tips on ui ux design practice keeping designs n.
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Tips on UI/UX Design Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips on UI/UX Design Practice

Tips on UI/UX Design Practice

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Tips on UI/UX Design Practice

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  1. Tips on UI/UX Design Practice: Keeping Designs Simple and Efective

  2. Think like your User: Place yourself in the user’s shoes and consider how the user will interact with the web or mobile app. Before considering trendy designs, identify probable user challenges, and design to eliminate those challenges. The content and interface can be worked out, when you behave like a user.

  3. Know your Audience: Your user demographic and location should shape your app designs. Before starting the Design Process, conduct a market research, analyze competitors and their customer feedback. This will help to understand your audience pain points and expectations, and can pave the path for a design strategy.

  4. Limit Scrolling: Keeping unnecessary scrolling minimum. While on the app, users should not have to struggle to fnd what they are looking for. Your design should lead them to it. Cut down on long pages, add tabs and CTAs for navigation, etc. instead of keeping content overfowing.

  5. Focus on Typography: When it comes to UI, Typography gives life to mobile designs. Users prefer to read and engage with content that looks elegant. Your app typography should be easy to read, consistent, and seamlessly aid the user navigation process.

  6. Testing is a Must: Your designs are never perfect - there will always be room for improvement. That’s why repeated testing is recommended. Test and review your app till the time your team is satisfed and confdent that users will get what they seek.