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A life without gadgets today PowerPoint Presentation
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A life without gadgets today

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A life without gadgets today

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  1. Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Dagestan Dagestan Institute of Teachers’ Professional Development PROJECT A life without gadgets today Created by: Chincharova Patimat Gadzhievna Form: 10 MBEI “Lologonitly Secondary School” Teacher: Asadulaeva Suajbat Akhmedovna 2016

  2. The aim of our project is to show that modern life is impossible to imagine without the technology. We are used to find quickly what we need and we do not agree anything less. Life is developing so rapidly and that in the middle of the 20th century still considered out of science fiction become a reality now.

  3. "Some machines help us to live, while others are killing us."

  4. The ability to give life and to deprive it ... This phrase makes us think.

  5. some more real facts 1. The United Nations has recognized the right to Internet access is one of the inalienable human rights. 2. The best-selling item today is mobile phones. 3. More and more business processes are automated and are completely dependent on computers. 4. The most expensive brand in the world is a trade names of Apple.

  6. Will we be able to survive without modern technology?

  7. Who is the first invented all the modern gadgets Every day we use items about which we read in fairy tales, and don’t notice it. We’ve analyzed the Russian folk tales and concluded that the folk fantasies have long become a reality.

  8. Saucer and golden apple -The tablet and the drone

  9. Chest - Dropbox

  10. A ball of thread – GPS-navigator

  11. Seven-league boots -Hoverboard

  12. The Magic ring - The Ring

  13. A life without gadgets today «Wikipedia: I know everything! Google: I'll find everything! Facebook: I know all! Internet: Without me you are nothing! Electricity: Be silent ... "

  14. what happens if the Internet will disappear or stop working GPS satellites. How much "stretch out" our Internet-dependent and high-tech generation? How can we endure their absence?

  15. The most common and accessible gadget is a telephone so we decided to conduct a survey among the students of our school to find out how they are dependent on this gadget.

  16. Students were asked to answer “YES” or “NO” to the following questions 1.The Phone is the most important device in my life. I cannot imagine existence without it. 2. I spend a lot of time with my smartphone. Much more than I give another occupation. 3. I conflicts with close because a lot of time to devote to my gadget. 4. Every day I spend more time with the phone in my hand. It does not matter how I use it, there may be games, chat or read. 5. My phone is able to pick up my mood when it's around I'm calmer.

  17. 6. If I cannot use a smartphone I get nervous. 7. I always want to use my smartphone at every opportunity I take it in hand. 8. I cannot reduce the time of using a smartphone and constantly there is a reason to pick up the device. 9. I lied surrounding people about how much time I had spent for my phone. 10. I often save the important things to do something that is not very useful on a smartphone.

  18. As a result of the survey 72% reported at positive 5 points or more. This is an occasion to reflect on the dependence. Perhaps we should start with the time limit in the use of this device. In 3% of the interviewed were positive 9 out of 10 points.

  19. We are in any case not against computers, the Internet and the use of various gadgets in our lives! For us the use of gadgets is a tool for learning and development, and the Internet is a grace information field. Perhaps all of the above is not any significant problem and in the end people will cope with this, but only if there will be some kind of alternative technologies which are not now there. But we are absolutely sure that the person should own technology but in any case no other way around!

  20. Thank youfor attention!