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Public Access to Digital Materials PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Access to Digital Materials

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Public Access to Digital Materials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Access to Digital Materials

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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 1:Public Access to Digital Materials

    Slide 2:Are we there yet?

    Slide 3:Examples of Digital Approaches Web Collection: Dealing with the Large and non-traditional collections 1001 Movies: Digitization and Donation of Rich Media InterLibrary Loan of Digital Materials Loaning Digital Materials

    Slide 4:Web Collection Over 40TB 10M sites Over 4B pages 5 years

    Slide 5:Alexa: Cataloging the Web Who Where When 3rd party reviews Out-of-print copies

    Slide 6:Alexa Subject Indexing the Web Related and competative links Built by usage paths and link analysis 80 million different catalog entries

    Slide 7:Presidential Election 1996 Archive Alexa with Smithsonian

    Slide 8:Presidential Election 2000 Archive LC with Internet Archive, Compaq, Alexa Internet 2-3 Terabytes

    Slide 9:Posting Archival collections

    Slide 10:Intellectual Property Preserves

    Slide 11:Posting Archival Materials

    Slide 12:InterLibrary Loan Walk into any library and gain access to the worlds collections Strong tradition, but traditionally expensive and slow Over 95% of our libraries are now connected to the Net Each library patron can leverage all other libraries

    Slide 13:Loaning Materials One approach: NetLibrary New publisher contracts: 2500 books in SFPL

    Slide 14:Lending Library Format Lending one copy over and over again Bedrock of the Library model Digital copy that is borrowed becomes unreadable after a time

    Slide 15:Conclusion Libraries passionately pursue the preservation and access to information. We have the role, rights, and responsibility to fulfill this important mission in the digital era. Lets ramp up our collecting, cataloging, and lending of digital materials. We can upgrade every library to be world class.