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Reimbursement of Expenses Policies & Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Reimbursement of Expenses Policies & Procedures

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Reimbursement of Expenses Policies & Procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reimbursement of Expenses Policies & Procedures. February 12, 2008. Presented by: Lea Archambault, Senior Manager - General Accounting & Accounts Payable Mavis Smith, Supervisor – Accounts Payable Antoinette Sama, Assistant Supervisor – Accounts Payable-Travel. Reimbursements of Expenses.

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reimbursement of expenses policies procedures

Reimbursement of ExpensesPolicies & Procedures

February 12, 2008

Presented by:

Lea Archambault, Senior Manager - General Accounting & Accounts Payable

Mavis Smith, Supervisor – Accounts Payable

Antoinette Sama, Assistant Supervisor – Accounts Payable-Travel

reimbursements of expenses
Reimbursements of Expenses
  • Today’s Topics
    • Accountable Advances
    • Expense Reimbursement Claims
      • General Documentation Requirement
      • Alcohol for campus events
      • Non Travel related items
      • Visitors Expenses
      • Approvals and Responsibilities
      • Checklist for claim preparation
      • List of Travel related forms and reports
      • Statistics
reimbursement of expenses advances
Reimbursement of Expenses - Advances
  • Types of expenses eligible for travel advances:
    • Cash advances to McGill employees and students only
    • Third party payments related to McGill employees, students and visitors issued to:
      • Travel agencies
      • Hotels
      • Conferences
    • All advances paid to a third party must be cleared with an expense report
    • Original receipts should be kept and submitted with the expense report
reimbursement of expenses requesting an advance
Reimbursement of Expenses –Requesting an Advance
  • Submit no more than 30 days before the start date of the trip
  • Request must be received by the Travel Desk at least 10 business days prior to the start date of the trip
  • Cash advances for “out of pocket” expenses will be granted with proof of payment (e.g. plane ticket purchased 3 months prior to departure date is eligible since expense was personally incurred)
  • No additional advances or reimbursements will be made if a prior advance is overdue (30 days past the return date indicated on the advance request)
  • Advances over $5,000 must be supported by a breakdown of expected expenses
reimbursement of expenses general documentation
Reimbursement of Expenses – General Documentation
  • All expenses must be reported on one comprehensive expense report per trip
  • General documentation requirements
    • Original receipts/proof of payment
      • A memo is required for missing receipts authorized by the approver of the ER
    • Details of expenditure receipts
    • Purpose of the trip
    • Full name of conference, elaborate acronyms
    • Reference to any accountable advance related to the trip
reimbursement of expenses receipts
Reimbursement of Expenses – Receipts
  • Special requirements
    • Defacing receipts
      • Original receipt must be reviewed by the TD
    • Electronic receipts
      • Acceptable with following information:
        • Identification of the vendor, GST/QST if applicable
        • Identification of the buyer
        • Full description of purchase
        • Amount paid and proof of payment
reimbursement of expenses airline tickets
Reimbursement of Expenses – Airline Tickets
  • E-Ticket or travel agency invoice must include the following information:
    • Passenger name
    • Airline and flight number
    • Date of flight
    • Origin and destination
    • Proof of payment
  • Boarding pass not required
  • Business class not allowed  requires Dean or Vice Principal approval
reimbursement of expenses meals
Reimbursement of Expenses – Meals
  • Detailed restaurant bill will be required if covered by a research grant or contract (2F & 2M fund types). The following information is needed.
    • Restaurant name
    • Date of bill
    • Items consumed
    • Amounts paid, including tips
    • Proof of payment: credit card slip or cash register receipt
  • When charging an operating fund, the credit card chit and name of person(s) will be sufficient.
  • For university related entertainment, names of all participants must be indicated. Note: if the normal approver is one of the attendees, the expense must be approved by that person’s supervisor
reimbursement of expenses per diems alcohol
Reimbursement of Expenses – Per diems & Alcohol
  • Per diems
    • Higher rates allowed by some granting agencies
    • Cannot be claimed if:
      • included in transportation charges, conference registration fees or hotel bills
      • For meals where receipts are claimed
  • Alcoholic beverages
    • Prohibited by several granting agencies
reimbursement of expenses publications subject fees living allowances
Reimbursement of Expenses – Publications, Subject Fees & Living Allowances
  • Title of each book, magazine subscription
  • Subject fees/Living Allowances (if advanceotherwise will be a Payment Request):
    • Subject fees should not exceed $100/day/person
    • Require recipient name, amount paid and signature from subject. If research is confidential, explanation from FFM required.
reimbursement of expenses receipts if foreign currency
Reimbursement of Expenses – Receipts if Foreign Currency
  • Foreign currency receipts must be entered in original currency
  • Must indicate exchange rate used based on the receipt date or credit card statement or derived from Bank of Canada website
  • Should encourage wire transfer, not bank drafts especially for claims outside of North America
reimbursement of expenses receipts in foreign language
Reimbursement of Expenses – Receipts in Foreign Language
  • Receipts in a foreign language must be explained in English or French on the claim or receipt.
  • Translation of each word not required
reimbursement of expenses payment to third parties
Reimbursement of Expenses – Payment to Third Parties
  • Most 3rd party payments are set up as accountable advances:
    • Conference registration
    • Travel agency
  • Payments on behalf of visitors or students where no other expenses will be claimed e.g. hotels, airfare
reimbursement of expenses entertainment
Reimbursement of Expenses – Entertainment
  • Receptions/Special Events:
    • MOPRA advance - if paid to individual responsible to organize event (this s/b discouraged)
    • PO - if request paid to 3rd party (more appropriate):
      • Catering services
      • McGill hosting conferences or special events
      • Retreats involving a McGill unit or department
      • Rental of space
reimbursement of expenses alcohol for campus events
Reimbursement of Expenses – Alcohol for Campus events
  • Purchases of Alcohol for Campus Events
    • Must be purchased from the Alcohol Permits Administration Office – Ancillary
    • Cannot be reimbursed via request for reimbursement
reimbursement of expenses non travel related items
Reimbursement of Expenses – Non- Travel related items
  • Purchases on non- travel related goods or services having a value greater than $2500 will not be reimbursed on an expense report.
    • These items should be requisitioned prior to ordering, using the Purchase Requisition process
reimbursement of expenses visitor expenses
Reimbursement of Expenses – Visitor Expenses
  • Travel expenses incurred by visitors should be processed via reimbursement of expenses (e.g. taxis, meals)
  • Visitor’s signature is required.
reimbursement of expenses approvals
Reimbursement of Expenses – Approvals
  • Reimbursement requires the signature of the Claimant
  • Must be approved by the FFM
  • When the claimant is the FFM, their immediate supervisor must approve
reimbursement of expenses signing authority delegation
Reimbursement of Expenses – Signing authority Delegation
  • Written notification required, s/b attached to request to avoid unnecessary delays; forms available on Accounting website.
  • Should include:
    • Specimen of signatures
    • Period for which signature is valid (start/end dates)
  • Advances < $2500, renewable every fiscal year, i.e. June 1
  • Expense Reports  temporary absences only:
    • Acting capacity includes only academic appointments
    • For research grants, a peer or superior named by the PI.
reimbursement of expenses responsibilities
Reimbursement of Expenses – Responsibilities
  • Central - Fund administration
    • Ensures:
      • Advance or claim is appropriate per fund restriction (if any)
      • Validates purpose
      • Sufficient balance in FOAPAL charged
reimbursement of expenses responsibilities21
Reimbursement of Expenses – Responsibilities
  • Central Travel Desk:
    • Ensures adherence of the reimbursement of policy/guidelines
    • Communicates to Claimant or FFM of non compliance of policy/guidelines
    • Call Centre for any functional questions related to policy/guidelines and questions related to a specific claim
    • Follows up on overdue advances
reimbursement of expenses information
Reimbursement of Expenses – Information
  • Forms:
    • Temporary delegation of signing authority
    • MOPRA review authorization
    • Student request for expense reimbursement
    • Visitor claimant signature form
    • Delegation for travel advances < $2500
    • Travel request with Uniglobe

Financial Services website:

reimbursement of expenses mopra reports
Reimbursement of Expenses – MOPRA Reports
  • Web reports and crystal report templates:
    • End-User (Accounting Department site) -
reimbursement of expenses mopra reports26
Reimbursement of Expenses - MOPRA Reports

MOPRA Reports

MOPRA Reports should be used to retrieve all transactions from the McGill Online Payment of Reimbursements

and Advances (MOPRA) application. The template types available are Web Report Templates, Crystal Report Templates.

MOPRA Report WEB Report Templates

Crystal Reports software is not required to run the web report templates.

Last Modified Web Report Name

2005-07-28 Advances & Expense Reports by Fund

2005-07-28 Advances & Expense Reports by Responsible ID

2005-07-28 Outstanding Advances by Org

2005-07-28 Outstanding Advances by Responsible ID

2005-07-28 Petty Cash Replenishment by Fund

2005-07-28 MOPRA Transactions Reference Number Search

MOPRA Report Templates

Crystal Reports software is required to run the report templates.

Last Modified Crystal Report Name

2005-07-28 Advances & Expense Reports by Fund

2005-07-28 Advances & Expense Reports by Responsible ID

2005-07-28 Outstanding Advances by Org

2005-07-28 Outstanding Advances by Responsible ID

2005-07-28 Petty Cash Replenishment by Fund

2005-07-28 MOPRA Transactions Reference Number Search

reimbursement of expenses statistics
Reimbursement of Expenses – Statistics
  • ER processed for Faculty of Arts:
    • June 06 – May 07
        • Total processed 3,882 - $4.8M
        • From total processed 1,150 - $2.1M returned
    • June 07 – January 08
        • Total processed 2,784 - $3.7M
        • From total processed 767 - $1.5M returned
  • Top 3 reasons for returns:
    • Original receipts missing
    • Proof of payment missing
    • Missing signatures
need help
Need help?
  • For questions related to the Travel policy/guidelines and process:
    • Travel Desk Call Centre
      • Email:
      • Phone: 398-3180
need help29
Need help?
  • For fund specific assistance:
    • Contact:
      • Fund administrator
      • Their supervisor or manager
  • For MOPRA/Banner/Minerva system support
    • Contact Finance helpdesk
      • Email:
      • Phone: 398-4400, ext 04596 or 04597
      • Web: