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Freight Forwarders In Dubai - SSB Star Shipping LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Freight Forwarders In Dubai - SSB Star Shipping LLC

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Freight Forwarders In Dubai - SSB Star Shipping LLC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SSB Star Shipping is an impelling freight forwarding organization that enthusiastically renders businesses with effective Air, Ocean and Land freight services that helps in boosting their financial gains with tranquility.

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ssb star shipping ssb star shipping llc

SSB Star Shipping

SSB Star Shipping LLC




SSB Star Shipping located in Dubai is a prime and confident International Freight Forwarder organization

that provides effective logistic solutions by air, sea and road across the domain. We efficaciously build a

decent multi lane bridge, where businesses with confidence credence our international import, export

and cross trade with utmost tranquility.

We have a mission to render top-quality services to businesses across the domain; we endeavor to save

the time of our clients to a large degree, which allows them to develop effectively around the sphere.

SSB Star Shipping provides A

SSB Star Shipping provides A- -one services to businesses which

one services to businesses which include

include: :

Air Freight Forwarding Services

Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Land Freight Forwarding Services

Rail Freight Forwarding Services

Warehouse and Distribution Services

Cross Trade Services

Custom Clearance Services

Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air Freight Forwarding Services

We strive hard to provide businesses with an efficient air freight forwarding services between world and

Dubai. We have an effectual and rapid air cargo service, where we have regular flights between major

cities around the sphere, thus making it favorable for the organizations to ship their goods and expand

their financial gains outstandingly with perfection.

If you are to pick an idealistic Air Freight company then gives SSB Star Shipping a chance to provide you

with world class services which includes:

Modernized Security Standards

Modernized Security Standards- We provides businesses advance security levels and airport

safety controls over cargo to trim down the cargo vulnerability to theft and damage.

Shipping of produc

Shipping of products globally

world, thus allowing businesses to confidently transport their commodities to almost every


ts globally- We have a large network of destinations that covers the entire


Dependable arrival and departure times

Dependable arrival and departure times- We provide businesses with reliable arrival and

departure time, as the arrival and departure time of our flights is always on top of their schedules.

Tracking goods

Tracking goods- We give Olympian advantages to businesses by providing them with tracking

facilities. Businesses can track the status of their cargo from the time of departure to arrival on a

consistent basis.

Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Sea Freight Forwarding Services

SSB Star Shipping provide Sea Freight Forwarding to businesses with a sublime plan of action in order

to carry out their dealings effectively, which allows them to grow effectively around the sphere with

ease. When businesses are in need of effectual and cost-efficient shipping, SSB Star Shipping provides

trustworthy Sea Freight services, allowing the businesses to export their goods successfully to every

part of the world they desire. We provide raid frequency Ocean Transportation Services to many nations

across the world. Our ocean freight services effectively take into consideration the top three factors,

which are reliability, speed and cost. We provide businesses with Real Time Tracking of Cargo where,

Businesses exporting high value goods through us can have an easy time, because our clients can keep

a check on the progress and movement of goods while they are in transit.


Land Freight Forwarding Services

nd Freight Forwarding Services

SSB Star Shipping provides trenchant Road Cargo Services that helps the businesses to take complete

advantages in reaching out to places constructively.

Our Road cargo services provide diverse advantages to businesses, which are as follows

Our Road cargo services provide diverse advantages to businesses, which are as follows: :

Cost effectiveness

Rapid and on time delivery of the trade goods

Redeeming in Packing material Expenditure

Tracking of cargo and trucks


Effective door-to-door service to businesses

Transparency in delivering goods of businesses

Rail Freight Services

Rail Freight Services

SSB Star Shipping provides energetic and steady Rail Freight Forwarding services across the domain.

We assure that businesses have full faith on us, because we plan out perfect motility of import, export

and cross trade businesses for businesses with uttermost placidity. In today’s challenging environment,

Our rail cargo services renders impelling solution to businesses, because we assist them to take

decorous advantage in order to germinate and scope out to diverse arena remarkably.

Rail Freight

Forwarding Company

Rail Freight

Forwarders Dubai

Rail Freight Services in


ware warehouse and distribution services house


Warehouse and Distribution Services

house and Distribution Services

We render storage services at

the most efficient rates and

safety help to businesses with all

their shipment requirements.

We also endeavor to cater



work in respect to packing,



shipments, etc. SSB provides

24/7 warehouse facility for long



services for the businesses. We

maintain up-to date stock list of



picked, packed and ready to be



destinations modishly for the

business organizations around

the sphere.








Warehousing & Distribution Services Dubai

Cross Trade Services

Cross Trade Services

SSB Star Shipping handles cross trade shipments around sea, land and air with accuracy. We provide

across-the-board range for day-to-day and cross trade transportation to businesses which includes

insurance of the cargo, packing, security, container loading and local interior logistics. We caters

hard-hitting cross trade logistics services for shipments of various size from any port across to even the

most ambitious ways to reach places.

Our Cross Trade Shipment Services offers imp

Our Cross Trade Shipment Services offers important constituent to businesses which are:

ortant constituent to businesses which are:

Customs clearance and

preparation of the written


Hiring of expert staff for

bulky, deviant and out-sized


Reliable international network

of shipping brokers and

freight forwarders

Insurance of the shipments

custom clearance services custom clearance

Custom Clearance Services

Custom Clearance Services

SSB Star Shipping passionately realizes the demand of businesses and renders secured answers to

their demand in understanding with United Arab Emirates customs legislation. Our team of certification

experts is oven-ready with all the templates accessible for providing our clients with top-quality


We render effective quality services to business organizations which include:

Handling Pre-filing procedures.

Customs Practice

Formulation and submission of all the necessary documents

Counseling and helping in security sealing and certification

We efficaciously deliver an across-the-board scope of Custom Clearance Services for businesses in

term with import and export in United Arab Emirates.

All in all it’s fair to say SSB Star Shipping has become a one stop solution, which is allowing businesses

to take complete benefit of the freight forwarders in order to thrive and reach out globally.

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