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Lip Care PowerPoint Presentation

Lip Care

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Lip Care

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  1. Your Guide to Rosy Lips and Total Lip Care • Your lips are a centerpiece. As the seasons change, work gets busy, and nervous lip biting occurs, your poor lips go through the wringer. Sometimes they need a little tender love and care to bring them back to top kissable, hydrated form. After all, we all have a skincare routine- why not a lip care routine? Today we will break down the do’s, don’t, and whys of skincare in our Cherie guide to a natural lip care routine. Before we begin, let’s break down the science.

  2. Why my lips are dry? • If you find that your lips cracked and chapped by the end of the day, ask yourself why? Dehydration, exposure, and lip licking all contribute to dry lips. Try upping your water intake, using a humidifier if you’re exposed to lots of dry air, and avoid licking those lips! Licking your lips is really detrimental to healthy lips. When you lick, you introduce chemicals from your saliva that are used to break down food. Guess what else they break down? The delicate skin surrounding your mouth! Instead, invest in a decent lip oil or balm to help resist the urge.

  3. Cherie’s Introduction to Lip Care: • 1. Remove Your Makeup! • Removing your lipstick, gloss, or stain should be the highest priority when you begin your lip care routine. Use an alcohol-free makeup remover (we count down our favorites here) to get rid of gloss and makeup residue. • However, sometimes standard makeup removers just aren’t enough for long-lasting lip stains and colors. If you have found the holy grail of lipstick for lasting color, we are happy for you! But removing it can be a downright pain. Any scrubbing around your lips causes micro-tears in the delicate skin and can leave your lips feeling brutalized. Instead, try using Vaseline! • For tougher lipsticks, we recommend Vaseline. Vaseline is a multi-purpose beauty tool that works fantastically for hydration AND makeup removal. Apply a coin-sized amount of Vaseline to your lips and let it rest for a few minutes. Use a damp cloth to wipe your lips gently clean and voila! You now have a pure, hydrated pout.

  4. 2. Exfoliate! • Exfoliation is the secret behind smooth, rosy lips! Exfoliating your lips gets rid of any dead, dry skin and makes way for the new, fresh skin underneath. This leaves your pout clean, smooth, and supple. Plus, exfoliating will reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips and makes for a perfect base for lipsticks and stains. • We Recommend Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub for lip exfoliation. This vegan lip scrub tastes great, is made with natural ingredients, and leaves your lips feeling soft, supple, and plump. This scrub is also available in a variety of flavors like bubble gum, honey, or coffee so you can treat your lips in a variety of colors!

  5. 3. Time to moisturize with a lip serum! • A lip serum is a potent mix of antioxidants, active ingredients, and natural extracts that works overtime to smooth, firm, and plump your lips. We recommend Clinique All About Lips Treatment. Clinique promises to smooth out fine lines using olive oil extracts, leaving you with protected and hydrated lips.

  6. 4. Lie down with a lip mask! • Instagram was taken over by collagen lip masks come awards show season. With Emma Stone and Kim Kardashian touting golden collagen boosting lip masks, we decided to give a few of our own a try! Lip masks work to deliver intense reparation, hydration, and rejuvenation and cater to all lip concerns.

  7. 5. Touch up with a lip oil or a lip balm! • Lip balms have been a handbag staple for decades, but what about lip oils? Lip oils are fabulous for more extreme conditions, or especially suffering lips. If you live in an area prone to cold, dry air, spend a lot of time in air conditioning, or enjoy the sun and sea- a lip oil might be the more intense hydration boost that your lips are craving.

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