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Awareness – The First Step Towards Cure PowerPoint Presentation
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Awareness – The First Step Towards Cure

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Awareness – The First Step Towards Cure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Awareness – The First Step Towards Cure

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  1. Article 2: AWARENESS – THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS CURE The modern age has seen a lot of developments, both scientifically and otherwise. The medical field has seen growth in leaps and bounds, making miracles seem possible as new and better cures are found with every new research breakthrough. Growing diseases Drastic lifestyle changes in the last six or seven decades have been conclusively associated with a marked increase in lifestyle related diseases – those that are mainly caused by increasing stress and pressure. Sedentary activities are the leading causes of joint pain and other bone related diseases. Lack of exercise, increasing work hours and neglect of timely medical diagnosis and care are considered the main reasons behind these.Joint Pain research studies in New York and Brooklyn are conducted with rapid breakthroughs being made every day. Mental health and awareness Though the world has come to a better form of acceptance about mental disorders, they are still treated with a certain misplaced caution. In some parts of the world, getting oneself treated for mental health is considered taboo while in another, even simple symptoms are misunderstood to be the warnings of serious illnesses. This happens due to lack of awareness among people about the various types of disorders and their causes and effects. The basic layman knowledge about the complicated and multi faceted disorders like Schizophrenia, dementia, depression are most often obtained from untrustworthy internet sources and are often a shot in the dark. Proper, official research oriented studies are the need of the hour, with the alarming rate of increase in cases with these classifications. Then there are simple things like memory loss, often wrongly attributed to just stress and carelessness. The root cause might be deeper than that, sometimes obvious, like an injury or trauma or sometimes a lot more hidden, like a nerve communication related issue that needs proper diagnosis and care. Doctors and Research Scientists – the part they play With more and more people being affected by the disorders, research is undertaken to know more, to identify the huge variety of cause and effect combinations because each case study offers different data. Clinical research studies in Brooklyn are dedicated to knowing more about the unknown horrors of the various disorders plaguing people.Treating mental disorders no longer involves only non invasive therapy. The aids of edible medicines, drugs and other therapy practices are taken to effectively complete or speed up the curing process. To identify the underlying cause behind Headache and memory loss, research studies are conducted in New York and Brooklyn. These help differentiate between normal headaches and those caused by something more serious Increased awareness has led to research studies being conducted about Dementia in Brooklyn and New York cities by the SPRI Clinical Trials, dedicated to finding a cure that would help the millions of people affected by the disease.

  2. Article 2: People suffering from schizophrenia need gentle loving care and understanding to help them through their disease and increase the quality of their lifestyle. Schizophrenia research studies in Brooklyn conducted by independent labs like the SPRI have come up with treatments that are available to people participating in the trials as medicines are developed for the consumption of the general public, helping in understanding the disease better and increasing the chances of finding a working cure. ABOUT THE COMPANY SPRI Clinical Trials of Brooklyn was Founded in 1970 the Social Psychiatry Research Institute "SPRI" is one of the leading research facilities in the country. They conduct clinical trials, drug studies, drug testing, drug trials all one in the same at our medical facility.