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AfrIPANet IV Monitoring Investment Flows Calibrating Investment Governance Enhancing Investment Impact on Local Economies Programme Implementation Implementation strategy Governance structures Implementation work plan Preparatory activities for survey

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afripanet iv


Monitoring Investment Flows

Calibrating Investment Governance

Enhancing Investment Impact

on Local Economies

programme implementation
Programme Implementation
  • Implementation strategy
  • Governance structures
  • Implementation work plan
preparatory activities for survey
Preparatory activities for survey
  • Established International Advisory Team (IAT)
    • Prof. Peter Buckley
    • Prof. Magnus Bloemstrom
    • Prof. Raphael Kaplinsky
    • Dr. Clifford Zinnes
  • Established UNIDO Task Force
  • Designed questionnaires (FDI, Domestic Investors, Services)
  • Designed survey methodology
  • Designing with Microsoft survey management system
  • Designed implementation strategy
  • Continuing discussions with EU for financing two surveys
preparatory activities for spx
Preparatory activities for SPX
  • Developed new methodology incorporating three different benchmarking tools
  • Designed training programmes for SPX staff
  • Designed linkages between SPX and Monitoring Platform
  • Developed partnerships with supporting Governments to finance the establishment of an African SPX Network
    • Austria, Italy, South Africa, Turkey
  • Formalizing partnership with CIPS
broad brush activity list
Broad-brush activity list
  • Pilot testing in two countries
  • Building project teams in participating countries
  • Mobilizing interest and participation in survey among companies
  • Conducting the survey in 20 participating countries
  • Establishing the Monitoring Platform to host the database, allow interaction among stakeholders within countries and among countries.
  • Building capacities of IPAs and IO’s to utilize the MP
  • Establishing SPX Centers in first group of countries
  • Benchmarking local companies
survey strategy
Survey strategy
  • Survey will be conducted primarily through interviews
  • Develop local capabilities to conduct future surveys
  • Domestic investors will be included in the surveys
  • In each survey country build an implementation committee (IC) made up of the IPA, one of the private sector institutions and the NSO
  • The IC will nominate staff that will constitute the Country Implementation Team (CIT)
  • CIT will conduct the domestic investor surveys

Implementation strategy

International Experts for capacity building

UNIDO Project

Implementation Staff


Task Force (7x)

International Survey Advisory team (5x)

UNIDO Networks

Microsoft project team (5x)

Regional Coordinator (1X)



Field Office

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Sub-regional Coordinators (3X)

Implementation Committee (IC)

National Steering Committee (NSC)

Country Team Leader (CTL) (24X)



Chamber of Commerce


Apex institutions

Private sector representatives

At each country level


Country Implementation Teams (CIT)

National Counterparts


IC Staff working on project implementation

Project Personnel

activity plan
Activity Plan
  • Recruit Country Team Leader (CTL)
  • Establish the NSC and IC
  • CTL and CIT will organize
    • Sensitization (media, stakeholder mobilization, champions)
    • Development of business directory
    • Logistics for the survey
    • Recruit enumerators for FDI survey
  • Training of CIT and enumerators in survey and interview techniques and implementation of survey
  • Implementation of survey
time line for survey
Time Line for survey
  • 17 November – 5 December Pilot tests in Kenya and Senegal
  • December Finalization of questionnaire
  • January – February 2009 Build the country teams
  • March – April Sensitization
  • April – July Survey
  • July – October analysis and report
  • December dissemination of survey report
  • Monitoring Platform fully functional by August 2009
  • August - December Capacity building of IPAs and IO’s
time line for spx
Time line for SPX
  • Phase I New SPX Centers in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria (Starting November 2008)
  • Phase II Upgrade Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and establish new SPX (Starting January 2009)
  • Phase III New SPX in five countries in Southern Africa (Starting March 2009)
  • Funding for another 8 countries under discussion
  • Individual country SPX projects can be considered
  • SPX programme will be discussed at RT
spx activities
SPX activities
  • Selection of host institution
  • Establishment of SPX Unit
  • Recruitment of appropriate staff
  • Training
  • Sensitizing local companies (suppliers and buyers)
  • Supervised benchmarking
  • Database of benchmarked suppliers linked to MP
  • Determining buyer requirements
  • Investment opportunities for upgrading suppliers (IPA)
  • First 3 years provide free service, after provide a VA service that can be charged for
governance structures
Governance structures
  • Programme Steering Committee (PSC)
  • National Steering Committees
    • Minister, Apex private sector organization, Private sector champions, IPA CEO