u s army corps of engineers presentation to az elite sdvob business trade summit show yuma az n.
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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation to AZ Elite SDVOB Business Trade Summit Show Yuma, AZ PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation to AZ Elite SDVOB Business Trade Summit Show Yuma, AZ

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation to AZ Elite SDVOB Business Trade Summit Show Yuma, AZ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mary Spencer Small Business Specialist Los Angeles District US Army Corps of Engineers 03 March 2010. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation to AZ Elite SDVOB Business Trade Summit Show Yuma, AZ. You may not know us…. but you are familiar with our work. Port of Los Angeles.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation to AZ Elite SDVOB Business Trade Summit Show Yuma, AZ

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Mary Spencer Small Business Specialist Los Angeles District US Army Corps of Engineers 03 March 2010 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presentation toAZ Elite SDVOB Business Trade Summit ShowYuma, AZ

    2. You may not know us….but you are familiar with our work Port of Los Angeles LA River Nellis AFB Dormitory Rio Salado Border Fence Prado Dam

    3. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District - North Afghanistan Engineer District - South Alaska District Albuquerque District Baltimore District Buffalo District Charleston District Chicago District Detroit District Europe District Far East District Fort Worth District Galveston District Gulf Region District Honolulu District Huntington District Jacksonville District Japan Engineer District Kansas City District Little Rock District Louisville District Los Angeles District Memphis District Middle East District Mobile District Nashville District New England District New Orleans District New York District Norfolk District Omaha District Philadelphia District Pittsburgh District Portland District Rock Island District Sacramento District San Francisco District Savannah District Seattle District St. Louis District St. Paul District Tulsa District Vicksburg District Walla Walla District Wilmington District

    4. Albuquerque ( SPA ) LTC Kimberly Colloton Sacramento ( SPK ) COL Thomas C. Chapman Los Angeles ( SPL ) COL Thomas H. Magness San Francisco ( SPN ) LTC Laurence M. Farrell South Pacific Region OREGON IDAHO WYOMING NEVADA UTAH COLORADO CALIFORNIA ARIZONA NEW MEXICO TEXAS

    5. South Pacific Region Leadership Team Deputy Commander Regional Business Programs Integrated Water Planning Commander COL Janice Dombi Mr. Andy Constantaras Ms Christine Altendorf Mr. Paul Robershotte COL Rock Donahue Albuquerque San Francisco Sacramento Los Angeles COL Thomas C. Chapman COL Thomas Magness LTC Laurence Farrell LTC Kimberly Colloton Over 2,500 military and civilians and serving the nation since 1888 5

    6. Army Installation OREGON Civil Works Air Force Installation Military Area Office IDAHO Resident Office WYOMING 226,000 square miles Provides support to 8 million acres of military installations 80,000 acres of USACE project properties 420 miles of shore line / 14 harbors ENVIRONMENTAL “EXTREMES” ( in contiguous 48 states ) : Hottest and Driest Locations ( Death Valley ) Highest Elevation - Mount Whitney ( 14,494 feet above sea level ) Lowest Elevation - Bad Water, Death Valley ( 282 feet below sea level ) Critical Habitat / Biodiversity( 385 Threatened / Endangered Species ) 30 Million people ( 1 in 10 Americans ) Population growing by 500,000 annually 3 of 7Most Populated US cities ( Los Angeles / San Diego / Phoenix ) 8 U.S. SEN /44 U.S. REP/4 GOV World’s 8th largest economy ( > Canada / Spain ) CA ports = 40% US trade by volume Ports of LA / Long Beach = US No. 1 and 3 LA Customs = US No. 1 ( $300 BIL annually ) LA Metro = US No. 1 manufacturer ( employment ) NEVADA UTAH COLORADO CALIFORNIA ARIZONA NavigationFlood ControlEngineering DesignMilitary ConstructionEmergency Operations ( PL 84 – 99 )Environmental Restoration Regulatory Permitting ( § 404, Clean Water Act ) International and Interagency SupportOverseas Contingency Operations / Homeland Security NEW MEXICO TEXAS Los Angeles District

    7. Los Angeles DistrictFY 09 District Program Interagency and International Support $324,951,000 Civil $ 273,735,600 34% 28.6% 37.4% Military $358,000,000 $956,686,000

