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TDI Infrastructure

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TDI has been giving wings to the Indian dream of homeownership to families across the country. We are working in different field Integrated Township, Residential, Commercial. Click here get more information about your any query.

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TDI Infrastructure

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    2. MR.RAVINDER TANEJA, CHAIRMAN,TDI The real estate market has been central to the urbanization of India and is becoming increasingly critical in making our burgeoning metropolises sustainable. Efficient land use patterns, coherent infrastructure/transportation systems and green buildings will have to be rationalized so that we're able to continue the creation of community and personal wealth in the 21st century. TDIisoneofIndia'sluxuryRealEstatesuperbrandsandisresponsibleforheraldinginaneweraofcommercialandresidential RealEstatedevelopmentinDelhi-NCRandtheothercitiesinNorthIndia. SuperiorQuality,DetailandPerfectionarethestandardsthatTDIdemandsthroughoutitsprojects-fromresidentialtoretail,from Commercial Spaces to futuristic IT parks. The experience of owning or working in a TDI property and living the TDI lifestyle is unparalleled. Butintheend,wemeasureoursuccessnotjustbythesuccessofthebuildingswedesign,butalsobymeasurableprogresswe areabletomakebyreducingcarbonfootprintsinthebuiltspace,increasingequityandaccessforresidentsandensuringsound economicreturnswhichhavebecomesoessentialinattractingcapitalandtherighttalenttothedynamiccities. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    3. MR. AKSHAY TANEJA, CHAIRMAN,TDI Therealestateindustrybringswithitimmenseresponsibilityandchallengeasitdealswithhuman'soneoftheprimalneeds.Itis notjustaboutbuildinginfrastructurebutalsoaboutcreatingasustainableenvironmenttoaddresstheeverchangingconsumer needsandrapidurbanization.AtTDIwebelieveineachofthesefactorsandhencewestrivetocreateacommunitywherethere areefficientlandusepatterns,coherentinfrastructure,smarttransportationsystemsandcommitmenttowardstheenvironment. Ourconvictionhaspavedthe way forgreatersuccessandtodayTDIstandsasoneof India's luxuryRealEstatesuperbrands. WeareresponsibleforheraldinginaneweraofcommercialandresidentialRealEstatedevelopmentnotonlyinDelhi-NCRbutin numerous other cities in North India. Our key to success lies in our technological edge and our determination to deliver the absolutebesttoourclients. Weoweagreatamountofoursuccesstoourteamswhohavetakenthegrouptoanotherlevelbyprovidingunmatchedsolutions indevelopingrealestateopulence,propertymanagementandbrandbuilding. TDI INFRATECHLTD.


    5. VISION With a clear vision in mind, TDI aspires to create a niche in the Real Estate space, looking beyond the conventional. The road ahead is clear and straight for us, as we always strive to add immense value to every life we touch. We see ourselves as champions who redefine the concept of lifestyle at every step. In line with the Government policies of providing habitationto all socio-economic groups, we have always endeavored to provide a decent standard of social and built up infrastructure, in strategically located township and commercial centers. Our future plans include the development of good schools, hospitals, hotelsandrecreationalclubsforallwhomattertousandthesocietyatlarge. MISSION OurmissionistoraisethebenchmarkofexcellencebycreatingsuperiorCommercial&Residentiallandmarkswhichareatpar withprestigiousaddressesacrosstheglobe.Wealsointendtoachieveinternationalqualitystandardsthroughourcutting-edge value engineering and intelligent resource management systems. The real estate boom in India has made our country an epicenterforinvestmentsandgrowth. In thisscenario,TDIhasleftanindeliblemarkintherealestatelandscapeofthecountry andisconstantlysettingupnewqualitybenchmarks.Moreover,weaimtointroducenewconceptualinnovationscoupledwith cuttingedgeconstructiontechnologiesbothinResidentialandCommercialspaces. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    6. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPS 4 5 1 2 3 KUNDLI PANIPAT MOHALI AGRA MORADABAD Ourprimarygoalistocreatelivingconditionswhichfullycomplementtheaspirationsanddesires.AllTDITownshipshavebeen planned in such a way so that the resident not only gets infrastructural benefits, but also enjoy live amidst a healthy and harmonious socialatmosphere. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    7. INTEGRATED TOWNSHIPS-KUNDLI • Overview • 1250AcreTownship • TDI City at Kundli, Haryana, has been conceptualized as a dream township that offers a luxurious and international living experienceatanaffordableprice. • Plotsareofvarioussizes-250sq.yd,350sq.yd,500sq.ydand700sq.yd,ofwhichabout50%aregreeneryfacing.Thecityhas exquisitelydesignedexpandablevillaswithclassicalarchitectureforpeoplewhowanttooptforreadymadeluxuryhomesatan affordableprice. • Inresponsetotheneedsandsensitivityofourpatrons,wehavetakendeliberateeffortstocreatedreamhomeswithpollution- freelush-greenenvironmentandmostimportantly,aspectacularambienceforsolaceandrelaxation. • SalientfeaturesofTDIKundliinclude: • CloseproximitytoDelhi • LocatedonmainNH-1 • Openspaces&extensivelandscaping • Internationalstandardtownshipmaintenance • Wideandwell-litroads • Multi-levelsecurity • AbouttheCity • TDICityKundliisalandmarkprojectinitiatedbyTDIGroup.Theaweinspiringprojecthasbecomeabenchmarkofexcellenceas itisaperfectcombinationofaestheticsandengineering.TDIKundliCityisaself-sufficienttownshipwhichtrulycomplementsthe aspirations of luxury living. Situated on the main NH-1, TDI City Kundli has all the strategic advantages of a modern living address. The township is not only connected with promising areas of Haryana like Rohtak and Panipat, but is also connected withkeyareasofDelhisuchasRohini,Pitampura,ShalimarBagh,AshokVihar,ModelTownandPaschimVihar. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    8. