read this before selecting a corporate housing n.
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Read This Before Selecting A Corporate Housing Provider

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Read This Before Selecting A Corporate Housing Provider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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*Corporate Housing\n*Understanding Corporate Housing\n*Corporate Housing vs. Furnished Housing\n*Corporate Housing Vs. Hotels\n*The Benefits of Corporate Housing\n*Corporate Housing Rentals\n*Corporate Housing – What’s Included?\n*Corporate Housing Property Trends\n*Corporate Housing Costs\n*The Mystery of Fully Furnished, Temporary Corporate Housing\n*Suitable Professions for Corporate Housing\n

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read this before selecting a corporate housing



corporate housing


Corporate housing is a fully furnished and serviced housing option that is

available to be rented on a temporary basis. Corporate housing can also be

referred to as a short-term housing, temporary housing, serviced apartments,

executive apartments, or corporate apartments. The average time of stay at a

corporate housing can range between two to three months. Thus, making it

longer than an average business trip. Some housing may even have minimum

stay limits, such as fourteen days or thirty days.

Corporate housing can generally be found in condominiums or apartments.

However, you might even be able to find some single-family detached homes

depending on the city and area that you look in. Corporate housing does include

some amenities, but they all depend on each provider.

Traditionally, only corporate employees and business travelers used corporate

housing and they still use it. However, the number of industries that use

corporate housing has grown over the last decade or so.

corporate housing 1


 The most common corporate house client industries include:

Technology (e.g. contracted programmers)

Construction and manufacturing (e.g. project managers)

Professional services (e.g. consultants)

Entertainment (e.g. film crews and stage performers)

Banking and finance (e.g. auditors)

Military and government (e.g. reassigned service members)

Energy (e.g. oil and gas workers)

Healthcare (e.g. medical researchers and travel nurses)

understanding corporate housing


 In most cases, corporate housing includes:

Exceptional amenities

Customized & personalized units

Pet friendly living locations

Fully furnished living areas. Including: an all-inclusive kitchen, dining area,

bathroom, and living area necessities.

All utilities. Including: gas, electricity, cable TV, internet service (wireless), sewer,

trash, water, and recycling.

All necessary permits & fees.

Washer and dryer (most units)

corporate housing vs furnished housing



 A furnished property can simply be any type of property that us up for rent

that also includes furniture. It can be furnished with long term renters or

vacationers in mind. The home owner can also partially furnish it or fully

furnish it, depending on who they are trying to rent the property to. There is

not any industry standard or acceptable rules that qualify a furnished rental.

A furnished property can simply be a property for rent for a year, month,

week or even just a night.

 A corporate housing on the other hand is quite different. These properties

are furnished with a corporate employee or user in mind. Hence, there are

strict and specific standards that must meet corporate housing industry

standards, including the level of service and the quality of the furnishings.

corporate housing vs hotels



Corporate Housing



Each stay is based on cost and

preference. Booked by experts.

Convenient location.

Each stay is based on room

availability. Booked by travel

agents. Location based on

what is available.


Welcome package with

information, instructions. Given

a welcome call.

Self-guided based on flyers in

the hotel or in the room.

Check In

No wait. Get the key and you

are home.

Wait at the lobby desk.

Standard check in with a key.


Fully furnished kitchen, living

room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Spacious. (4 times larger than a

hotel room). Extra amenities.

Quiet and private.

Bed and bathroom. TV, fridge,

coffee maker, nice view (these

are not guaranteed). Can be


corporate housing vs hotels 1



Corporate Housing



Large gym with the option of

taking classes. Biking trails,

sports courts. Comfortable

sleep. Masseuse. Pool/spa

areas. Lots of restaurant and

healthy eating options.

Small gym, shared with many

people. Possibility of a pool.

May be 1 restaurant in the hotel.


Game-rooms. TV’s. Fire pits and

grills. Bike and sports rentals.

Lounges and decks. Bars.

Parks. Pet areas.

