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TBI/PH Requirements Background PowerPoint Presentation
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TBI/PH Requirements Background

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TBI/PH Requirements Background - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TBI/PH Requirements Background. TBI/PH Program Requirements. Five Guiding Principles. Provide strong, visible leadership and necessary resources Create / disseminate / maintain excellent standards of care

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TBI/PH Requirements Background

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    1. TBI/PH Requirements Background TBI/PH Program Requirements Five Guiding Principles • Provide strong, visible leadership and necessary resources • Create / disseminate / maintain excellent standards of care • If best practices are unavailable, conduct pilot or demonstration projects to better inform quality standards • Monitor and revise access, quality, and program implementation to ensure standards and consistent quality • Build a system where each can expect and receive the same level of service and quality of Service, regardless of Service, Component, status, or geographic location Enduring Programs Task Force Documents Emerging Requirements Seven Strategic Goals Expand Access to Care Improve Quality of Care Support Transition Improve Screening & Surveillance Conduct Research Build Resilience Build a strong culture of Leadership & Advocacy Programs Supporting Projects

    2. Strategic Framework Mission: To create and sustain a TBI/PH continuum of care of the highest quality. Access to Care Resilience Transition of Care Quality of Care Screening & Surveillance Research & Development Leadership & Advocacy • PH Programs • Behavioral Health clinical practice guidelines • Comprehensive PH training curriculum • TBI Programs • TBI clinical practice guidelines • Comprehensive TBI training curriculum • Coordinated TBI telemedicine system • TBI definitions and coding guidelines • PH Programs • Resilience outreach • Anti-stigma education • Core PH curricula in all levels of leadership • Core curriculum to train providers on responding to distressed service/family members • MH providers integrated into primary care settings • TBI Programs • Leadership, Community, Family Education & Awareness • PH Programs • Center of Excellence • Outpatient programs with advanced diagnostics and reintegration services • TBI Programs • Case Management and Care coordination • Center of Excellence • Outpatient programs with advanced diagnostics & reintegration services • PH Programs • Surveillance systems • Assess/ track prevalence and management of PH • Capability to disseminate surveillance data within DoD/VA • TBI Programs • Surveillance systems • Assess/track prevalence and management of TBI • Capability to disseminate surveillance data within DoD/VA • PH Programs • Epidemiological Studies • Families/Caregivers Projects • Neurobiology/ Genetics • Etc. • TBI Programs • Treatment and Intervention • Prevention • Measures in Screening, Detection, and Diagnosis • Etc. • PH Programs • MH staffing model • Staff MH personnel requirements • Coordinated PH telemedicine system • Establish and monitor MH access standards • TBI Programs • Staff TBI personnel requirements • Intent/Outcome • Timely access to comprehensive healthcare by providing staffing in areas to include outreach and prevention services, traditional MH care treatment, behavioral health in primary care, and inpatient care. Intent/Outcome Build mental strength through the warfighter’s daily framework by optimizing the ability of the individual, family, community, and unit/ organization to thrive and be productive despite adversity, trauma, and stress. Intent/Outcome World-class treatment for MH conditions, including PTSD and TBI through evidence-based practices, training in clinical practice guidelines, and providing the tools necessary for state-of-the-art care. Intent/Outcome Promote the use of consistent/effective assessment practices and accelerated development of electronic tracking, monitoring and management of PH and TBI conditions. • Intent/Outcome • Improve quality and effectiveness of treatment through transition, coordination, and management of care across the DoD, VA and civilian support networks as patients transition between providers and duty status. • Intent/Outcome • Establish a strong foundation of medical and cross-functional research, continuously improving program vision and capabilities.

    3. SOC Accomplishments Leadership and Advocacy MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008

    4. SOC Accomplishments Quality of Care MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008

    5. SOC Accomplishments Access to Care MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008

    6. SOC Accomplishments Transition of Care MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008

    7. SOC Accomplishments Screening and Surveillance MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008

    8. SOC Accomplishments Resilience MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008

    9. SOC Accomplishments Research MAY 2007 DECEMBER 2008