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPS KUNDLI GrowthOpportunities KMPExpressway:The135.6KMKundli-Manesar-PalwalExpresswayislikeanicingonthecakeforTDICityKundli.Thestrategiccorridorwillnotonlyserve asamajorthoroughfareforinterandintra-statetrafficbutwillalsomakeyoureachtheinternationalairportatNewDelhiwithin30minutesfromKundli. ExtendedMetroConnectivity:Theproposedextension ofDelhiMetrohasbecomeadecidingfactorin enhancingthestrategicvalue ofTDICityKundli, notjustintermsofconnectivitybutalsointermsofdomesticandinternationalinvestmentpotential TDIInternationalSchool:TDICityKundlioffers the besteducationoptionto the residentsandpeopleresidingin the vicinitythrough the Group'sstateof theartTDIInternationalSchool.Theschool offers educationinanutmostmodernandscientificmannerwiththehelpofhighly trained teachersand staff. Besides,thereareampleinfrastructuralfacilitieswhichtheschooloffersandtheyaresimplyunparalleled. TDIMall:TDICityKundliisstuddedwithhighvalueandwondrouscommercialproperties.Thesplendorandregalityofthesepropertiesisamajorfactorin selectingthetownshipasnotjustaresidentialaddressbutanewdestinationforavibrantrecreation,leisure,businessandshopping. NulifeHospital:Agoodhealthisthekeytoagreatlife.Tocomplementthisidea,weatTDICityKundlihavecomeupwiththeideaofsuperiorinfrastructure, knownasNulifeHospital.Thesuperspecialtyhospitalismanagedbyjointmedicalteamsheadedbyexperienceddoctors.Thehospitalfacilityisthefirstin theareatoobtainLEEDcertificationduetoitscommitmenttoenvironment.Itisin-factthefirstplatinumgreenhospitalbuildinginIndia. Habitation:HabitationisonasteadyriseatKundli.ItisbecomingthenextbigthinginnorthernIndiaafterDelhi.TodayKundliisasoughtafterlocationnot justforqualitylivingbutforotherlivingfacilitiessuchashealthcarefacilities,securityandsafety,accesstohighqualityeducation,recreationand TDI CITY,KUNDLI TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    9. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPS MORADABAD • Overview • 75AcreTownship • TDI Moradabad is a township with a difference. It retains the traditional ethos of the city while offering the best of modern amenities at the same time. The township is designedto be self-sufficient catering to complete requirements of the residents includingshopping,banking,educationandhealthcare. • Spreadinanareaof72acres,approx,thetownshipincludeswidemetalroadsandoffersadequateparkingspace.Abundant greenareasandstate-of-the-arthealthcarefacilitieshavebeenplannedintothetownshiptoofferaholisticlivingexperienceto theresidents. • SalientfeaturesofTDIMoradabadinclude: • Widemetalroadsconnectingthehouses • Plotsavailableinvarioussizes(Rangingfrom144to400sq.m) • 24hourswater/powersupply • Commercialoffices&restaurantplanned • Nursery/Primaryschoolinthecampus • Dedicatedbanking • Templeplannedwithinthetownship • AbouttheCity • TDI Moradabad is a township with a difference. It retains the traditional ethos of the city while offering the best of modern amenities at the same time. The township is designed to be self-sufficient catering to complete requirements of the residents includingshopping,banking,educationandhealthcare. • Spreadinanareaof72acres,approx.,thetownshipincludeswidemetalroadsandoffersadequateparkingspace.Abundant greenareasandstate-of-the-arthealthcarefacilitieshavebeenplannedintothetownshiptoofferaholisticlivingexperienceto theresidents. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    10. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPS MORADABAD • GrowthOpportunities • Impetusonurbanhousing:MoradabadDevelopmentAuthority(MDA)hasrecentlycreatedNewMoradabadadding16new sectorson900acresofland. • EducationHub:IntheclosevicinityoftheTDICity,Moradabad,manyupcominguniversitieslikeAntulEngineeringCollege, Ram Ganga Vihar Degree College, V.K.S. Inter College, etc. have acquired the land to build their campus and one of the renownedRSDAcademyisalreadybeingoperationalinthePhaseIIofRamGangaViharwhichislocatedjustoppositetoour upcomingTDIMall,Moradabad.InthecomingtimetheareaaroundTDICitywillcertainlyturnintoanEducationHub. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    11. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPSAGRA Overview Located at main Fatehabad Road and adjoining the proposed Noida Agra expressway, TDI City - Agra is the first eco-friendly township. The township is next to the eight-lane Taj expressway and just 3.5 km from Taj. With well connected roads and rail network to entire country, a pollution free environment, and an international airport on the anvil, the township offers a highly modernisticlifestyletothecityofAgra. AbouttheCity Agra, a city made internationally famous by the eternal beauty of the Taj Mahal, is also home to various other historical monuments belonging to the Mughal era. The city offers a vibrant mix of diverse arts & cultures and is well-known for handicraft products such as marble inlay work, leather work, brassware andjewellery. Agra is now going through a major transformation and is fast moving out of its old-town image. The city today boasts of marvellous shopping malls, resorts, townships and commercialcenters. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    12. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPSAGRA • GrowthOpportunities • AgraDevelopmentAuthority(ADA)haschartedoutanambitiousexpansionplan • Manynew3,4and5starhotelscomingup • Majorfocusoninfrastructuredevelopment • 4LaneroadonFatehabadRoadisdevelopedbytheGovt.whichisclosetothetownship. • TajMahalisjust4kmsawayfromtheTownship • TownshiptohaveabetterconnectivityoncetheExpresswayHighwayisreadyby2010. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    13. