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Hammock Accessories and its specialities

Amberhomegoods provide excellent hammock accessories and its specialities for your outdoor purposes.

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Hammock Accessories and its specialities

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  1. Hammock Accessories and its specialities www.amberhomegoods.com

  2. Introduction • Amberhomegoods provide excellent hammock accessories for your outdoor purposes. • Our exclusive collections of hammock accessories are • Hammock pad • Hammock pillow • Hammock storage bag • Tree screws • Tree scraps • Swings • Stand

  3. Hammock pad: • Hammock pad will be an excellent accessory for all comfort seekers. • It help the rope loft managers to delight in both the profits of the rope loft on a decent brilliant sunny day and utilize the loft cushions on the same rope loft on a cool windy day. • One side of the pad is patterned and the other side is a solid color. It is 52 wide and 80 long.

  4. Hammock pad

  5. Hammock pillows: • Hammock pillow is made of a soft polyester fabric and add extra comfort to your favorite lounging spot. • It's made of durable and polyester fabric that helps to prevent mold and mildew from forming on the pillow. • It is very best enough to be used for outdoors.

  6. We offer the available size in small (28 x 13) and large size (50 x 12) and the design color will be complement most outdoor color schemes. • Our pillows are comfortable and compact with the rope and the fabric hammocks.

  7. Hammock pillows

  8. Hammock storage bags: • Hammock storage bag is best method to store safe and carry with your hands. • A water bottle will be keep on outside of the pocket. It is used to carry some extra items or accessories. • it is outfit for take a 55” wide hammock.

  9. Hammock storage bags

  10. Tree screws: • Tree screws can be used on the tree trunk .A set consists of two pieces of the screws. • It will be used for combine or joining of the two trees. • Using tree screw will be very comfortable.

  11. Tree screws

  12. Tree scraps: • A pair of tree straps can be used to attach the hammock to the trees in a harmless manner. • It is also an ideal way to adjust the distance for hanging thus allowing for greater flexibility in the setting up of the hammock.

  13. Tree scraps:

  14. Swings: • Swing will be a hanging seat, actually placed at playgrounds and garden for children’s to playing and relaxing. • The seat of a swing is suspended from chains or ropes. • Set of swing is popular with children.

  15. Brazilian Fabric Swing • Cushion Swing • Multicolor Rope Swing

  16. Brazilian fabric swing: • Brazilian fabric swing is created by a gorgeous blue color hand woven cotton fabric. • Both side of the seat is joined by using cotton ropes. • it can also roll up in a sling, which brings its very easy to repack and carry for camping and other trips. • It can be attractively made by using variety of cushions.

  17. Brazilian fabric swing:

  18. Cushion swing: • It is one of the most comfortable swings and poly-fiber filled pillows offered. The outside will be used by polyester material for outdoor purpose. • Also sunbrella fabric can be available. These items and accessories are selling separately.

  19. Cushion swing:

  20. Multicolor rope swing: • Multicolor rope swing is made from colored ropes in a traditional Mexican style and would add instant color beauty on any patio. • It can be attractively designed and accessorized using a variety of cushions. These items and stands are sale separately. • size of multicolor rope swing is 110 cms x 130cms.

  21. Multicolor rope swing:

  22. Stand: • We have offered that metal stand and wooden stand for your beautiful hammocks. • Metal stand • Wooden stand

  23. Metal stand: • Metal stand is built up of mild steel and are powder coated to provide a better life span. • The assemble installation will be very easy and also for buyer. • The stand offered a steady base for single, double and large hammocks. • The hardware tools will be included for adjust your hanging length with the stand. • Read the instruction sheet for assemble and adjusting your metal stand.

  24. Metal stand:

  25. Wooden stand: • We have offered the arc shaped wooden stand for you beautiful hammocks. • It is very easy to assemble and install also easily done by buyers. • Our wooden stand provides a steady base for single, double and large hammock. • Hammock and pillows are selling separately.

  26. Wooden stand:

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