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Website Dating Services

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Website Dating Services Jonathan Riddle Liane Marcotulli Kevin Broome CSCI 110 Computer Geeks April 23, 2008 Website Dating Services Registration Availability Special Features Ease of Use Help Services Short questionnaire Easy questions Fill-in the blank Questions

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website dating services
Website Dating Services

Jonathan Riddle

Liane Marcotulli

Kevin Broome

CSCI 110

Computer Geeks

April 23, 2008

website dating services2
Website Dating Services
  • Registration
  • Availability
  • Special Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Help Services

Short questionnaire

Easy questions

Fill-in the blank Questions

Available to anyone

Long questionnaire (436 Questions)

Extremely detailed questions

“rate yourself” questions

Restricted access


EASIER registration is less demanding, easier to fill out


match com ease and usability
Very easy to use and navigate.

Loaded with features, but it costs money to use them.

Free six month subscription. Allows the user to see their matches.

The search feature gives the user a great deal of information

Search results show the person’s age, location, and gives a brief description.

In addition, the user has the option to send an email, chat (if the person is online), wink at the person, leave a voicemail for the person, or add the person to your favorites. Ease and Usability
eharmony com ease and usability
eHarmony is based on the theory that there are hundreds of dimensions that every person has and by cross analyzing dimensions, the service creates highly compatible matches for you.

After signing up, you must complete an in-depth personality survey that literally takes about an hour or so to finish.

The survey inquires into hundreds of these "dimensions," then uses your responses to cross match you with other eHarmony members.

It is very easy to find matches because the site actually does it for the user. Ease and Usability
help features

Many headings with subheading that help the user easily find what they are inquiring about.

Headings include FAQ, contact info, advice, and safety tips.

Links the user to a forum for people to discuss problems they have encountered on the website.

Focused more towards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Subheadings include:

Popular question examples

A search field that allows the user to type any keyword of a question they have

Lacking contact information.

Help Features



*$29.95 per month *$49.95 per month

*Anyone with an *Limited to hetero- Internet connection sexuals looking to get married

* Open 24 hours a day * Does not experience log-in delays due to heavy usage

In order to be accepted as a member within eHarmony, one must be:

emotionally healthy


looking to get married (casual daters and one night stands need not apply)

Gay, straight, bisexual? All are welcome at’s Marketing Strategy 1’s Marketing Strategy 2

eHarmony’s screening of its members is

both a positive and a negative to consumers

Pro: Individuals looking for serious relationships and who fall within eHarmony’s standards see the website as upholding their own beliefs, and are more comfortable using their services

Eharmony’s Marketing Strategy

Con: Individuals who are rejected by the website see it as an oppressive institution

specific features
Specific Features

eHarmony  *extensive questionnaire

*436 questions

*takes about one hour to complete

*patented Compat- ibility Matching System

eharmony s features
eHarmony’s Features:
  • Premium Personality Profile
  • Flexible Matching
  • Open Communication versus Guided Communication
guided communication
Guided Communication
  • Stage One: Read Your Match's "About Me" Information

Look over a page of detailed introductory information about the match. Learn about their match's occupation, proudest moment, and most important influences, etc.

  • Stage Two: Send 1st Questions

Choose five easy-to-answer, informative questions to ask your match.

For example: "If you were taken by your date to a party where you knew no one, how would you respond?"

a) Stay close to my date, letting him/her introduce me

b) Find a quiet spot and relax alone c) Strike out on my own and make friends

d) Ask my date if I could skip the event

(The user may also compose their own answers to their match's questions)

guided communication16
Guided Communication
  • Stage Three: Exchange 10 "Must Haves" and 10 "Can't Stands"

Exchanging personal lists of "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands" with their match

Examples of “Must Have's:

Chemistry - I must feel deeply in love and attracted to my partner.

Communicator - I must have someone who is good at talking and listening.

Wit - I must have someone who is sharp and will keep me on my toes.

Examples of “Can't Stands: 

Rude - I can't stand someone who is belittling or hateful to people.

Grudges - I can't stand someone who has a chip on their shoulder.

Materialistic - I can't stand someone who sees material items as a measure of success

guided communication17
Guided Communication
  • Stage Four: Send 2nd Questions

Exchange three open-ended questions. These questions allow for more thorough, detailed answers that reveal someone's inner values.

For example:

"What person in your life has been most inspirational, and why?" 

"Tell me about your closest friend. How long have you known them, and what do you like best about them?“

  • Then the members can move on to Open Communication
eharmony s features18
eHarmony’s Features:

eHarmony library

  • Secure Call
  • Rely ID
  • Online library of newsletters and articles

Specific Features:

  • Subscribers to eHarmony cannot look at other people’s profiles unless they have been matched to them by the website
  • members are allowed to view anybody’s profile and decided who interests them for themselves (you don’t even need to be a member)
match com s features’s Features:

In a search for Men ages 22-29, 20 miles from zip code 29401, 32 matches came up

Lets you see who is currently active and who has been recently active

  • Create a profile, search for matches, post a photo, and send winks to other members all for free
match com s features21’s Features:
  • Mutual Matches
  • Reverse Matches
  • Saved Searches
  • Match Words
match com s features22’s Features:
  • Windows Live Alerts
  • Match Talk
  • IM
  • Forward Emails
  • Hide profile
  • Member Spotlight
match com s features23’s Features:

Happen Magazine

  • Platinum
  • Match International
  • Happen Magazine
Conclusion seems to provide the best and easiest experience overall for the following reasons:

  • Registration not as overwhelming
  • Specific features are more personal, interesting, and interactive
  • Cheaper registration cost
  • Open to anyone
  • Not as pushy as eHarmony (less emails)