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPSPANIPAT • Overview • 350acretownship • Clean,Greenandwell-planned,PanipatisallsettotakeitsplaceamongstthebustlingmetropolisesofNoida,GreaterNoida andDelhi. • In the past decade – this historic city has upped its connectivity and greatly built its infrastructure. This once laidback city, beliesbeliefonhowprogressiveandfastmovingtheprouddenizensofPanipathavebecome. • It’s here; surrounded by several acres of lush greenery, choice is a given at TDI City. TDI City Panipat is a self-sufficient townshipinsectors38&39whichisspreadoveranunbelievable350acres. • SalientfeaturesofTDIPanipat: • BanksandATMs • Amplesurfacecarpark • Well-equippedhealthclubwithswimmingpool • State-of-thearthospitalandhealthcarefacilities • Worldclassnursery,primaryandhighschools • Internationalstyleshoppingmallsandrecreationcentres • 24hourssecurity • AbouttheCity • Panipat, an upcoming urbanized city is buzzing with the world classinfrastructure facilities. Government has been taking keen interest in the development of the overall infrastructure in Panipat with initiatives of developing a 30,000 crore IOCL Petrochemicalhubinthecity,industrialparks,settingupofqualityeducationalinstitutes,etc.Sectors35,36,37,38and39will emergeasa'TheNewPanipat'astheproposedRailwayoverheadbridgetobeconstructedby District TownPlanner(DTP)will connecttheSectorswithNH-1andtheresidentialprojectsbeingundertakenbyreputeddeveloperslikeTDI,Ansals,Parsvanath andEldeco.. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    14. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPS PANIPAT • GrowthOpportunities • Nationalhighway-IisapprovedbyHUDA • PetrochemicalHub:ThreemajorpublicsectorprojectsincludingtheIndianOilCorporationoilrefinery,theNationalFertilizers Limitedplantandthethermalpowerstation • RailwayOverbridgeconnectingthecitywithNH-1:Soontocommence. • Well-developedInfrastructure:Rail,roadandinlandcontainerdepotswellsuitedtoindustryandexport TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    15. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPS MOHALI Overview TDI CITY-I, Sec-117,118 & 119, Mohali. A fine fusion of world class infrastructure and rich decors, TDI City-I, Sec-117,118 & 119, Mohali, is spread over a sprawling expanse of 300 acres(approx). A complete township packed with all the facilities and amenities such as schools, healthcare centre, religious centre, TDI club having world class amenities and recreation centers, the city offers you an amazing iving experience. TDI CITY-II, Sec-110 & 111,Mohali After an overwhelming response from TDI City-I, TDI has launched yet another integrated township – TDI City-II which is strategically located in Sectors-110 & 111, on the main Landran- Banur road. TDI City II offers residential plots of various sizes along with beautifully designed Independent Floors, Commercial SCO's and Built – upShowrooms. Salient features of TDI Mohali: Primary, Secondary and Senior Schools HealthcareCenters Religious Sites Lush GreenParks Club TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    16. INTEGRATEDTOWNSHIPSMOHALI GrowthOpportunities Mohali is the next big thing in North India. Situated adjacent to Chandigarh, the city is full of promises and potential. The economic growth of the city gained further momentum when Denver-based Quark, Inc. has started creating a residential complex comprising 30% of the 'city'. Habitation is increasing steadily and the city is becoming a hot address to buy home. Leveraging this opportunity, TDI Group has created exceptional projects in the city thus making it a lucrative destination for residentialaswellascommercialconsumers.Besides,thecityisbecomingahubofexceptionalretailexperiences,educational facilitiesandmedicalinfrastructures. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    17. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI KINGSBURY APARTMENT -KUNDLI OVERVIEW Spreadover36acresofland,KingsburyApartmentisanew-ageresidentialprojectwithinTDICityKundli.Theprojectismassive intermsoftotalnumberofapartmentsaswellasinfrastructural facilities.Theprojectconsistsofaround2500'readytomovein' apartments.Residentscanoptfor2,3or4bedroomapartmentswhicharespreadoveranareaof1110sq.ft,1625sq.ftand1930 sq.ft respectively. Each apartment has been crafted with minute precision, using high quality materials and fittings, which changedtheentireconceptofluxuryliving. • FEATURES • Part of massive 1250 acre (approx.) TDI CityKundli. • Options of luxurious VIP Suites and Penthouses with excellentview • Located on 30m wide sectorroad. • Private Terrace Garden withapartments • Private Club with Swimming Pool & Gymnasium facilities • Luxurious interiors and overallarchitecture • 24x7 security andsurveillance • Commitment to greenery with 80% area majestically landscaped. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    18. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI MY FLOORS 1 –KUNDLI OVERVIEW My Floors 1 is a dream for every happy family. Aesthetically build, this residential project of TDI City Kundli has changed the meaning of homeownership. Located amidst scenic beauty, each apartment is an architectural splendor coupled with all modern amenities. Compared to our other projects, every My Floors 1 apartment is built as a low rise structure, in a view to deliveranexperienceofprivilegedprivacyandexclusiveness. • FEATURES of My Floor -1 • Offering 3 BHK & 3 BHK studyoptions. • Each apartment has efficient areautilization • Privileged Privacy forresidents • Low Rise structure with independentoors • Situated amidst beautifullandscaping. • Safe and securedenvironment. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    19. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI MY FLOORS 2 –KUNDLI OVERVIEW The overwhelming success of My Floors 1 has led us to create another beautiful and distinct residential address within TDI City Kundli known as My Floors 2. The project offers affordable independent oors with options which are not only lucrative but unmatched. The strategic location of the project is a major factor in making it a premium address as it is a stone-throw away from leading educational institutionsandhealthcarefacilities.Apartfromthese,theprojectiswellconnectedthroughmajorroadsandhighways. • FEATURES of My Floor -2 • Offering 3 BHK and 3 BHK +Study options. • Located in the heart of TDI City,Kundli. • Low rise structure with independentoors • Options of PrivateGarden/Terrace. • Smart utilization of space in eachapartment • Safe and securedenvironment • Well connected with wide lanes and major thoroughfares TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    20. