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\n#spicek-2herbalincense #spicek2herbalincense No harmful chemicals are used to manufacture spice k-2 incense and it is proven safe to use. View more at http://aromatraders.com/herbal-incense/spice-k-2-herbal-incense/

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Spice K2 Herbal Incense – A Mixture of Safe Herbal Ingredients

#spicek2herbalincense #spicek2herbalincense

Herbal is the “in” word these days. Most products are laced with the word herbal and this

helps in accelerating the sales of the brands- all kinds of brands and items. Right from

toothpaste to cosmetic products and eatable items too- all are going the herbal way. And so is

the incense. Spice k-2 herbal incense is a substitute of smoke able tobacco. It is safe and

legal. The products are a mixture of herbs spiked with chemical components. They are also

called synthetic cannabis.

The spice K-2 herbal incense is a variety of the same. The mixture has herbal ingredients

and is manufactured following all the standard norms set by the government for the making

of these products. Extra caution is taken by the authorities to make a safe and potent incense.

The ingredients are outlined below:


Blue Egyptian water lily

Honey weed

Lions tail

Synthetic cannabis components

The end product is a mixture which can be used in cigars and pipes to be enjoyed by the user.

The effect leaves the user in a relaxed state of mind. It also has many flavours and fruit

flavours too. The herbal ingredients have been always present, but these were used to make

herbal incense since 2000. Europe is the biggest seller of these products, but USA and

Canada have also joined the league. The online availability of the stuff has made it even more

popular. The sites have a variety of products and offers to lure customers.