  5. Ci LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY A Fish Crawls On To Land For The First Time! It wasn't long until we had "Mechanical" systems. Now, just to be clear on this, "mechanical" is not thesame as a pure automated system likeLeo Trader Pro You can see the differenceHERE. The inventors of these systems sought to remove much ofthe guesswork from trading and boil everything down to afew simple rules. Put a bunch of indicators on your charts and, when acertain number of criteria are met... take your trade. Of course, this strategy had inherent limitations and wasNOT a solution to anyone's problems. It was, however, astopgap measure. You see, soon after this era in trading, some very smartpeople realized that if they could come up with a systemthat was based entirely on rules. .why couldn't they simply AUTOMATE those rules andexecute the trades WITHOUT human intervention? A fine idea, to be sure! This is where we witnessed the birth of the ExpertAdvisor, or what is commonly known as the "EA". It was a step in the right direction. but one that wasultimately flawed from the beginning. Log in to Leo Trader Pro's account NOW to see over 500% Net Gain in just 5 months! CLICK HERE! Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 5

  6. You see mechanical trading itself offered no REAL benefitbecause it lacked the human element. A set of rules could not replace instinct and intuition ...andthey certainly couldn't boil down the millions of potentialcircumstances that might arise into a FEW very SIMPLErules. Let's explain why. .but first, what's the difference between conventional rulebased robots and a Neural Net system? Find outHERE. Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 6

  7. What Is Retail Forex Trading REALLY? Let's make this explanation as simple as we can... Forex trading is the "speculation" in the price fluctuationsof currency pairs. SPECULATING means that you never actually takedelivery of anything - you're sort of just piggy backing onthe exchange of currency that's already taking place. Every single day aboutTHREE TRILLION DOLLARSofcurrency is traded globally! It's how the world's economyis made possible. Let's say for example that a car manufacturer in Japanwants to open a factory in the USA, they can't show upand pay for it in Japanese Yen. So. They will have to convert their Yen into US Dollars. Every time someone goes on holiday to a foreign country,the locals are not going to take a strange currency thatthey can't use themselves. So. You have to change your money into the currency of thecountry that you're visiting. There are numerous different examples, but you get thepoint. So, how does all this help YOU to make money out oftrading the Forex Market? Conventional Robot=0 Neural Nets=110% per month! CLICK HERECopyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 7

  8. Well, every single day, the going rate for every currencyfluctuates based on the demand (or lack of) for thatparticular currency. The factors contributing to this phenomenon are too manyto mention - suffice to say that it has everything to doeconomics, politics and business on a global scale. BUT... That doesn't matter to us for the purposes of this report.What matters is that those fluctuations are there and willCONTINUE to be there until the end of time! The only principle we need to be concerned with is thatwe want toBUY LOWandSELL HIGH. So, in a nutshell, the Forex trader will be watching hischarts to spot the point where he thinks the trend isgoing to turn. Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 8

  9. Ci LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY And... Using a system of margins (your margin is what you'rerisking, so it doesn't take long to get taken to the cleanersif you don't control your trade) ... .And leveraging (if your leverage is 10:1 you can control$1,000 with only $100) And. Depending on which WAY the trend seems to be turning,a speculator will buy or sell accordingly. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, IT'S NOT! Using conventional rule-based trading systems can'tpossibly help you to anticipate turns in the trends either. So how doesLeo Trader Prodo things differently? Well, we'll talk more about that later but, for now, if youthink about how many different currency pairs there areout there. .wouldn't it make sense to somehow monitor thecongruent pairs as well? The TRUE Forex sleuth would bepaying attention to what's going on AROUND the pair he'strading. .not staring single mindedly at that one pair alonewaiting for a clue to pop on to his chart. This is why people say that ALL indicators are lagging.because they ARE! Hear the CEO of FinFX validate Leo Trader Pro's Account #1331 -CLICK HERE! Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 9

  10. Ci LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY The news that you get is AFTER the fact. You don't needprecognitive powers in order to trade the markets. You need something powerful enough to SEE the cluesthat the market as a WHOLE is leaving behind. THIS, is whatLEO TRADER PROdoes! To learn more about how Neural Nets work,CLICK HERE Conventional rule-based robots are only ever as smart as their creators can make them.Knowing the past is not as good as ANTICIPA TING future! See our Neural Net in action! CLICK HERE! Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 10