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI SKY VILLAS –KUNDLI OVERVIEW Weperfectlyleveragedtheideaoflivingaluxuriouslifeinmagnificentvillaswithourproject–TDISkyVillas.Strategicallylocatedon30mtr widesectorroads,TDISkyVillasofferslowriseultra-modernvillas,withatouchofpersonalizationandluxuryineveryapartment.Theproject offersasafeandsecuredenvironmentcoupledwithalltheamenitiesofmodernliving. • FEATURES • Part of TDI City,Kundli. • Located on 30m wide SectorRoad. • Offering 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK luxuriouspenthouses with additionalskyrooms. • Landscaped roof with splash pool, bar, Astroturf andBBQ. • Optional interiordesigning. • Customer friendly paymentplans • All civic amenities viz. schools, hospitals, clubsnearby. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    21. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI EMPEROR FLOORS –KUNDLI OVERVIEW As the name suggests, Emperor Floors is an emperor of residential projects. This project is an important part of TDI City Kundli as it truly epitomizes high-living. Location wise it is the best within the township due its proximity to the township's main gate and access to NH-1. Emperor Floors offers fully furnished high-end luxury independent oors with class-apart interiors. The surrounding environment complementsitsdominantstyleaseverystrategicareaaroundtheprojectisbeautifullyandpreciselylandscaped.EmperorFloorsisnearby toMalls,ClubTivoliandvariouscommercialset-ups,bringingeverykindofconvenienceatthedoorstep. • FEATURES • Fully furnished, limited edition, Independentoors • 3 BHK and 3 BHK +study room • Class apart interiors with richspecifications • Fully air-conditioned • Parkingfacility • 24 X 7Securities • Shops for dailyneeds • Club house with all leisure facilities closeby TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    22. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI TUSCAN SIGNATURE –KUNDLI OVERVIEW TDI Tuscan Signature has made world a smaller place. It brings European living in the heart of TDI City Kundli with iconic Italian style apartments.Spaceisnotaconstrainthereaseveryapartmentiswidelylaidout,surroundedwithrichsceniclandscapes.Ithasbecomea landmarkwhereaspirationsmeetrealityinthetruestsense. • FEATURES • Part of Italian style integrated township - TuscanCity • Limited edition apartments & penthouses for select few with only 2 apartments peroor • Grand entrance lobby withhelp-desk • 3 side open with wide unrestricted view ofhorizon • Imported marble / wooden ooring inbedrooms • Dedicated parkingspace • Atop elite clubhouse • 3 tier security through CCTVsurveillance TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    23. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI CITY, TUSCAN ROYALE –KUNDLI OVERVIEW AtrueavorofTuscanyisreectedineachandeveryelementofTDICityTuscanRoyal.Theplottedtownshipconsistsof200,250and300 sq. yds of plots of gated townships. Tuscan Royal is like a mirror image the beautiful Tuscany with extraordinary countrysidelandscapes, installations, andornamentation. • FEATURES • Part of integrated township with school & healthcare facility • Daily-needs shoppingplazas • Malls in thevicinity • EliteClubhouse • 24 X 7security TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    24. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI CITY, TUSCAN HEIGHTS –KUNDLI OVERVIEW Tuscan Heights has an elitist approach when it comes to living in luxury. The super spacious & luxurious apartments with quintessential Italianinteriorsoffer the mostelegantandstylishlifestyle.Tastefullylandscapedandsurroundedbylushgreens,it'saparadiseofserenity. Thebeautifullydesignedhomes,inspiredbythemastersatTuscanHeightsofferaperfectlifeforyouandyourlovedones. • FEATURES • Located on MainNH-1 • Part of TuscanCity • Offers 2BHK, 3BHK & 3BHK+ Studyoptions. • Luxurious apartments inspired by 'Tuscany' inItaly. • ExquisiteLandscaping. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    25. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI CITY, TUSCAN FLOOR –KUNDLI OVERVIEW TuscanFloorisanembodimentofeleganceandsophistication.Itrepresentsthehomeofyourdreamwhereyoucanrejuvenate fromthehustlebustleoftheoutsideworld.EveryapartmentatTuscanFloorisspaciouscoupledwithstate-of-the-artinteriors,a picturesqueandtranquilsurroundingalongwiththebestpossiblemodernamenitiesandfacilities. • FEATURES • Direct entry from NH1 • Floor Size:- 1164 SQ.FT, 1266 SQ.FT, Duplex option:- 1434 SQ.FT, 1546SQ.FT • Low – Rise (G+4 ) withlift • 3BHK, 3BHK+STUDY, Duplex withterrace • GatedCommunity • Based on Italian theme design TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    26. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL • TDI RESIDENTIAL PLOTS – MOHALI (SEC. 117, 118&119) • OVERVIEW • TDICityoffersyouthechancetodesignyourownspaceandshapeyourowndreamhomeaccordingtoyourrequirements.TDI • residentialplotsareofsizesrangingfrom200to1000sqyardsandarelocatedinTDICity-I,Mohali(Chandigarh-KhararRoad, NH-21inSector-117,118and119).Meticulousplanning,opengreens,invigoratingenvironment,optimumspaceplanningare someoftheelementsthatmakethisareaexclusiveandexemplifyanopulentlifestyle. • A home in TDI City Mohali provides a magnificent expression of fine living. Not only are the plots ideally located but also they providethebestenvironmentforyourfamilytolivein. • FEATURES • Just 20 minutes drive from Sec-17,Chandigarh • Close to upcoming internationalairport • Facility of a clubhouse. • Dedicated play zones available for children to playin • Reputed schools and healthcare centers developed for your convenience • Max multi-speciality hospital located at a distance of 2km from the area TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    27. