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Tool Crib

The tool crib software from AutoCrib can be of multiple uses to you and your business needs in improving the efficiency. This tool allows you to take control of your tools and supplies usage and inventory. It will set up your initial database of employees, items, departments, jobs and budgets. This makes the work simpler and faster and can be easily monitored.

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Tool Crib

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  1. Using your m62 template autocrib.com Industrial Vending Innovation

  2. The Idea & The Innovations • We created the entire industrial vending category of solutions • Lean solutions – PROVEN in our own operations –– to cut costs and boost productivity • Reduce spend, boost productivity, increase accountability Stephen Pixley AutoCribis creator of the first point-of-use dispensing machines for industrial applications

  3. Why Choose AutoCrib? • Completely integrated turnkey Solution: software, setup, training, service, support – and your distributor manages inventory in real time. • Innovative software that leads the industry with Demand based orientation. • Innovative technology – for faster vends, to vend just about anything. • Machine quality you can see. • More cost effective options. • World Class training and support. • Plant tested in over 5000 installations. • Constant innovation to solve problems no one else can. AutoCriboffers software and hardware that deliver industrial vending innovation for manufacturing and maintenance operations.

  4. RFID Solutions (automatic scanning) • IntelliPort : • Simple fast tracking in an unmanned tool crib or stores area • Secure unmanned tool crib solution • Dispense any size items • High accuracy with little to no data entry (automatic scanning) • Infinite storage space for unlimited SKUs • Low cost per SKU and RFID tag AutoCrib has been providing industrial vending solutions since 1995.

  5. Traditional Tool Crib Automation Solutions • Tool Crib Station: • Automate attended or unattended cribs or build a runner system • Automate your existing tool room, crib, or store • Issue/return tools without an attendant • Capture transaction before unlocking door to crib • Use at remote locations in a "runner system" Autocrib reduces cost 8 ways

  6. Traditional Tool Crib Automation Solutions • MiniCrib Hand-Held Tool Crib Scanner • Speed up your tool crib transactions - even when wireless isn't possible • Automate tool crib inventory and tracking • Palm Pilot platform with writing stylus • Batch synchronization • Low cost solution Exclusively from AutoCrib, you'll find a point-of-use dispensing machine or other solution - to automate your tool crib and/or vend almost anything

  7. Traditional Tool Crib Automation Solutions • MobileCrib Hand-Held Tool Crib Scanne • Speed up your tool crib (and your tool crib attendants) in real-time • Automate tool crib inventory and tracking • Windows Mobile platform • Real-time transactions • For maximum mobility Autocribimprove productivity 10 ways

  8. Vending or Dispensing Machines • RoboCrib 500, 1000, 2000: • Secure issue/return of 500, 1000, or 2000+ items in under 10 seconds • Access 500, 1000, or 2000+ items in under 10 seconds • High-security issue and return • For tools, fasteners, welding supplies, MRO, gloves and PPE • Can vend almost anything, including large or delicate items • No individual repackaging needed AutoCrib machines are built to last, with incredibly low maintenance

  9. Vending or Dispensing Machines • EleVend • High-speed dispensing without repackaging for gloves, PPE and MRO supplies • Secure access to fast-moving gloves and PPE products • Dispenses large, bulky, or soft items • No repackaging • Fast dispensing from 3 to 24 bins AutoCrib solutions are economical even for wide SKU counts and slow throughputs

  10. Vending or Dispensing Machines • Remote Dispensing Station (RDS) • Immediate, Secure Point-of-Use Access to Cutting Tools and High-Use Supplies • Excellent choice for high value, fast moving items • Dispense cutting tools, welding supplies, and other MRO supplies • Single-item dispensing in helix/coil format • Up to 70 bins/SKUs, dispenses in under 4 seconds • Low investment cost with minimal maintenance AutoCrib designed these systems to be Lean, which translates to efficient and effective.

  11. Vending or Dispensing Machines • AutoLocker • Stops the loss of expensive power tools, gages, kits, and test equipment • 24-hour issue and return • For high-value oversize items • Calibrated and durable items • No repackaging required • Add optional AC power and LAN to dispense laptops AutoCrib  designed these systems to deliver bottom-line, real-world productivity unmatched by anyone.

  12. Vending or Dispensing Machines VisiCab Tool Vending Cabinet AutoCab Industrial Vending Cabinet AutoCribis the first manufacturer to integrate distributors to solve the "last mile" problem

  13. Customer-list • Red Bull Racing • Rolls Royce • Smith & Wesson • Snap-On Tools • Stryker • Toyota • Triumph • Trane Corporation • TRW Automotive • U.S. Air Force • Wacker Corporation • York International • Ford Motor Company • Gates Rubber • GKN • Goodrich • Gulfstream Aerospace • Haas Automation • Halliburton • Honda Motors • IBM • Labatt Breweries • Lufthansa • Medtronic • National Oilwell Varco • Noble Biocare • Paul Reed Smith Guitars • Alaska Airlines • Alcoa • All-Clad • Baldor • Bell Helicopter • Boston Scientific • Briggs & Stratton • Case New Holland • Cessna • Eaton Corporation • ExxonMobil • Federal Mogul • Flowserve AutoCrib understands the unique problems of the industrial market place and builds systems that uniquely address those challenges

  14. Department of Defense AutoCrib is proud to partner with the United States military to support our men and women in uniform.

  15. www.AutoCrib.com 1-800-671-6501 1-714-274-0399 3011 S. Croddy WaySanta Ana, CA 92704United States sales@AutoCrib.com 24/7 support available 365 days per year from our team of factory-trained experts via phone, email or in the field

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