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HONDURAS: Poverty Reduction Strategy and Politics. PowerPoint Presentation
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HONDURAS: Poverty Reduction Strategy and Politics.

HONDURAS: Poverty Reduction Strategy and Politics.

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HONDURAS: Poverty Reduction Strategy and Politics.

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  1. HONDURAS: Poverty Reduction Strategy and Politics. Juan Zaratiegui Biurrun, Coordinator G 16 PRS Follow Up Technical Group 4th LAC PRS DONOR NETWORK MEETING World Bank, June 14 and 15, 2007

  2. HONDURAS: Political Culture UD • Two almost centenary mainstream parties receive 93% of the votes. • Political parties without clear ideologies. • Mainstream political parties are composed of competing factions (corrientes). • Highly personalized around faction leaders which are elected in primaries. • Political debate about electoral promises, more than programmes. • President cannot be re-elected. • Heavily clientelistic political system, Government as an Employment Agency. • No professional public administration in most ministries and institutions. • Poor management of Government. • No clear plans or policies. • Weak partisan control of Congress benches. • Strong influence of economic pressure groups.

  3. HONDURAS: PRS has survived three different Governments of two different parties. Source: Government of Honduras President Flores President Maduro President Zelaya

  4. HONDURAS: In the last 6 years no significant impact on poverty has been detected. ? Source: Government of Honduras

  5. HONDURAS: The many faces of PRS Government: 27.000 Million Lempiras, encompassing all social spending with a framework document to keep donors happy. Donors: A National Strategy to reduce poverty and reach the MDGs in 2015, using Debt Relief, National Resources and International Cooperation. Municipalities: 700 Million Lempiras each year for Projects. Population: A fund for Municipalities? Projects for NGOs? Funds from Debt Relief? Civil Society: Debt Relief, channelled through NGOs to reduce poverty Congress: Fund for Municipalities and for Congress members to manage social projects.

  6. HONDURAS: What the PRS needs Clear Macroeconomic Framework Clear Medium Term Budgetary Framework Clear Programmatic Framework Clear political and institutional framework Solid Sector Strategies in Education and Health Strengthen the role of the CCERP (Civil Society) Solid Monitoring System Reform Measures Macroeconomic stability and Fiscal reform More transparency and accountability WE NEED A CLEAR AND CONTINUOUS DIALOGUE WITH GOVERNMENT ON THIS ISSUES

  7. HONDURAS: How do we dialogue? G16 - Harmonization Budget Support PRS - Alignment Work with Civil Society, Political Parties, Congress, Media to improve everyone's knowledge of PRS Sector Level (Tripartite Dialogue) Being Political Vs. Being Diplomatic