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL • TDI RESIDENTIAL VILLAS – MOHALI (SEC. 117, 118&119) • OVERVIEW • TDIVillas,Mohaliarebuiltkeepingyourcomfortinmind.Builtasperinternationalstandards,theseluxuryvillas letyouenjoythe • pleasuresofindependentliving.Uniquelydesignedandlavishlyendowed,eachvillaisinitselfastatementofstylishurbanliving. Thesefullyorpartiallybuiltupvillasgiveyouthechancetodesignyourownspaceandshapeyourdreamhome. • Part of the TDI City Mohali, Chandigarh-Kharar Road, NH-21 in Sec 117, 118 & 119, Meticulous planning, open greens, invigoratingenvironment,plush interiors, naturallylitandventilatedrooms,optimumspaceplanningaresomeoftheelements thatmakethesevillasexclusiveandexemplifyanopulentlifestyle. • FEATURES • Just 20 minutes drive from Sec-17,Chandigarh • Close to upcoming internationalairport • Club house, dedicated play zones, reputed schools & healthcare centers are part of thetownship • Finest woodworks andooring TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    28. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI WELLINGTON HEIGHTS I – MOHALI (SEC. 117, 118&119) OVERVIEW Wellington Heights - I in TDI City I (Sector-117,118 & 119, Mohali) is spread over well planned landscaped greenery dottedby beautifulfountainsandparks.Thetowersoffertheoptionofspacious,luxuriouslycrafted2BHK,3BHK&4BHKapartments.The scenicbeautyofthelocationaddstothegrandeurofthesearchitecturalmasterpieces,thusprovingtobenotonlyavisualtreat butalsofunctionallypracticallivingspaces. • FEATURES • Luxuriously crafted 2BHK , 3BHK & 4BHKapartments. • Spread over well plannedlandscaping. • Open/Stiltparking • Aesthetically laid outpark • Segregated children's playareas • Joggingtrack • Earthquake resistant RCCstructure • Connected to 200 ft. wide international airportroad. • 24*7 powerback-up. • Plush well plannedinteriors • Round the clocksecurity TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    29. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI WELLINGTONHEIGHTSI – MOHALI (SEC. 117, 118&119) OVERVIEW Wellington Heights - II in TDI City I (Sector-117,118 & 119, Mohali) is spread over well planned landscaped greenery dottedby beautifulfountainsandparks.Thetowersoffertheoptionofspacious,luxuriouslycrafted2BHK&3BHKapartments.Thescenic beautyofthelocationaddstothegrandeurofthesearchitecturalmasterpieces,thusprovingtobenotonlyavisualtreatbutalso functionallypracticallivingspaces. • FEATURES • Luxuriously crafted 2BHK & 3BHK apartments. • Spread over well plannedlandscaping. • Open/Stilt parking • Aesthetically laid outpark • Segregated children's playareas • Joggingtrack • Earthquake resistant RCCstructure • Connected to 200 ft. wide international airport road. • 24*7 powerback-up. • Plush well plannedinteriors • Round the clocksecurity TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    30. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI MY FLOORS – MOHALI (SEC. 110 &111) OVERVIEW MyFloorsisapartofTDICity-II,Mohaliandislocatedonthemainsectorroad&facinggreenlusciousparks.These3bedrooms independentoors with richconstructionspecifications,excellentcrossventilation & naturallightingofferstheprivilegeofliving alifeofgrandeur! • FEATURES • Excellentlocation • Offering 3 BHK apartments • Spacious and luxuriousinteriors • Naturallighting • Beautifully landscapedsurroundings • Academic and healthcare institutions in the neighborhood. • Shopping centers and entertainment avenues in the vicinity • Privilegedprivacy • Round the clocksecurity TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    31. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL • TDI TUSCAN RESIDENCY – MOHALI (SEC. 110 &111) • OVERVIEW • At Tuscan Residency, our vision is to offer lifestyles that fulfill the highest quality of living. With every facet of development • focused on delivering paramount standards, residents at Tuscan Residency will enjoy peace of mind and comfort within an exquisitelydesignednaturalenvironment.IdeallylocatedattheentranceofTDICity-IIinSector-110andSector-111,Mohali,the Tuscan Residency provides ergonomically designed individual oors as G+2 on plot size of 200 Sq. Yds. (Approx.) within an integrated self contained community. These exclusive oors are nestled within open green spaces that offer a natural green environment while offering all the modern amenities of a contemporary lifestyle. Residents have convenient access to healthcare,education,retail,socialandrecreationfacilitieswithinwalkingdistancesfromtheirhomes. • FEATURES • Free hold plots of 250, 350, 500 and 1000 sq. yards • CommercialPlots • Villas & RowHouses • Club House cum CommunityCentre • School • Hospital • Mall cumMultiplex • Hotel TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    32. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL • TDI TUSCAN RESIDENCY EXCLUSIVE – MOHALI (SEC. 110 &111) • OVERVIEW • At Tuscan Residency Exclusive, our vision is to offer lifestyles that fulfill the highest quality of living. With every facetof • development focused on delivering paramount standards, residents at Tuscan Residency Exclusive will enjoy peace of mind andcomfortwithinanexquisitelydesignednaturalenvironment.IdeallylocatedattheentranceofTDICity-II,Sector110&111, Mohali,theTuscanResidencyExclusiveprovidesergonomicallydesignedindividualoorsasG+2onplotsizeof250Sq.Yds. (Approx)withinanintegratedselfcontainedcommunity.Theseexclusiveoorsarenestledwithinopengreenspacesthatoffera natural green environment while offering all the modern amenities of a contemporary lifestyle. Residents have convenient accesstohealthcare,education,retail,socialandrecreationfacilitieswithinwalkingdistancesfromtheirhomes. • FEATURES • Secured CommunityLiving • Beautifully LandscapedSurroundings • NaturalLighting • Segregated Children's Play-outAreas • Ample ParkingSpaces • GatedCommunity • MaintenanceService • AmbulanceFacility • Taxi onCall • ClubFacility TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    33. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI AFFORDABLE HOMES – MOHALI (SEC. 110 &111) OVERVIEW Agood,comfortableandrightlypricedhouseinaposhcolonyiseverymiddleincomegroup'sfamilydream.But with Shooting realestatepriceandbudgetconstraintsmostofhousingoptionsaregettingoutofcommonman’sreach.Peoplesavealifetime and yet not get a house that’s worth the hardwork that have put into earning the money. However, cost-effective alternative of homes is now available where no other aspect is compromised. TDI presents Affordable Homes that are a truly value propositionforthemiddleincomebracketfamily. • FEATURES • Secured CommunityLiving • ExcellentLocation • Offering 3 BHKoors • Spacious and luxuriousinteriors • NaturalLighting • Beautifully Landscapedsurroundings • Academic and Healthcare Institutions in theneighborhood • Shopping center and entertainment avenues in thevicinity • Privilegedprivacy • round the clocksecurity TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    34. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL • TDI OURANIA APARTMENTS –GURGAON • OVERVIEW • Ourania, a joint venture between TDI and Neelkanth Town Planners, is a high-end luxurious condominium comprising of • three towers featuring air conditioned four bedroom apartments. Ourania features exquisite facilities including swimming pool and kids' splash pool, state-of-the-art club and lounge with library, and much more that will surely pamper one's senses. Each apartment has three sides open, allowing for maximum natural light and ventilation with a view of luscious green areas. Other facilities include a magnificent lifestyle club, state-of-the-art health club, basket ball & tennis court. The security aspect has also been given utmost importance with multi-tier security system for the entire condominium supported with CCTV cameras and other advanced digitalequipment. • FEATURES • Modular kitchen in allapartments • 83% open area with landscapedgarden • Air-conditionedapartments • 100% power backup per apartment (up to 16 KVA load) • 24 hours treated watersupply • Provision for broadbandconnectivity • Provisional piped gas supply line inkitchen • 24 hours security at main entrance, every entrance lobby and basement • Every apartment connected to security desk viaintercom • Multi-tier security system for the entire condominium supported with CCTV cameras and other advanced digital equipment. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    35. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI VILLAS –MORADABAD OVERVIEW TDI Moradabad is a township with a difference. It retains the traditional ethos of the city while offering the best of modern amenities at the same time. The township is designed to be self-sufficient catering to complete requirements of the residents including shopping, banking, education and healthcare. Spread in an area of 72 acres, approx, the township includes wide metal roads and offers adequate parking space. Abundant green areas and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities have been plannedintothetownshiptoofferaholisticlivingexperiencetotheresidents.. • FEATURES • Wide metal roads connecting thehouses • Plots available in various sizes (Ranging from 144 to 400sq.m) • 24 hours water/powersupply • Commercial offices & restaurantplanned • Nursery/Primary school in thecampus • Dedicatedbanking • Temple planned within thetownship TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    36. PROJECTS RESIDENTIAL TDI VILLAS –MORADABAD OVERVIEW MoradabadisaprominentcommercialtownofNorthIndia.Situatedatadistanceof167kmfromDelhi,thecityisfamous for its beautiful brass handicrafts. In fact, Moradabad has an international distinction of being among the largest centres for copper- wareexportintheworld.Inrecentyears,thecityhasseenmassivedevelopmentinallspheres.Traditionalbusinesseshavenow convertedintoindustrialexporthouses.Therehasalsobeenamassivespurtofseveralposhhigh-endsocietiesandtownships acrossthe city. • FEATURES • Impetus on urban housing: Moradabad Development Authority (MDA) has recently created New Moradabad adding 16 new sectors on 900 acres ofland. • Education Hub: In the close vicinity of the TDI City, Moradabad , many upcoming universities like Antul Engineering College, Ram Ganga Vihar Degree College, V.K.S. Inter College, etc. have acquired the land to build their campus and one of the renowned RSD Academy is already being operational in the Phase II of Ram Ganga Vihar which is located just opposite to our upcoming TDI Mall, Moradabad. In the coming time the area around TDI City will certainly turn into an EducationHub. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    37. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI CENTER –JASOLA OVERVIEW Here comes a lifetime opportunity to fulfil your requirements for the ultimate office and retail space with a fascinating location rightacrossthemainhighway.TDICentre,Jasolahasbeendesignedasaground-plus-fivestructurewiththreelevelbasements for parking and services. With gross leasable area of 1,40,000 sq.ft., approx, the complex offers shopping facilities onground and first oor and contiguous office space on upper oors with an independent entry.ial export houses. There has also beena massivespurtofseveralposhhigh-endsocietiesandtownshipsacrossthecity. FEATURES • Designed with a medley of Alucobond, heat reective glass facade and plain glass to give maximum visibility and accessibility to retailoutlets. • Stunning use of vibrant colours and glass on the plaza facade together with a spaciousatrium. • Centrally air-conditioned with 100% powerback-up • Abundant leisure areas for comfort andrelaxation TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    38. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI SOUTHERN PARK –SAKET OVERVIEW Here comes a lifetime opportunity to fulfil your requirements for the ultimate office and retail space with a fascinating location rightacrossthemainhighway.TDICentre,Jasolahasbeendesignedasaground-plus-fivestructurewiththreelevelbasements forparkingandservices.Withgrossleasablearea of 1,40,000sq.ft.,approx, the complexoffersshoppingfacilitiesonground andfirstoorandcontiguousofficespaceonupperoorswithanindependententry. • FEATURES • Designed with a medley of alucobond, heat reective glass facade and plain glass to give maximum visibility and accessibility to retailoutlets. • Stunning use of vibrant colours and glasson • the plaza facade together with a spaciousatrium. • Centrally air-conditioned with 100% powerback-up • Abundant leisure areas for comfort andrelaxation TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    39. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI PALM COURT –GURGAON OVERVIEW The state-of-the-art complex is located at a distance of mere 300 meters from NH-8. Spread over 1,95,000 sqft withlarge opensetbacksallaround,thecomplexincludesanopenlandscapedcourtyardtoprovideentrytothemainblock. To achieve a better floor height, construction has been done using flat slabs. Double- and triple-height lifts, curtain wall glazingwithaluminiumframesontheexternalfacade,andlobbiesfittedwithItalianmarbleprovideaneatcorporatelookto thebuilding. • FEATURES • 1,95,000 sq.ft. of floor space spread over8 plates. • Two tiers of dedicated basement parking (besides adequate surfaceparking). • Energy efficient central air-conditioning. • 100% powerback-up. • Elegant courtyard with world-classambience. • Ultra-modern fire detection and fightingsystem. • Professional facilitiesmanagement. • Exquisitelandscaping. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    40. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI KINGSTREET –KUNDLI OVERVIEW TDI Kingsteet is a whole new world of brands and business. Kingstreet offers a unique platform where residents can experienceaninternationalshoppingexperience.Thestate-oftheartfacilityofKingstreethouseswellknownretailbrands and also serves as an office complex. Located strategically on the TDI Club road and sector road intersection in A Block, Kingstreethasabuilt-upareaof1,61,000(approx.)anditissteadilybecomingtheepicenterofbusinessandcommercial activities. • FEATURES • Based in the 1250 acers Self-Sufficient Integrated Township TDI City, Kundli. • Adjacent to 5,50,000 sq.ft Rodeo DriveMall. • POP Punning on Walls &Ceilings. • Beautiful GlassFacade. • Ample Parking Space. • 24x7Security. • Amidst High-End ResidentialColonies. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    41. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI EMPEROR SQUARE –KUNDLI OVERVIEW Emperor Square can rightly be called the future powerhouse of business and retail experience in northern India. Situated conveniently on NH-1, Emperor Square is a lucrative destination for not only shopaholics but also for high value businesses. Theinfrastructureofthisretailcumofficecomplexismassivewithampleopenspacesandparkingfacilities for employeesand visitors. • FEATURES • Massive infrastructuralfacilities • Spacious offices andshowrooms • Proximity toNH-1 • 24x7 security andmaintenance • Large parking spaces for everyone TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    42. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI COMMERCIAL PLOTS –MOHALI OVERVIEW Ideallylocateda few metersfromthenationalhighway(NH21),TheTDICommercialPlotsdelivertofulfillthegrowingneedsof bothretailersandcustomersinthearea,whileprovidingthefacilitiesthatwouldensurethesuccessofanyretailbusinessthatis establishedwithintheseselfcontainedunits.Thesizeoftheplotsavailableis120sqyards.Possessionisalreadybeingoffered. • FEATURES • Based in the 1250 acersSelf-Sufficient • An integral Part of TDI City-I, Sector 117, 118 and 119,Mohali • Close proximity to vast residential population and upcoming ITarea • Strategically located on the Chandigarh-Kharar road(NH-21) • Just 1 km from air-conditioned busterminus • Centrally located in and around 1000 acres of residential developmentarea • Located on 200ft wide upcoming International Airport Road TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    43. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL • TDI BUSINESS CENTRE –MOHALI • OVERVIEW • TDIBusinessCentreisdestinedtobethefirstcommercialhubofMohaliofferingvariousspecialadvantages.TDIBusiness • Centreoffersaperfectambienceforatrulyworld-classbusinessexperience.DesignedasperglobalstandardstheTBCisfully equipped with state of the art facilities. Part of the sprawling 300 acres (approx), TDI City I (Sec-117,118 & 119, Mohali), it is comfortably located in close proximity of vast residential population and upcoming IT projects. It will also enjoy the best locational advantages like proximity to upcoming international airport and theme cities; multiple connectivity to all sectors of Mohali; close to retail majors like Spencers, Reliance and the like. The centre is spread across 1.6 acre with built up area of 3 lakhsq.ft.(approx.). • FEATURES • Dedicated ground and first oors to house international retail brands for a complete shopping experience as well as a multi-cuisine foodcourt • The remaining oors to be developed as an ultra-modern officecomplex • Close proximity to vast residential population and upcoming ITprojects • Exquisitely designedlobbies • Hi-speed capsuleelevators • 24x7 security through CCTVsurveillance • Multi-levelparking • Hi-tech fire protectionsystem • International standard facilitiesmanagement • Centrally air-conditioned and 100% powerbackup TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    44. PROJECTS SCO COMMERCIAL OVERVIEW TDICity-II,Mohalihasestablishedanareatocatertothecommercialneedsoftheresidentsoftheregion.AnintegralpartofTDI City-II Township, Kingstreet is located amidst scenic landscaping with wide road connectivity and copious parking space. KingstreetistacticallylocatedinSec-110onthemain200ft.wideLandran-BanurRoadtogivegoodaccessibilitytovisitors. • FEATURES • Part of the 200 acres (approx) TDI City-II,Mohali • Strategically located in Sec-110, Landran - Banurroad • Connectivity from 200 ft. wide Landra-Banurroad • Ample Parkingspace • 24x7Security • Amidst high-end residentialcolonies TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    45. