resources for veterans facing criminal charges l.
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Resources for Veterans Facing Criminal Charges PowerPoint Presentation
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Resources for Veterans Facing Criminal Charges

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Resources for Veterans Facing Criminal Charges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resources for Veterans Facing Criminal Charges. Timothy Young Ohio Public Defender. OACDL Annual Superstar Seminar October 15, 2010. Resources. Treatment beds Emergency cash Help for homeless Experts Employment Special dockets Explanation Mitigation Understanding. What’s a vet?.

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Resources for Veterans Facing Criminal Charges

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Presentation Transcript
resources for veterans facing criminal charges

Resources for Veterans Facing Criminal Charges

Timothy Young

Ohio Public Defender

OACDL Annual Superstar Seminar

October 15, 2010

  • Treatment beds
  • Emergency cash
  • Help for homeless
  • Experts
  • Employment
  • Special dockets
  • Explanation
  • Mitigation
  • Understanding
what s a vet
What’s a vet?
  • Ask every client: “Have you served in the military?”
  • Don’t ask: “Are you a vet?”
  • Ask juveniles if a parent is serving
less than honorable discharge
Less than honorable discharge
  • Honorable Discharge not always needed
  • General Discharge
    • Might be upgraded
    • Still eligible
  • Dishonorable
    • Might be upgraded
    • Not in time to help with case
trauma related offenses
Trauma-related offenses
  • Impulse control
    • Theft
    • Bar fights
    • Domestic violence
  • Suicidal/homicidal acts
  • Negligence, inattention
in dui cases look for
In DUI cases, look for
  • Erratic driving (you don’t drive straight in Iraq)
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Public intoxication
  • Self-medication for service-related problems
service related injuries
Service-related injuries
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Self-medication with alcohol or other drugs
  • Addiction to pain medications may start during injury
diagnosing ptsd and tbi
Diagnosing PTSD and TBI

“The diagnosis of TBI, associated post-concussive symptoms and other comorbidities such as PTSD, presents unique challenges for diagnosticians. No screening instruments available can reliably make the diagnosis; the gold standard remains an interview by a skilled clinician. The current VA screening tool is intended to initiate the evaluation process, not to definitively make a diagnosis.”


diagnosing ptsd and tbi9
Diagnosing PTSD and TBI
  • Bottom line: They often get it wrong, but they are getting better
  • The VA recognizes past diagnostic errors
  • PTSD and TBI are frequently mixed up, and treatment for one does not work for the other
common symptoms of tbi
Common Symptoms of TBI
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Vision changes
  • Balance problems
  • Mood changes
  • Sleep difficulty
signs of ptsd
Re-living: Feels the same horror and fear that was felt when the event took place; nightmares, flashbacks; sights or sounds that trigger re-living the event

Avoidance: Avoiding situations or people that trigger memories of the traumatic event; avoid thinking or talking about the event

Numbing: Difficulty expressing feelings; does not feel positive or loving feelings toward others; avoids personal relationships; uninterested in activities that previously brought feelings of joy

Hyperarousal: Jittery; constantly on high alert for danger; sudden mood swings; difficulty sleeping; trouble concentrating; always on guard; fearful; very easily startled

Signs of PTSD
tbi treatment
Occupational therapy is intended to enhance a person's ability to do activities of daily living, job-related tasks, improve fine motor coordination and maximize participation in leisure activities

Physical therapy involves exercising and moving the body to preserve, enhance or restore movement and impaired function utilizing therapeutic exercise, assistive devices and individual education and training

Speech and Cognitive therapies work with individuals with TBI who may have problems with attention and concentration, learning, problem solving, memory, and speech. The goals are to retrain the brain.

Other specialized therapies such as Vestibular (balance) therapy, Art therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, and Driver Rehabilitation.

TBI Treatment
wrong treatment is no treatment
Wrong treatment is no treatment
  • If your client has not responded to treatment for PTSD or TBI, consider asking for evaluation of the other
  • Watch oral argument in Butler County Bar Assoc. v. Minamyer, Case No. 2009-2284
veterans justice outreach specialists
Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists
  • At each VA
  • Their job is to help veterans in the criminal justice system, especially for misdemeanors, especially veterans and other specialty dockets
ohio vjo contacts
Ohio VJO Contacts
  • Chillicothe: Chillicothe VA Medical Center, Sherri Carsey (
  • Cincinnati: Cincinnati VA Medical Center, Sally Hammitt (
  • Cleveland: Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, Toni Johnson (
  • Columbus: Chalmers P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Center, Mary Gillette (
  • Dayton: Dayton VA Medical Center, Robert Fryman (
  • Ann Arbor: VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, Melody Powers (
vjo s mainly for misdemeanors
VJO’s: mainly for misdemeanors
  • Limited help for felonies
  • Can link to services
  • No expert witnesses
  • No forensic evaluation
  • Possible VA evaluation
  • YOU need to push
county veterans service offices
County veterans service offices
  • Some better than others
  • Services
    • Emergency cash for mortgage, rent, utilities for vets and dependents
    • Transportation to VA hospitals
    • Links to people who can provide other services
veterans in drc
Veterans in DRC
  • Clients going to prison need to cut off their benefits
    • The VA will find out and will get its money back
  • Some clients don’t disclose because they don’t want DRC to know of their training
veterans in drc19
Veterans in DRC
  • Veteran status opens up reentry options
  • DRC has a person dedicated to helping veterans in prison: Brian Byorth,(614)728-1905
  • Help in finding jobs, training, treatment
you can call us too
You can call us, too