Pool. Standard TV. Possible bar.


The longer the stay, the


The longer the stay, the more


Length of Stay

For longer periods of stay. This

is recommended for a stay that

is 14 plus days.

For a shorter period of stay. This

is recommended for a stay that

is max a week long.


Can submit feedback to

corporate housing. Follow up on

your stay.

Can write an online hotel review.

the benefits of corporate housing



Corporate housing is much more cost-effective than paying for a hotel room. This is a great

way for companies or people to save money when on a business trip or for leisure purposes. If

you are going on a trip that is more than 14 days, a corporate house is much better suited for

your stay over a hotel. For corporate housing the longer the stay, the cheaper it is.

More Comfortable/Customizable

Corporate housing will make an employee or persons trip much more comfortable. Corporate

housing rentals are usually fully furnished, providing people with a furnished kitchen, bathroom,

bedroom, and living area. They are often 3-4 times larger than a hotel room, which makes the

living area much more spacious and comfortable. In addition to being comfortable, there is

always the option of customizing a corporate house to suit your needs. You have many options

of choosing a one, two, or three bedroom house, having a washer or dryer, having pet friendly

amenities, etc.

Health Benefits

Corporate housing can also provide many health benefits. First off, corporate housing provides

tenants with a fully furnished kitchen. This gives tenants the ability to cook their own meals in

their living area.

the benefits of corporate housing 1


This saves them from having to go out to restaurants or eat fast food every day. Secondly,

corporate housing accommodations often provide tenants with a full-service gym, hiking trails,

bike rentals, and many other sporting activities. So during their stay, they have the resources to

keep active. Lastly, a good sleep aids in a healthy lifestyle. Corporate housing offers the best in

terms of sleeping accommodations. They offer top of the line linens to offer tenants a good

night’s rest. This will also benefit employers in productivity from their employees.


Corporate housing accommodations are often located in the heart of many popular cities. This

is very beneficial to people as it makes their commute to wherever they have to go, a lot easier.

This saves them the hassle of leaving early to get places on time and also makes for cheaper


More Private

Corporate housing offers people privacy and a quiet living accommodation. Rather than

sharing a floor or building with someone, corporate housing is usually offered on their own.

This can be great as it is definitely quieter and you don’t have to worry about the neighbors or

people in the room next door keeping you up all night.

corporate housing rentals


Corporate employees that are traveling for work, and also, intend to stay a longer than

average length of time, will often take up the use of corporate housing units. These units are

designed so that they are more comfortable to the corporate user than a traditional hotel. On

top of that, these employees then do not have to worry about renting out a certain period for

a possible unknown amount of time.

However, though these corporate housing units started off as being solely for corporate

employees and business executives – they have long passed moved away from that. These

units are generally fully equipped with the top-level quality appliances and furnishings.

However, these units also offer more room and privacy than a traditional hotel. These

corporate housing properties are placed in central locations with easy access and distance

to the main town centers and convenience stores. These units are more often than not

placed in upscale apartment buildings where your neighbors might also be fellow

employees or other traveling executives.

These apartments are great for travelers or those that are relocating as they offer an option

for them if they are moving to a completely new city or country. These fully furnished

apartments can provide them with the extra buffer that can aid in resolving some tension.

Some of these housing units might even come with a cleaning service that can take care of

beds and cleaning while you are at work or out and about running errands.

corporate housing what s included


Home Area

What’s Included?

Living Area

•Coffee table

•Satellite/cable connections

•DVD player

•Phone / answering machine


•Sofa/lounge chairs

•LCD TV & TV stand





•Coffee maker





•Queen or king size beds



•Alarm clock



corporate housing what s included 1


Home Area

What’s Included?


•Bathroom suite

•Shower curtain/mat

•Bath and/or shower



•Storage closets/drawers


•Gas/ water/ internet/ satellite/ electricity





•Air conditioning/heater

•Ironing board


•Community amenities (gym, spa, hiking trails,

restaurants, bar, decks, trails, sports rentals,


corporate housing property trends


Today’s working generation understands the work-life balance. So, they research more and

more to find homes that will support his or her lifestyle without any major inconveniences.

