smell the flowers in lijiang n.
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Smell the flowers in Lijiang PowerPoint Presentation
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Smell the flowers in Lijiang

Smell the flowers in Lijiang

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Smell the flowers in Lijiang

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  1. Smell the flowers in Lijiang September 12-16, 2008

  2. Entrance Lijiang Ancient City Bar street& Market Palace for the ancient marquis Entrance

  3. How to kill timein Lijiang?

  4. Walking around the ancient city You must be tired of the early wakeup clock and endless traffic jam. Now you can lay down all the burdens and take a walk around the city to breathe the fresh air, talk to the hospitable native residents and view the ancient style houses, exploring your own Lijiang. Suggested Duration: 0.5 day

  5. Site view of the ancient marquis’ palace Marquis Mu was the ruler of the old Lijiang city. He built a spectacular palace for his family, which is now a historical reserved site for visitors. Suggested Duration: 2 hours

  6. Find a pub and have a cup of wine There is a bar street located in the central ancient city, which is maximum 15 minutes away from your hotel no matter where you live. So you can go there in the evening with your friends or alone to have an unexpected romance date maybe. In most of the pubs, there are bands for live show. So you can just enjoy the music without talking to anyone if you want. Suggested Duration: every night

  7. Book + Coffee/Tea + Sunshine Teahouses and pubs (also for the day time) scatter around the ancient city, where you can pick a nice seat and order your favorite beverage to enjoy the whole afternoon under the sunshine, just for a day away from the crowd. Remember to bring a good book and a music player, which can satisfy you far beyond any other places. Suggested Duration: 0.5 day

  8. Hiking in the natural scenic sports La Shi Hai (a big lake) lies on the ancient pathway for tea trades. This is a national-reserved park where you can see wild egrets on the traditional boat. To get there, you can only ride horse and have a break for lunch cooked by the native residents. So, this trip can be seen as a precious opportunity to enjoy the wild life for 1 day. There are some local travel agents in Lijiang with reasonable prices to help you organize the trip. Suggested Duration: 1 day Estimated Price: RMB120-150

  9. Hiking in the natural scenic sports Hu Tiao Canyon is only 30 mins bus away from the ancient city. You can take a taxi or rent a car ith driver to get there and view the beautiful scene. Suggested Duration: 0.5 day Estimated Price: RMB50

  10. Dress up and take your artistic pictures You maybe sick of the camera and spotlight. But here, you shouldn’t miss the precious opportunity of capturing your most beautiful profiles and archive them into your age album. With the perfect combination of all the natural colors, all scenic spots in Lijiang, even only a small rock can make your photos incredibly good.

  11. Rice Sausage Grid Fish Soy bean noodles Sautéed noodle pieces Traditional cooked pancake Grid sweet corns Green bean noodles Grid pork Rice noodles Eat the local snacks and cuisine

  12. Silver accessories with reasonable prices Historical book of Na Xi race, which is printed on the unique Dongba ancient paper Wooden fish accessory for blessing. Bronze bells with fiber ropes Colorful scarves with the traditional knit. Wooden sculptures for decorating houses Buy some presents to surprise friends

  13. Wish you have a nice trip in Lijiang