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selenium Introduction Training is aimed to assist the learner in gaining the basic knowledge on selenium,selenium architecture and its components..You can know more about it from

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Free Selenium Introduction Tutorial Videos for Beginners



Selenium Introduction - Highlights

  • Selenium Evolution

  • What is Selenium?

  • Special Functions

  • Remote Control Architecture

  • Architecture Components

  • Features

Selenium introduction special functions
Selenium Introduction – Special Functions

  • Selenium provides a record/playback tool for authoring tests without learning a test scripting language.

  • It also provides a test domain-specific language to write tests in a number of popular programming languages.

  • Selenium has a component called selenium grid which allows you to run as many tests as you need in parallel. All it needs is browser for running the test.

  • Selenium is Open source and free, Cost Efficient.

  • the biggest advantage of selenium is One script any browser. You write your test script for one browser, that will work against all desktop and mobile browsers with little to no modification.

Selenium introduction remote control architecture
Selenium Introduction: Remote control Architecture

Selenium Core

Selenium Core

Selenium Core


Application Under


Application Under


Application Under


Selenium Remote

Control Service

Java, C#, Ruby, Php, Python

Selenium introduction architecture components
Selenium Introduction –Architecture Components

  • Selenium is a browser automation tool, commonly used for writing end-to-end tests of web applications.

  • Selenium IDE is an extension for Firefox that allows users to record and playback tests.

  • Selenium Web Driver provides APIs in a variety of languages to allow for more control and the application of standard software development practices.

  • Selenium Grid makes it possible to use the Selenium APIs to control browser instances distributed over a grid of machines, allowing more tests to run in parallel.

Selenium introduction features
Selenium Introduction –Features

  • It supports the different languages like: Java, python, C, Ruby, Perl, Php, Java script.

  • It supports I phone and Android testing also.

  • Selenium server initializing is not required.

  • It runs a little faster and even server is not required.

  • It uses the native automation technique.


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