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Hanuman locket PowerPoint Presentation
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Hanuman locket

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Hanuman locket - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hanuman locket
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  1. Hanuman Locket Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped deities in the Hindu religion and mythology. God hanuman is the symbol of devotion, absence of ego, physical strength, security and supernatural power. Lord Hanuman is vastly worshipped mainly for his strength and devotion towards Lord Ram. Powers Of Hanuman Locket Helps in improving concentration towards work/studies. Helps in overcoming fears and evil thoughts.

  2. Divya Surya Locket Surya is the symbol of power, birth, command, superiority and authority. In our day to day life we face many situations where we need the qualities of the sun to be able to deal with events swiftly. Divya Surya locket combines all these qualities of the Sun and who so ever wears the locket benefits from all the above given qualities of the sun Powers of Divya Surya Locket signifies the Sun God and blesses your life Brings good health to the wearer. Brings wealth and abundance to the worshipper.

  3. Sarvakarya Siddhi Kawach Sarvakarya siddhi kawach is one of the most successful modern solutions to all the problems of ones day to day life. Sarvakarya Siddhi Kawach is a much proven and trusted remedy for thousands of people across India who have reaped benefit from the Kawach. Powers Of Sarvakarya Siddhi Kawach improves every aspect of life. Solves pending/due law suits and legal issues Boosts business. Improves health and health relates issues.

  4. Divya Surya Kawach Surya is the eternal symbol of power, glow, aura and protection. There is nothing in the universe more powerful than the sun. Divya Surya Kawach is the supreme form in which one can bestow the powers of the sun and become the centre of the environment like the sun is the center of the solar system. Powers of Divya Surya Kawach Guards the worshipper from negativities, enemies Improves the wearer’s personality Increases impact of social presence

  5. Dhan Laxmi Locket The Dhan Laxmi Locket helps in making the life of the wearer prosperous and opens the gates of money and flow of money in the life of the wearer. The locket is good for people who have just started their career or who feel that the growth of the flow of money in their life has just stopped. Powers Of the Locket Opens the gates of money, Deletes all the mental and spiritual barriers Increase the flow of wealth and prosperity in your life

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