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Massage Therapy - Healing Pain For The Time Being PowerPoint Presentation
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Massage Therapy - Healing Pain For The Time Being

Massage Therapy - Healing Pain For The Time Being

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Massage Therapy - Healing Pain For The Time Being

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  1. MASSAGE THERAPY - HEALING PAIN FOR THE TIME BEING Massage therapy is the perfect fix

  2. SYNOPSIS Benefits Of Getting A Massage Therapy You Would Be Surprised By The Amount Of Diseases That Canadian Massage Therapies Can Solve The Most Famous Types Of Massage Therapies Among Canadians Why Should Canadians Hire A Professional Massage Therapist To Ease Their Pains? What To Do To Enhance The Effects Of Your Massage Therapy

  3. BENEFITS OF GETTING A MASSAGE THERAPY Through various techniques and styles specifically adapted to the patients’ needs, Canadian therapists can provide comfort to a specific area. The most frequently used techniques are rubbing and pressing of your skin, tendons, muscles and ligaments. According to Canadian scientific studies, dopamine and serotonin (pain-numbing hormones) are released by the body through the action of a properly executed massage. That effect of feeling calm and relaxed, make chronic pains and daily stress a thing of the past. Furthermore, a massage therapy also removes lactic acid from muscles by using pressure and good oxygenation. By doing this, a person immediately gets an improved lymph fluid circulation which is in charge of carrying out stored waste products of organs and muscles. The end result, a much better blood pressure and overall body function. To this we can also add the important impact of a massage in reducing the effects of certain diseases like is Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain), Tendinitis, cancer, HIV, and Parkinson's disease.

  4. BENEFITS OF GETTING A MASSAGE THERAPY •But the benefits are not over. A good massage therapy helps the body digest food better to supply vital organs with needed nutrients. Likewise, for people in need of physiotherapy, usually after surgery, massage therapies are one of the best choices to quickly heal the damaged tissue and get back on their feet. •It is valid to point out that Canadians with high levels of stress are more prone to sickness and injuries. The reason for this is that stress affects sleeping patterns, nutrition, and muscle resistance. This means that if not properly handled, stress can substantially lower our immune system. In regards to this, studies have shown that frequent massage therapy not only reduces stress but it can also boost the body’s cytotoxic capacity, which deals with getting rid of dead or sick cells.

  5. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED BY THE AMOUNT OF DISEASES THAT CANADIAN MASSAGE THERAPIES CAN SOLVE Regarding the most common issues that a massage therapy solves on a daily basis, we can begin with stress. Since the beginning of this practice in Canada, it has been used to alleviate stress which then improves blood pressure, sleeping patterns and reduces the risk getting cardiovascular diseases. Another major problem that it can recognize is skin cancer. A massage therapy can’t prevent or cure this kind of disease, but a professional therapist can spot the abnormalities that you may not be able to see yourself. This can be very important because if the cancer is detected early, there are many probabilities that it can be treated to prevent a major bad outcome.

  6. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED BY THE AMOUNT OF DISEASES THAT CANADIAN MASSAGE THERAPIES CAN SOLVE Likewise, massages can solve lower back pain problems in middle age and elderly Canadian people. It is normal that as a consequence of the aging process, people suffer pain in the lumbar and lower back area because of the weight they carry in addition to bad posture at work. A good massage therapy can eliminate this type of pain and even work on prevent it. Furthermore, a massage therapy can do a great deal regarding muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Talking about muscles, we have to remember that it is normal to not use many of ours thus they degenerate in time. Canadian therapist are experts in strengthening weak muscles through stretching and exercising. This way you can relax and eliminate this illness. Also, it is a common problem for the elderly to suffer arthritis. This disease greatly limits the flexibility of the body and the performance of the extremities. However, through therapy, this chronic disease can be kept under control specially in the areas of shoulders, hips and knees.

