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The Semantic History Extension for SMW - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Semantic History Extension for SMW. Jie Bao and Li Ding Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2009 Aug 6th. Motivation. The MediaWiki “recent changes” page and “history” tab Allows only very limited search of edits

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The semantic history extension for smw l.jpg

The Semantic History Extension for SMW

Jie Bao and Li Ding

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2009 Aug 6th

Motivation l.jpg

The MediaWiki “recent changes” page and “history” tab

  • Allows only very limited search of edits

  • Does not capture the “semantics” of revision summary – e.g., “typo fix”, “add a source from CNN”

  • Does not provide triple-level changes

  • Can’t track temporal knowledge easily, e.g., Alice was Undergraduate in the spring but Ph.D. student in the summer.

The design l.jpg
The Design

User makes edits

The Semantic History (SH) extension captures edit actions

SH Generates “hidden pages” for revisions and triple changes.

A demo system

  • Query

  • Statistics

  • Visualization

  • Explaination

SMW generates semantic annotations based on templates

Applications use semantic annotations

(can be customized)

Revision capture l.jpg
Revision Capture

A typical revision page

{{SH_Rev|3353|20090714211611|User:Baojie|Jin Guang Zheng}}

{{SH_UseTemplate|Template:Member of|2931}}

{{SH_Categories|PhD Student}}

Those pages are hidden from common users

Triple diff l.jpg
Triple Diff

  • A typical triple page

    {{SH_Triple|RPI|DefinedBy|Jie Bao}}





Semantic summary l.jpg
Semantic Summary

A revision page with semantic summary

{{SH_Rev|2462|20090712064807|User:Baojie|Main Page}}

{{SH_Summary|reason::to demo semantic summary; source::none; category:Test Edit; something not useful}}


How to explain summary is up to the wiki admin (by designing “Template:SH_Summary”)

Provenance tracking l.jpg
Provenance tracking

Who has changed the first name of James Hendler?

Query l.jpg

Semantic Recent Change

Statistics l.jpg

Which domain has attracted more changes: University or Person?

Visualization l.jpg

Edit trend from 2009-07-07 to 2009-07-13

Temporal reasoning l.jpg
Temporal Reasoning

Which papers of Jie Bao are "Tetherelss World Publication"?

Explanation l.jpg

  • Step 1: the triple "Jie Bao Member_of ITA" is created at revision rev:2934, which does not directly generate this triple.

  • Step 2: rev:2934 uses template "Template:Member of" of revision 2931.

  • Step 3: rev:2931 may generate properties: member,member of

  • Thus, one possible explanation of "Jie Bao Member_of ITA" is the combination of rev:2934 to Jie Bao and rev:2931 to Template:Member of.

    The process is encoded by “Template:Explain”

Why Jie Bao is a member of the project ITA?

Conclusions l.jpg

  • “Semantic History” allows revision information in SMW to be represented in a semantic way.

  • Use SMW as database – semantic support built in and seamless integration with other SMW tools.

  • Customization by template, e.g., for vocabulary and semantic summary syntax

  • Allows many more applications than we demonstrated: trust computation, advanced explanation, revision as linked data, etc.

  • Will be released at