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all about bail bondsman


Bail bondsman can be a person, agency or corporation who is specialised in

providing bail bonds to the people who are suspect with crimes. For example if a

person is arrested and court has set bail amount and that suspected person don’t

have that required amount and he/she want to be released from jail so he may seek

help from bail bondsman. Bail bondsman will secure the collateral or mortgage

which could be in the form of car, a house, property etc.

Bail bondsman charge their fee from the 10 % of the bail bond amount usually the

offices of bail bondsman are in the proximity of the court premises, so that the

defendant of the suspect can easily approach them. Sometime if a bail bondsman is

sceptical about the suspect that they are about to flee so he can succumb his client

to jail and recess the bond. And in case if the suspect does not arrive on the day of

trial so they can hire bounty hunter to track them out in some countries the practise

of hiring bounty hunter is illicit, bail bondsman can also sue the defendant , they

can also recover any unpaid money by claiming the owned properties or assets of

the defendant which was secured as a collateral.

According to law if the defendant is unable to pay so the bail bondsman or the

agency will be accountable for it. Bail bondsmen are exclusively found in USA,

the law of bail bonds and bail bondsman are not staying the same throughout the

USA. Most of the bail bonds agreement our lengthy and are given to the bail

bondsman or the agents by their insurer and they have already certify and verify

the agreement for their agents or the bail bondsman.