  11. m LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY The Market is ALIVE! Our dear friend the Forex trader has absolutely no way ofknowing which way the trend is going to go with anydegree of certainty - when people first started tradingForex, they weren't doing much more than guessing. If you flip a coin, you've ALWAYS got a 50/50 chance ofbeing right... EVEN if you've flipped that coin 9 times andit came up "heads", that doesn't mean for one second thatyou're guaranteed to have it land on tails for flip #10. What happened yesterday is NOT going to happentomorrow. What happened LAST YEAR is not going to happen THISYEAR! Life is not static - neither are the markets repetitious. TheForex market is like a living, breathing entity for whichrules DO NOT apply. That's why every single system of Forex trading that youmay have seen until now was, at best, probably just anEDUCATED guess in "rule form". .but a guess nonetheless. You might just as well have been gambling. be it manual,mechanical or automated trading - there was simply nocertainty. That was, of course, until now! Now, there'sLeo Trader Pro! Now, the Automated Income Lifestyle is ALREADY areality for hundreds of traders! Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 11

  12. LEO TRADER PRO! Leo Trader Pro is the world's first "Neural Net"-basedForex trading robot for the retail Forex market! It is a THINKING, LEARNING, automated trading bot! In just five months, it has made500%net return oninvestment. It will DOUBLE an account every single month and it hasdone this with less than a 1% drawdown on that account! How can it do this? It's all in the power of theNeuralNet. A computer running on 16 CORES with a staggering128 GIGABYTES of memory... ...all designed to simulate the thought patterns of thehuman brain. Get Leo Trader Pro Today and start with only $500 -CLICK HERE! Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 12

  13. Ci LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY By simulating the Neurons and Synaptic pathways of anorganic brain, Leo Trader Pro can use the speed andpower of silicon processors to analyze every singlecurrency pair AT THE SAME TIME... ...weighing hundreds of thousands of possible actionsbefore making each trade! It is a meticulous and precise trading machine that hasonly one purpose on its mind.WINNING TRADES! CLICK HEREto watch our Account Investor PasswordTutorial. then log in to our account and see the proof! Over 110% profit PER MONTH is what you're going tosee! Yes, friends, the automated income lifestyle is truly areality. You needn't worry about money ever again! Hundreds of novice traders who'd never even placed atrade in their lives before are already enjoying thebenefits ofLeo Trader Pro. Shouldn't you be too? With the power of Leo Trader Proat your fingertips, youcould ERASE YOUR DEBT, gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM and finally focus on the things that really matter! We all have bigger things to worry about than money. After all, there's more to life than being in the rat race. Why should the nicer things in life be confined only to thepeople that were born with trust funds or family money? Why can't ordinary people enjoy those things, too? Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 13

  14. Ci LEO TRADER AUTOMATED FX TRADING SUPREMACY You could focus on spending time with your family,travelling the world, pursuing the arts or climbing thetallest mountains. You could have all the things that you've always could buy a new home or that new car. the list isalmost endless. The point is, in this day and age, and with the technologywe have at our grasp. if there's one thing that shouldn'tbe holding us back. .it's the pursuit of money. If you start Leo Trader Prowith just $500, in a month itcould be $1,000. The next month $2,000, then $4,000,$8,000, $16,000, $32,000. and on, and on, you go. If you speak to any trader on the planet, they'll all tell youthat they've been searching for the "Holy Grail" of Forextrading. Here it is. It's Leo Trader Pro. Are you going run with it? If you're thinking that Leo Trader Pro is just like all theother FX products out there, visit our site and judge. Leo Trader Pro Then log in to our account using theInvestor Passwordand seeAccount Doubling Mastery at work! The FUTURE of Forex trading is here! Don't let it pass you by! CLICK HEREfor Leo Trader Pro's 3 minute Account Investor Password Tutorial!Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 14

  15. Leo Trader Proresponsible for THREE industry firsts! 1. Leo Trader Pro Debuts at the International Traders Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first Neural Net system for theRetail FX market is unveiled to the world! 2. Account Investor Password Proof! 100% "no holds barred"access to account #1331 is granted to the public, providing Irrefutable Proof of Account Doubling Supremacy! 3. The CEO of FinFX, JaniHjerppe, validates account #1331via written and audio testimony. Undeniable proof thatLeo Trader Pro is at the top of the food chain! See these 3 industry firstsHERE! All information in this document is for educational purposes only and is not intended toprovide financial advice. Any statements regarding profits or income, expressed or implied,do not represent a guarantee. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system isguaranteed. You accept full responsibility for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree tohold the Leo Trader Pro™ team, associates and any authorized distributors of this informationharmless in any and all ways. The reading of this document constitutes acceptance of our useragreement. Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to withinthis document, the website and/or video content are the property of theirrespective owners. These trademark holders are in no way affiliated with Leo Trader Pro™,our products or our website and they do not sponsor or endorse Leo Trader Pro ™ or any of ourtrading solutions. Copyright © 2010, Leo Trader Pro™ Reproduction or translation of any part of this work by any means,electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, beyond thatpermitted by law, without the permission of thepublisher, is unlawful. Copyright © 2010,Leo Trader Pro™ - All Rights Reserved 15