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How to Unstick your Fingers

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How to Unstick your Fingers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are some helpful hints for those who have messed up with their cyanoacrylate and need to unstick their fingers (or other parts of the body) from one another.

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how to unstick your fingers

How to Unstick your Fingers 

Cyanoacrylate does what it's supposed to do. They call CA glue ‘super glue’ 

for a reason and when you’re doing delicate work like, let's say you're 

repairing a pair of thin glasses frames or model making on a super small 

scale- then it's all too easy to glue your fingers together. However, as strong 

as the chemical bond cyanoacrylate glue makes with human tissues is (and in 

fact military surgeons will use ​super glue​ to suture if there in a pinch and 

there's no other material around) you can still unstick your fingers without 

sacrificing your skin. 




Here are some helpful hints for those who have messed up with their 

cyanoacrylate and need to unstick their fingers (or other parts of the body) from 

one another. 

Using Acetone as a Glue Remover

Acetone is a colorless liquid that's miscible with water (meaning that you can mix it 

together with water and it forms a completely homogeneous solution). It's one of 

the most important and also the most common solvents, and is used in everything 

from paint thinner, as a component in rubber cement (chiefly because it prevents 

epoxies from hardening and most commonly

epoxies from hardening) and most commonly as a nail polish remover. 


In fact, in Walmart (if you're in the USA), ASDA (if you're in the United Kingdom) 

and other "big box" stores you can buy 100% acetone nail remover in bulk. Having 

acetone around the house doesn't only come in handy when you need it to clean 

the polish of your fingernails or as an adhesive remover, you can also use it to clean 

your tools and even your tires. Just don´t store it near anything hot (furnace etc) as 

acetone is also highly flammable. 




To use acetone to unstick your fingers, simply apply it directly to the affected area 

and rub it in a circular motion. You don't need to use any cotton swabs to do this 

and in fact it will be more effective if you simply apply the acetone directly. The 

cyanoacrylate glue should start peeling off within seconds. 


Of course, this remedy only applies to relatively intact skin on your fingers or 

elsewhere. If you´ve had ​ca glue​ come into contact with your mucous membranes 

(eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc...) or near an open wound it's not a complete health 

disaster, but you do want to get yourself to the ER as soon as possible. 

using a glue solvent

Using a Glue Solvent

Using a glue solvent such as a cyanoacrylate glue 

remover or “debonder” is another choice. Simply apply 

the debonder to the dried glue, and slowly rub your 

fingers loose. 

Using a Nail File, Hot Water, and Soap 

A nail file can also work when it comes to unsticking 

your digits. If the bond holding your fingers together is 

espècially stubborn, you can try using some hot, soapy 

water to the mix. A pumice stone (another common 

cosmetics item) can also do the trick. Or, if you´re a 

dude and you don't have any beauty products on hand 

you can try using some sandpaper. 


At any rate, after you've sanded yourself free you will 

want to get some high quality skin cream to keep the skin moisturized. Any excess 

cyanoacrylate will be broken down and expelled from the body naturally. And 

again, if you´ve gotten the super glue in or near your mouth, eyes, or another 

particularly sensitive area then you´re going to want to head top the emergency 

room ASAP.