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL • TDI CONNAUGHT PLACE –MOHALI • OVERVIEW • TDIConnaughtplacehasbeenconceptualizedtoofferthemostexclusiveofficeandretailspaces,thatprovideasophisticated location for retailers to present their brands to the consumers in the region. Ideally located, with connectivity to all sectors of greater Mohali, these showroom units have been designed keeping in mind the contemporary and Colonial architecture combined with modern ambience of fascinating elegance, with large storefront facades that are developed along covered promenades. The office spacesand retail stores are complete with usability features, glazed doors, terraces and aesthetically designed green spaces. The layouts focus on the highest quality of architecture and construction, coupled with world class safety and security features. ocated in Sec-110 on the main 200 ft. wide Landran-Banur Road to give good accessibility to visitors. • FEATURES • Spaciousparking • Glazeddoors • Terraces and aesthetically designed greenspaces • Layouts focusing on the highest quality of architecture and construction, cou with world class safety and securityfeatures • Large storefronts and glazing areas at alllevels • Covered arcade along retail storefronts and terraces at upperlevels • Dedicated signage areas for allunits • Ample on-grade parking forcars • Independent entries for all office suites through dedicated staircase • Independent toilets in each suit peroor • Exterior balconies andterraces • Anodized/ powder coated aluminum / UPVC windowframes pled TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    46. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI MALL –AGRA • OVERVIEW • Peopleareboredwithconventionalwaysofshopping.Hence,wewantedtodosomethingnewandourconvictionhasledtothe • creation of TDI Mall in Kundli. It would be wrong to call it just a 'shopping complex' as it is more than that. TDI Mall Kundli is an experience in itself which overshadows the conventional trend to make way for the new. Situated on main NH-1, TDI Mall has been exquisitely designed with a medley of alucobond, heat reective glass facade and plain glass to give maximum visibility andaccessibilitytotheretailoutlets.Thestunninguseofvibrantcoloursandglassontheplazafacadetogetherwithaspacious atriummakethemallstandapartintermsofclassandstyle. • FEATURES • 100% powerback-up. • Flooring with granite tile patterns in commonareas. • Adequate firefightingequipment. • Ultra-modern restrooms. • Beautiful landscaping around thebuilding. • 650 ft.frontage. • 5,50,000 sq.ft. built-up area,approx. • Longest and biggest mall onNH-1. • Largest Go-Karting track inDelhi/NCR. • 3 ScreenMultiplex. • Dedicated 2 tier basement parking plus surfaceparking. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    47. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI MALL –CHANDIGARH OVERVIEW The capital city of Punjab, Chandigarh is a beautifully planned city that boasts of a populace with a high disposable income. Locatedstrategicallyinthemostposhareaofthecity-sector17,TDIMalloffersanexcitingretail-cumentertainmentopportunity to the people of Chandigarh. The mall is designed to offer world-class shopping and leisure experience to a set of clientele known for its discerning taste. The mall will be fully-equipped with best-in-class facilities including central air conditioning and completepower backup. • FEATURES • Energy efficient central airconditioning • 100% powerbackup • Creatively designed centralatrium • Fire detection & fire fightingsystem • Central security system • Sufficient parkingspace TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    48. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI MALL –KUNDLI • OVERVIEW • TDIMall,Kundliisdesignedasamodernisticshoppingcomplexofferingbest-in-classretail-cum-entertainmentopportunitiesto suit diverse customer profiles. Situated on the main NH-1, the property enjoys an unparalleled locational advantage being in close proximity to premier residential colonies of Delhi including Rohini, Pitampura,Shalimar Bagh, Ashok Vihar, Model Town, PaschimVihar;andprominentHaryanatownsofSonepatandPanipat. • Theelevationofthemallhasbeenexquisitelydesignedwithamedleyofalucobond,heatreectiveglassfacadeandplainglass to give maximum visibility and accessibility to the retail outlets. The stunning use of vibrant colours and glass on the plaza facadetogetherwithaspaciousatriummakethemallstandapartin termsofclassandstyle. • FEATURES • 100% powerback-up. • Flooring with granite tile patterns in commonareas. • Adequate fire fightingequipment. • Ultra-modern rest rooms. • Beautiful landscaping around thebuilding. • 650 ft.frontage. • 5,50,000 sq.ft. built-up area,approx. • Longest and biggest mall on NH-1. • Largest Go-Karting track inDelhi/NCR. • 3 ScreenMultiplex. • Dedicated 2 tier basement parking plus surfaceparking. TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    49. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL • TDI FUN REPUBLIC – MOTINAGAR • OVERVIEW • The state-of-the-art mall is designed to have a central leisure area with a beautifully landscaped plaza.Planned as a ground- plus-twostructureapartfromtwobasementsforparkingandservices,TDIFunRepublichasalottooffer. • Groundandfirstoorwill offerretailactivitieswhilethesecondoorwill houseafoodcourtandaFunCinemasmultiplex with a capacitytoaccommodate750persons. • Builtoveranareaof5000sq.yds,approx.FunRepublicisaperfectmixofmulti-cuisinefood,vibrantentertainmentandaworld- class shopping experience. Equipped with escalators and exquisitely designed elevators, it is poised to become one of the mosthappeninglocationsinWestDelhi. • FEATURES • 100% powerback-up. • Flooring with granite tile patterns in commonareas. • Energy efficient central airconditioning • 100% powerback-up • High-speed capsule glasselevators • Landscaped centralatrium • Well furnished entrance lobby and passage with Italian marble &granite • Fire detection & Fire fightingsystem • Central security system • Modern telecommunicationsystem • Sufficient parking space TDI INFRATECHLTD.

    50. PROJECTS COMMERCIAL TDI WESTSIDE MALL – LAJPATNAGAR OVERVIEW TheTDIWestsidemall-cum-multiplexissituatedinoneonthemostexpensiveshoppinglocationsintheheartofSouthDelhi.A state-of-the-artleisure-cum-retailcenterwithallmodernfacilities,adequateparkingandampleopenspaces,TDIWestsidehas beenconceptualisedtoofferacontemporaryshoppingandentertainmentexperience. Theabundantsetbacks,withhardpavingandplantsprovideanidealtransitionfromthestreetintothecourtyard,whichisfurther ankedbyvariousshoppingandleisureactivities. • FEATURES • The Shopping-Cum-Multiplex is located in Lajpat Nagar measuring 5000 Sq.Yards • Total built-up area is around 75000 sq. ft. with two tiers basementparking. • Famous one screen Cineplex 3Cs with food court on the secondoor. • Size of premises offered:Zero • Status of Mall:Operational TDI INFRATECHLTD.