    8. Civil Works Opportunities Santa Paula Creek – Phase 2 Q4/FY10 $1M - $5M Santa Paula Creek – Environmental studies Q1/FY10 <$1M Rio de Flag – Ph 2A, Open Channel Q2/FY10 $1M - $5M Rio de Flag – Ph 3, Design & P&S Q1/FY10 <$1M Tucson Drainage – Upper Reach Q3/FY10 $1M - $10M Tres Rios – Pump Station Q3/FY10 $20M - $40M Tres Rios - Phase 3A Waste Water Marsh Q4/FY10 $1M - $10M Tres Rios – Levee 1C Q2/FY10 $1M - $5M Tres Rios – Recreation Design & P&S Q1/FY10 $<1M Tujunga Wash – Design Contract Q4/FY10 <$1M San Diego – Mission Bay Q1/FY10 $1-5M Santa Barbara Harbor Q3/FY10 $1-5M

    9. Military Program Military ConstructionFY09 $ 253.1M FY10 $87.5 M FY11 $185.5 M Operations & Maint = $129 M Environmental = $ 43 M Air Force ‘08 = $ 112.5M Air Force ’09 = $ 170.5M Army ‘08 = $ 178.7M Army ’09 = $ 82.6M Davis-Monthan AFB Fort Huachuca

    10. MILCONFY 10 Contracting Opportunities Los Angeles District

    11. MILCONPotential FY 11 Opportunities Los Angeles District

    12. MILCON Potential FY 11 Opportunities Los Angeles District

    13. Military Operations and Maintenance Program TYPES of PROJECTS • Barracks Renovations • Road Paving • Install Drainage • Construct Dog Park • Fencing • Upgrade / install HVAC • Replace Auditorium Carpet, Seating, Lighting • Replace Roof / Exterior Doors • Restore Dental Clinic • Restore Building Systems • Restore HVAC and Alarm Systems • Replace Standby Potable Water Pump • Remove and Install Trees

    14. FY-09 O&M By Installation 14

    15. FY10 O&M Program Los Angeles District

    16. Interagency & International Support Border Patrol / Customs and Border Protection Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Prisons Department of Agriculture Drug Enforcement Agency Environmental Protection Agency Federal Emergency Management Agency Department of Homeland Security Food and Drug Administration International Boundary and Water CommissionVeteran’s Administration VA Support CA - FY09 $47.9 M (43 projects) FY10 $133.4M (63 projects) NEVADA UTAH LAS VEGAS CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Riverside Indio ARIZONA CBP Support 26 FY10 Vertical Construction Projects to Award ($87.4M) SBI-NET Support 6 FY10 Border Fence Projects to Award ($36M) San Clemente Chula Vista Murrieta Imperial Beach Blythe Brown Field El Cajon PHOENIX El Centro Campo Calexico Yuma Wellton Florence Casa Grande Tucson Wilcox Ajo CBP Tactical Infrastructure Vertical Infrastructure ( 225 miles ) Los Angeles District Nogales Naco Douglas

    17. CBP/ICE/FM&E Programs

    18. CBP/ICE FY10 Awards

    19. Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) • A VISN is generally a major hospital(s) with numerous clinics geographically situated to better facilitate the veteran population. • There are 21 VISNs, representing 187 medical centers in the United States. • More then 80 of those medical centers are in California.

    20. VISN 18 • Arizona • Southern Arizona VA Health Care System • Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center • Northern Arizona VA Health Care System • New Mexico • New Mexico VA Health Care System • Texas • Amarillo VA Health Care System • West Texas VA Health Care System

    21. VISN 22 • Southern California • Loma Linda Healthcare Systems • Long Beach Healthcare Systems • Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Systems • San Diego Healthcare Systems

    22. Tentative VA FY10 Awards

    23. Bureau of Land Management

    24. Environmental Protection Agency

    25. Department of Energy

    26. Bureau of Indian Affairs

    27. SPL’s Small Business FY 09 Program Goals TOTAL DISTRICT $ AWARDED TO DATE – $639,093,466.00

    28. Doing Business With the Corps • Proven record of performance • Relationships, relationships, relationships • Understand the Army Corps of Engineers Project Delivery Process • Know your strengths and weaknesses • Use the Corps and the Federal Business Opportunities website • Be a part of the solution - help us meet our goals • Deliver!

    29. VIEW our solicitations at: http://www.fbo.gov

    30. Central Contractor Registration (CCR) http://www.ccr.gov

    31. Questions Please. POC Mary Spencer Small Business Specialist USACE Los Angeles District (213) 452-3938 Mary.e.spencer@usace.army.mil