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What Can I Recycle - Recycling Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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What Can I Recycle - Recycling Guide

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What Can I Recycle - Recycling Guide

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What Can I Recycle - Recycling Guide

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  1. TJC Transport What Can I Recycle? A Comprehensive Recycling Guide

  2. What is recycling? Recycling in simple terms is a process through which you can break down and re-use resources that would have been thrown away as waste or trash. Benefits of recycling: Recycling helps conserve the environment Helps protect flora and fauna Protects mankind from pollution Leads to job creation

  3. What More to Know About Recycling 1. Recycling plastics Know what be recycled Not all plastic items can be recycled. You have to consult widely or research on what plastics can be recycled.  One of the easy to recycle plastic is polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PETE). It is found in soft drink bottles, plastic peanut butter jars, and water bottles, as well as in plastic item wraps. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a recyclable plastic found in plastic milk cartons, shampoo bottles, liquid detergent bottles and juice bottles.  Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a recyclable plastic found in trash cans, garbage can liners as well as in frozen food bags.

  4. Know what plastic cannot be recycled Styrofoam (polystyrene found in toys, plastic cutlery and electronic products), transparent plastic wrap and bubble wraps. As you recycle it, know that some plastics don’t make recycling economically practicable.  Some plastics also don’t mix with others, and some separate the same way water separates from oil. Some of non-recyclable plastics also contaminate the recycling pipeline leading to an extra cost of cleaning the system.

  5. 2. Recycling paper Know what be recycled Wax paper is a distinctive kind of mixed paper that is crusted with wax and cannot be recycled.  Other mixed paper products that cannot be recycled include: stickers, juice and milk cartons and plastic-coated papers.  3. Wood recycling As you ascertain more on what can be recycled UK, keep wood into consideration. Through wood recycling, it becomes easy to reduce wood wastage and save resources.  While recycling wood, you have to separate reusable wood materials from the non-reusable collection.

  6. Conclusion If you undertake a meticulous research and gather robust information on things you can recycle, you will find the entire process economically sustainable. You should also not have problems finding a cream recycling bin to store your trash. At TJC Transport, we not only offer transportation services, but you can get recycle bins in all designs and colours. 

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