While they research, some prospective homeowners might require housing support. This is

where corporate housing properties come in handy. These locations offer excellent service

and lifestyles with the perfect blend of hotel life and home life.

Residents are looking for relaxing yet fun activities to support their lifestyle. These can

include art galleries, museums, fitness centers, shopping, notable restaurants, bike paths,

beaches, trails, and parks. The best part is that most of these corporate housing units are

placed in a central location that have the most to offer their residents in that particular area.

As to the following strict corporate housing standards, users will have the utmost comfort

while they stay at these properties.

Most times corporate housing is only seen as units that are for the use of corporate

employees or business executives, but that is rapidly changing. Individuals from a variety of

different professions are choosing corporate housing, simply because of the benefits that it

offers them. Aside from the typical business executives, these professions can include

traveling nurses, entertainers, students, and homeowners who are looking for a place to

stay for such things as renovations or relocations. However, even with this changing market,

corporate housing across the nation has remained intact with their standards.

corporate housing costs


Corporate housing in the United States costs an average of $150 dollars a day,

as stated by the Corporate Housing Providers Association. This price can

fluctuate based on duration of stay, size, extra amenities, and location. There are

many corporate housing choices available to meet anyone’s budget. The

average cost for corporate housing ranges between $70-$200 per night. For

larger cities and tourist attractions such as New York, San Francisco, and

Chicago, you can expect to pay on the higher end of the pay scale. For smaller,

less popular cities such as Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Tulsa, you can expect to

pay a price on the lower end of the pay scale.

Corporate housing costs are sometimes taken care of by businesses or

insurance companies, depending on your reason for stay. For executives,

employees, or interns that travel for work meetings, conventions, or to complete

jobs, business employers often pay for corporate housing. When

accommodations are needed for homeowners who have been affected by natural

disaster events to their home, insurance companies may also take care of the


the mystery of fully furnished temporary



'Corporate Housing' is the term that is currently used for short or long term, all-

utilities-included, fully furnished apartment rentals. And in the past, that is who it

was exclusively for: corporations that needed temporary housing in a city like St.

Louis. But now, corporate housing covers a wide variety of clients. These include:

People who are buying or selling a home


Family members who visit for extended periods

Separate or divorcing couples

along with our typical residents, who include:

People relocating to St. Louis for a new position

Business travelers in town for temporary assignments

Construction workers, temporary workers

Health Care workers on temporary assignments

or anyone who needs the convenience of walking into a fully-furnished, all-inclusive,

temporary apartment, with only one bill to pay each month.

suitable professions for corporate housing



Though corporate housing started off as a housing option for employees of corporations, it

grew to include students, vacationers, and those individuals who required short-term

housing. Most corporate housing units can have higher fees than expected, but they include

amenities such as cleaning services, parking, and easy commute.

Many corporations have chosen to take advantage of this great service. These fully

furnished apartments end up being more manageable for those individuals that need to

travel nationwide. These professionals can be from a range of professions, including

corporate/business employees, government officials, entertainers, nurses, students, and

homeowners who need temporary housing.

When thinking of corporate housing, entertainers aren’t the first professionals that might

come in mind. However, entertainers, including theater acts, musicians, and standup

comedians, often perform at multiple shows in one city throughout the course of a week. For

the lesser known entertainers, a corporate housing can provide a cheaper alternative than a

traditional hotel. On top of that, corporate housing is generally more able to accommodate a

larger group than a hotel might be able to.

Aside from those, nurses and students are also some of the most popular users of corporate

housing. Nurses can be relocated throughout the country. When those relocations last up to

three months, corporate housing makes it easy to live comfortably in a city without being

feeling pressured to rent a house. It also makes it easier for nurses and students to leave

easily without having to worry about a lease.

the end


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