  7. THE MOST FAMOUS TYPES OF MASSAGE THERAPIES AMONG CANADIANS Whether if you live in Montreal, Quebec, Alberta or any other Canadian province, massage therapies are the same and they apply the equal methods to help you ease your pains. One the most known and used methods is the Swedish massage. This is employed to achieve relaxation and a low stress level. It has been crafted to warm up muscles, tendons and joints in order to force them to release the toxins which are causing tension and soreness. This type of massage is very relaxing and it is ideal for beginners which have never had a massage therapy before. In fact, many Canadian research sites have concluded that a 45-minutes Swedish massage results in an important drop of the stress hormone (cortisol) and an increase in immunity defense. Another type of massage therapy is Aromatherapy massage. This consists in a Swedish massage but using plant oils, also known to Canadian clinics as essential oils, to improve the effects.

  8. THE MOST FAMOUS TYPES OF MASSAGE THERAPIES AMONG CANADIANS This type of massage is ideal to those Canadians that are in love with fragrances and oils. Their healing properties has been tested in Canadians labs which specialized on this area. The most employed ones are lavender and rose, known in the massage world as relaxation providers. Likewise, with every massage, oils are chosen according to the client’s needs. Nonetheless, whether if it is a frequently employed technique by many Canadians, it requires a previous knowledge of the client’s allergies to avoid any complications. One last massage therapy technique to point out is the Hot Stone Massage. As the name implies, it requires the use of warm stones that when placed on specific points of the body, achieve incredible relaxation results. Canadians clinics usually use volcanic rocks like basalt which retain heat very well. This technique is used for those clients which can’t handle deep pressure massages.

  9. WHY SHOULD CANADIANS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST TO EASE THEIR PAINS? - The knowledge and skills that Canadian therapist possess are vital tools that make them experts in delivering massage therapies to solve many kinds of illnesses and injuries. On top of that, they know exactly how to reduce pain and make it more pleasurable to cope with. Only professionals in this field are up to speed on the latest methods and techniques used in massage therapy. In fact, looking into recent Canadian universities studies in Montreal and Toronto, every once in a while, new massage techniques are created to make the experience more pleasurable and efficient. The newer the methods, the more benefits they entail.

  10. WHY SHOULD CANADIANS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST TO EASE THEIR PAINS? - It is incredible the amount of Canadians that when in contact with massage therapy professionals, can reconquer their old lifestyle after only a few sessions. It doesn’t actually occur like that in cases where people prefer some amateur to do a massage on them. In fact, as I said before, that can even worsen the situation. - Another reason to hire an expert therapist is because of their experience acquire throughout their years of service. Learning new things in this line of work is not easy. Massage therapies are demanding and the people needing them never stop increasing. Therefore, going to a Canadian professional who constantly prepares and has several decades of experience under his/her belt is important. These experts can determine which type of therapy you need and how to best proceed on your recovery.

  11. WHAT TO DO TO ENHANCE THE EFFECTS OF YOUR MASSAGE THERAPY - Firstly, let’s begin with one of the obvious question: is it fine to be completely naked for the massage? It is normal that at first it is uncomfortable to get naked in front of someone your barely know, but the thing is, this is really normal. People should not be ashamed or worried because massage therapist are professionals and they can do their job better when working on the naked area. However, in Canada, it is your right to strip down until the point where you feel comfortable. But do remember, that the therapist covers you with sheets and having clothes underneath get in the way of reaching specific pressure points thus limiting the experience of the massage. - Secondly, Canadian therapists advise to have a warm shower before the massage therapy. This enhances the effect of the rubdown because it relaxes your muscles and your mind but it also opens up your skin pores. This makes possible a relaxation state during the session which will make easier the work for the therapist. - Another factor is breathing. In a massage therapy, it is common for therapist to find complicated muscle knots which may cause pain and tension. It is important to remember in those moments that getting tense inhibits the effect of the therapy. Therefore, you have to keep breathing and avoid holding your breath. This helps to oxygenate these areas to release the tension.

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