ums submission of pear using etransfer l.
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UMS Submission of PEAR using eTransfer PowerPoint Presentation
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UMS Submission of PEAR using eTransfer

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UMS Submission of PEAR using eTransfer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UMS Submission of PEAR using eTransfer . Overview User Security Submit Electronic Transfer Viewing Status of Fund Change Fund Change Reject and Resubmit. Overview.

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UMS Submission of PEAR using eTransfer

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ums submission of pear using etransfer

UMS Submission of PEAR using eTransfer


User Security

Submit Electronic Transfer

Viewing Status of Fund Change

Fund Change Reject and Resubmit


The purpose of eTransfer is to allow the user to electronically submit the PEAR from the UMS Personnel Funding screen into the MUSC payroll system. The PEAR must pass certain validations before it may be successfully transmitted. For the initial phase of the eTransfer project we will begin with Fund Changes Only. This will soon be expanded to include all PEAR actions.

  • The PEAR is entered and moves through the UMS approval process.
  • A user with appropriate security rights may electronically submit the PEAR using the eTransfer button.
  • At the moment of submission, the document must pass a series of UMS validations before moving to TeamWorks.
  • TeamWorks will process another set of validations. If successful, the document will pass to Grants for approval or straight to the payroll system for submission depending on the type of fund change.
  • During the submission and validation process, status codes and updates are supplied to the user.
user security
User Security

PEAR Officers will be given specific rights to eTransfer a personnel funding document.

user security4
User Security

To allow a user to submit a PEAR electronically click the E-Transfer box under Personnel Category / Personnel Funding.

personnel funding print dialog
Personnel Funding – Print Dialog

Click the Print button to access the eTransfer button. This button is only visible under the following conditions:

  • The affiliate must be MUSC.
  • The document has been approved.
  • The user has been granted the security right to E-Transfer.
  • The Fund Change only action has been selected.
personnel funding hr tab
Personnel Funding – HR Tab

Be sure to update the Home Department and Position Number prior to submission.

  • On the HR tab there are two new fields with information to be passed in the eTransfer.
    • Grant Justification – when the PEAR is retroactive, a justification must be selected.
    • Bridge Funding – indicate bridge funding by clicking the check box.
  • Two of the pre-existing fields are required to submit using eTransfer.
    • State Pos # - enter the position number here.
    • Home Department – select the appropriate home UDAK for this employee.
submit electronic transfer
Submit Electronic Transfer

When the user clicks the eTransfer button, the Electronic Transfer dialog box is displayed. To Submit Electronic Transfer click the button.

As UMS sends the message, the user can see the progress. The image is animated to show that UMS is not locked up. A transfer should never take more than 2 or 3 seconds.

ums validations
UMS Validations
  • UMS validations occur when the Submit button is pressed. If the validation fails, the PEAR is not submitted. The user must make the required adjustment and try again to submit. The follow items are validated:
    • The user must enter a State Position number for the employee.
    • The funding distribution must equal 100%.
    • The user must select a Home Center.
    • There cannot be more than one funding line with the same UDAK.
    • The Creator of the PEAR must have a phone number.
submit electronic transfer9
Submit Electronic Transfer

If the document passes the initial UMS validation, the Results dialog is displayed. TeamWorks will indicate if the transmission is successful. (Access the Results dialog page by double clicking either “Date” “Submitted By” or “Type” on the transfer history page. (This is where the ref. number can be found)

The user may click on the Request Details or Response Details buttons to see the XML messages being sent back and forth between UMS and TeamWorks.

status of fund change
Status of Fund Change

Transmission success does not guarantee that the update itself will be completed. The document is simply being passed to the next round of validation and processing handled by TeamWorks before ultimately uploading to the payroll system.

As the document passes through validations, UMS receives responses back from TeamWorks and lists them in the Transfer History grid.

status of fund change11
Status of Fund Change

When the transaction has completed successfully the green flag icon is displayed indicating that payroll has been updated with the funding change.

Double click on “Type” “Submitted By” or “Date”

rejection of fund change
Rejection of Fund Change

If a submission is rejected in TeamWorks, a rejected icon is displayed.

Clicking the Status field shows the user that the reason for rejection, in this case, is the lack of a valid Employee ID.

rejection of fund change13
Rejection of Fund Change

When a PEAR is rejected in TeamWorks, the Submitter is immediately alerted with a message.

This message will be removed from the user’s inbox when the close button is selected. Remove the check in the check box and the message will remain. (Messages that have been removed can be found under processed items)

resubmitting a fund change
Resubmitting a Fund Change

The user must correct the Employee ID in UMS and then resubmit the PEAR. Notice that the label for the button has changed to Resubmit Electronic Transfer.

When the transaction has completed successfully the green flag icon is displayed indicating that the payroll system has been updated with the funding change.