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prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with the right cream PowerPoint Presentation
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prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with the right cream

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prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with the right cream - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For many women, and men alike, stretch marks have become a constant in our lives. A constant concern, worry, and embarrassment that we have to worry about hiding or covering up in any situation where we may have to reveal some bare skin. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the way you live your life anymore.

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Prevent Stretch Marks during Pregnancy with the Right CreamThe time to work on your stretch marks during pregnancy starts the day you discover you are pregnant. Waiting until you see the tears beginning to form across your stomach and lower abdomen is often too late. Here are some suggestions on what you should be doing to prevent stretch marks and reduce their appearance if they have already started.Skin Moisture and Elasticity is Key The first important step to reduce stretch marks is to keep your skin well hydrated. This requires a dual approach. One side of this equation requires you always drink plenty of fluids. If you become dehydrated your skin become less elastic and will tear more easily. Drink plenty of water daily. The second part of the hydration equation starts on the outside and works in. This is where a good quality stretch mark cream is important. Creams made from cocoa butter have been highly effective for many women. Rubbing the cream into the skin several times per day helps keep the skin fully hydrated with increase elasticity.


What if Stretch Marks Have Already Started?Even if stretch marks have begun to form your best way to reduce deepening and formation of added tears is to use the same methods. You should stay fully hydrated and use a good stretch mark cream. Adding in creams with vitamin E can help reduce the discoloration caused by existing stretch marks. A word of caution for impatient women is necessary. Using the best stretch mark creams on the market will not guarantee to completely prevent stretch marks or to get rid of them after they form. What the creams do is reduce the amount of stretch marks and lighten existing ones.The lightening effect and healing process can take nearly 12 weeks with visible changes often not appearing for several weeks. It is important to recognize this fact or you may stop using the product before it has even had a chance to help.What Else Can I Do to Prevent Stretch Marks?The most important things you can do are the same things your Doctor is already telling you. Eat a healthy balanced diet which provides good nutrition. Add a good prenatal vitamin to your diet. Keeping your skin healthy will aid in the ability to deal with the stress of pregnancy.Exercise can play a role in reducing stretch marks, too. When you exercise you increase blood flow which can help nourish your skin. Avoid excess sun while you are pregnant. Sunburns or tanning can cause your skin to lose elasticity and could lead to developing a higher number of stretch marks. If you will be out in the sun use a stretch mark cream that includes a sun block. In addition to using your stretch mark cream use a good moisturizing soap for your showers. If you are going to soak in the bathtub use moisturizing beads or oils in the water. Always keep in mind to keep your skin deeply moisturized for the best chance to prevent stretch marks.