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Strollout - Make Your Travel More Amazing and Thrilling. PowerPoint Presentation
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Strollout - Make Your Travel More Amazing and Thrilling.

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Strollout - Make Your Travel More Amazing and Thrilling.
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Strollout - Make Your Travel More Amazing and Thrilling.

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  2. ABOUT US STROLLOUT, One of the Most Trusted and Reliable Company, "Start-up the journey from 2010, earlier operated under the name "Neelam Travels". We have established our command over government sector, providing local as well as outstation tour for younglings studying in Delhi Government schools. Also, from the last few years we have established ourselves in the private Sector But we always aimed to provide the same first class services from laymen to professionals. Since then we extended our arms to public sector, so that they also take the benefit of our services. We always think about, how to make our trips more interesting and comfortable, so it creates everlasting memories. So whenever you think about STROLLOUT you always fill with joy and happiness. At last, we not only move with dreams we built it and make it true for you, because, nothing makes us more happy, then to see people with a bag full of Satisfactory experience in order to leave a smile on their face.

  3. Our Vision We at Strollout, aim to offer our consumers not only the luxurious trips but try to put the adventures and action that people actually want that create memories about, that can never be erased from their minds and from their gossips. As our Indian culture has taught us to treat our consumers as deities, we give our full effort to make that come true. In such modern times, where travel industries is booming every day, we are expected to give our best to compete with the travel giants, and hope to become one in the near future, That’s the reason why, every single person coming at strollout for having a wonderful time, is given full priority.

  4. Mukutmonipur West Bengal What The Best For a Long Weekend Aurangabad: Heritage Rendezvous Auli: Himalayan Paradise Bundi Rajasthan

  5. We Expertise At • Affordable Rates (Convenience and time-saving) • 24/7 Live Support • Best in class services • No Hidden charges and extra cost • Proper inquiry on facilities • Convenience and time – saving • Wide variety of package tours available • Give best as compare to other • Provide secure travel insurance • Provide good Accommodation

  6. Some Travel Tips • Carry your VISA or MASTERCARD with you • Enquire about the price before you book any transportations. • Always Buy Travel Insurance • Observe daily Life of your destinations. • Make Photocopies of Important Documents •  Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone • Travel First Aid Kit • Carry prescription for the medicines (if needed) • Use a map of the locations

  7. CONTACT US Address 175, Budh Bazaar Road, Shahdara, New Delhi - 110032 CONTACT INFO: Phone: 011 22510026, 011 22510031 Mobile: 9205100220,9315292864,9718227828  SOURCE URL: