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Transfer Orientation

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Transfer Orientation . Information from the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid Warwick Center 140 Summer 2011 Emily Bliss, director Beth Casper, Associate director. Topics. Applying for Financial Aid The Cost of Attendance The Financial Aid Notification

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transfer orientation


Information from the

Office of

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Warwick Center 140

Summer 2011

Emily Bliss, director

Beth Casper, Associate director

  • Applying for Financial Aid
  • The Cost of Attendance
  • The Financial Aid Notification
  • Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Communicating with the Financial Aid Office
  • Changing FAFSA Information
  • Scholarships
  • Loans
applying for financial aid
Applying for Financial Aid
  • File the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
  • File with information from the 2010 IRS 1040
  • The file may be selected for verification
  • Families with parents who have been divorced and then remarried should file as married using current spouse income
the cost of attendance
The Cost of Attendance
  • Direct Costs (appear on the student’s account and can be paid with financial aid)
    • Tuition and Fees
    • Health Insurance
    • Room and Board (if living on campus)
  • Indirect Costs (financial aid can cover but funds are given to student, if enough left over once bill is paid)
    • Books & Supplies
    • Transportation
    • Miscellaneous
  • Although books are considered part of the cost of attendance and funds are included in your financial aid package to cover books, those funds are not available until the first day of class, at the earliest.
  • If you use the book buying program, you can reimburse yourself once a refund is received on the first day of class, or when aid is complete and a refund is issued.
financial aid notification
Financial Aid Notification
  • Families receive one paper award letter
  • All additional communication starts with an e-mail to the student’s UNCW e-mail advising them to check SEANET.
  • Students are e-mailed each time there is a change in their financial aid award.
  • Students are also notified whenever a Stafford loan is posted to their account.
federal educational rights privacy act buckley amendment ferpa
Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment)FERPA
  • Students, not the parents, have the right to privacy once they attend orientation.
  • UNCW has developed a FERPA release form available to students which is completed to allow us to speak with whoever the student designates.
  • If you coerce your child into naming you on the FERPA, they can change it anytime they wish
satisfactory academic progress sap
Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP)
  • Student must maintain SAP in order to remain eligible for financial aid.
  • SAP is checked at the end of each spring
  • Three areas
    • GPA starts must be 1.75 1-45 credits 2.0 46+
    • Student must complete 75% of all attempted hours
    • Aid stops once student has attempted 186 hours
communicating with the financial aid office
Communicating with the Financial Aid Office
  • Most communication is done through e-mail to the student’s UNCW account
  • A newsletter is sent once a month through e-mail to the student’s UNCW account
  • Requests for missing information are sent through e-mail to the student’s UNCW account
  • You can call us but our phones are extremely busy during the summer
  • E-mails are usually a less frustrating method of communication for families
changing information on the fafsa
Changing Information on the FAFSA
  • The employees of the Financial Aid Office make corrections if a student is selected for verification and corrections are required.
  • Likewise if a special circumstance appeal is processed.
  • If you know about corrections that need to be made it is usually better to contact our office and have us make them.
special circumstances
Special Circumstances
  • The Financial Aid Office can make adjustments to the student’s FAFSA if a family can document a significant change in income for the 2011 aid year.
  • Obtain a special circumstance form the Financial Aid website, complete and send with all required documentation to the office.
  • We do not make changes for personal choice decisions.
  • Almost all scholarships awarded through the university have been processed.
  • Check for renewal requirements if you have received a scholarship.
  • You must tell the staff at the Financial Aid Office if you receive an outside scholarship
  • Aid must be reduced if a scholarships causes a student to exceed their cost of attendance. Whenever possible, loans are reduced prior to any other aid.
federal loans
Federal Loans
  • Students can receive a federal loan up to $6,500 as a sophomore or $7,500 once you reach junior status.
  • Parents can apply for a PLUS loan for the difference between the total of the students offered aid and the Cost of Attendance.
  • A PLUS application must be completed by at least one parent if they wish to borrow a loan.
  • A credit check is conducted for a PLUS loan.
  • You are not required to take all of the loan offered to you.
  • Students must complete an Entrance Interview.
  • Parents and students must complete their own Master Promissory Note.

office of scholarships financial aid
Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Students are assigned a counselor alphabetically by last name.
  • The office hours are from 7:30 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • FAFSA week is held in early February to help students complete their next year’s FAFSA.
  • Please do not send anything that is not requested. Documents received without a request are shredded.
most common areas where students get stuck
Most Common Areas Where Students Get Stuck
  • Bill is not paid so classes get dropped
  • Promissory notes or entrance interviews are not completed for loans
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress is not maintained
  • All required documents are not turned in
  • They do not read their e-mail