External Venetian Blinds: Features and Tips
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External Venetian Blinds: Features and Tips to Learn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In PPT, Sure Shade describes the features of external venetian blinds and educate us that how to protect external venetian blinds from various factors.

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External venetian blinds features and tips to learn

External Venetian Blinds: Features and Tips

to Learn

With the variety of blinds available in the market, making the right decision can be a

challenging task. There are options such as aluminum and wood among the many out of which

selecting the ones suitable for ones need is the task. Apart from this, what is also important to

know before buying blinds is its purpose for you and your space. As blinds are created to serve

a number of purposes ranging from providing privacy to an office cabin from the world outside

to protecting the living area from sunlight, one must know the purpose to ensure that the right

product is purchased.

The primary use of blinds is to cover windows for dozens of reasons and they come with some

special characteristics that work to complement this feature. External Venetian Blinds and

Vertical Blinds are two of the very common types of blinds that you can place an order online

or even visit the stores near you. They come in stylish designs as well as colors and are

user-friendly to be installed in various spaces of a residence or an office space such as:



Living Room



Study Room

Office Space:

Personal Cabins

Conference Rooms

Cafeteria or Pantry

External venetian blinds features and tips to learn

Smoking Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Many people tend to invest on wooden blinds in both Venetian and Vertical styles because of

the exceptional result it offers during moderate and cold climates. People install them at

homes for privacy from the world outside along with an idea if giving a space attractive

appearance. The material is also ideal to suit the external climatic conditions along with other

materials like aluminum. Moreover, if you think that cleaning the blinds will give you a tough

time, then you are absolutely wrong because all that it takes to clean blinds are:

A bucket of clean water

A mild detergent

A soft bristle brush

While cleaning the blinds, all that a person must ensure doing is carefully place them in clean

clothes so that they do not come in contact with dirt lying below. To talk about the major

difference between External Venetian Blinds and Vertical Blinds, it is this that External

Venetian Blinds provide a clearer view outside when opened, while in Vertical Blinds; you can

easily adjust the slats as per your interest. Both the styles are however ideal to be used to block

the light from outside during a warm summer afternoon.

So, if you are planning to buy any of the two types of blinds and are looking forward to get a

good deal, it is best to approach the leading online companies. Simply consider a few common

considerations such as:

Whether the online store you are approaching is a recognized firm or not.

Whether the firm has good deals on their variety of products.

Whether the company provides additional offers such as warranty and installation of


Whether the varieties on offer are made using high-end materials.