South Boston is desirable among young professionals and families who are attracted to the neighborhoods strong sense of community and quick access to downtown and public transportation. The most breathtaking neighborhood in the area is South Boston Waterfront. This is a neighborhood that is currently emerging and will include residential, offices, retail, and hotels. South Boston is also home to elegant Victorian brick row houses that date back to the 1800s. It population is one of the most diverse in the area; however, South Boston blends many of the best elements of the city. Its strength, diversity, and vitality are well routed, where neighborhood pride and cultures from all over the world are cherished and celebrated. South Boston has its own personality and distinct appeal, but it demonstrates the changing face of Boston. Residents refer to the area at the “Southie”. If searching for a waterfront apartment, brick row house, or just a place to reside; South End Apartments are for you!